A not so scientific comparison: Oliver Cabell Low 1 ($178) vs Koio Capri ($248 USD)

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    I’m a not very experience shoe enthusiast who recently branched out from Stan Smiths (which I still like a lot) to two entry-ish level leather sneakers, an Oliver Cabell Low 1 and a Koio Capri. I’m writing this not so scientific post to share my experience and a few pictures.




    Some other comments:


    **Shipping:** Super fast from Oliver Cabell maybe 2-3 day shipping. Koio shipping was ultra slow as it was UPS then delivered to USPS for final shipping. For a $250+ shoe I expect 2-3 day shipping minimum.


    **Comfort:** About the same, out of the box need a few days to wear in and then they are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn. I notice no difference between the Margom Sole on the Koio and the not-Margom on the Oliver Cabell.


    **Compared to Stan Smith:** The Oliver Cabell is a huge disappointment, I can nearly get a better fit and finish shoe in a Stan Smith for $50, than this $178 option. The Koio while pricier clearly has better fit and finish.


    Happy to answer any questions.



    That Oliver Cabell QC is awful. Someone needs to get fired.



    How’s the leather quality on Koio? Do you think it’s worth the higher price tag? How does the leather on Koio compare to Oliver Cabell?



    Thank you for the comparison!

    Ultimately, if you have to choose between Stan Smith and OC, which one would you buy (when money is no object).



    Man, those Oliver Cabell’s are looking pretty rough. I’ve been curious about these brands. I have Beckett Simonon Reid sneakers on the way and plan to pick up a pair of the Koio avalanche soon. Excited to see how well they’re made. Aesthetically they look great.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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