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    Regency Fashion is nearly 200 years old at this point, yet in many ways it resembles clothes of the modern era more than the styles that came before it. [See this for example.](https://www.pinterest.com/pin/520939881878890315/) It ushered the death of powdered wigs and embroidery and gave way to simple silhouettes and colors that still exist today. Of course wearing a tailcoat and top hat would get you funny looks, but Regency fashion brought much more than that. What I see as elements of Regency fashion include smooth fabrics and designs with little to no patterns, wearing both neutral colors with warm and/or cool colors, a flattering silhouette with an hourglass shape, and with most excess fabric (if there is any) being below the taper.

    While most fashion items and styles might not seem to be even close to tailcoats and top hats, there are ways to channel this period into modern dress.
    For casual styles, wear jackets than can fully open and show your undershirt including zip up sweatshirts or snow jackets. Try to have these in dark solid basic colors (burgundy, navy, dark green). By undershirts with light colors (very light yellow, white, light grey). Pants should be traditional length, either traditional fit or slim fit, and should be white, khaki beige, brown, dark blue, grey, or black. Shoes should be simple and with black as the dominant color with grey or white as secondary colors.
    For styles more formal than this, use the same basic color principles. formal shoes should be black, as should be your belt and tie. Your jacket should be a blazer in somewhat muted colors. For cool color jackets, you could pair them with a warm colored vest. Pant colors remain the same, but pleated pants could also be an option. Full suits do not really mesh with the aesthetics of the period, as it was fashionable to have your pants and jacket be different colors.

    Additional items that can further the look include:
    Belted knee length (or shorter) mono-shade overcoats.
    Trench coats (not tan). Trench coats have the benefit of having a collar that mimics some collars of the period as well as having similar waist suppression.

    Thanks for reading! Feel free to discuss or critique.

    Edit: Oops typo in the title.



    As nerdy as it sounds, I fucking love the look of a ton of men’s clothes from the 1800’s, especially Victorian stuff



    Another suitable way to incorporate Regency fashion (in colder months) is with double-breasted coats and cardigans. Also, wearing a scarf tighter around the neck is a nice reference to the high collars and ties in Regency fashion.



    Beau Brummel was incredibly fashionable for his time, and to this day I believe he is one of the best-dressed men of all time. Wore a proper coat, breeches, a cravat, a nice tunic shirt. What happened?

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