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    I just got back from seeing A Star is Born and aside from being dehydrated from crying so much (kidding…kind of) I was really struck by the wardrobing/costuming in the movie. Ally’s (the main character) has a very natural, yet distinct style. She starts off with rock and roll, edgy, darker looks with punk and street touches, and evolves into a modern Stevie Nicks look, and then again to a Pop Princess style.

    It looks like the costumer took inspiration from 80s Madonna, Stevie Knicks, Debby Harry, Janis Joplin, and likely Gaga’s own wardrobe to make this very unique look.

    For me, the translatable pieces from her very cool wardrobe are:

    A big floppy 70s hat or dark cowboy hat combined with a rock and roll hippie look

    80s inspired formal wear

    Layered necklaces including a choker and a longer set, lots of rings

    Kimonos as a light sweater or outerwear

    Outfits that never really fell into a complete “look” (ie, not really hippie, not really rock and roll, always blended interestingly like someone’s real clothing would be)

    A hippie meets Nashville meets rock and roll vibe

    [A Star is Born](https://imgur.com/a/xr1gMIJ)

    [Pinterest album](https://www.pinterest.com/naokel79/a-star-is-born/)

    Pinterest board will be updated a bit here and there, but will eventually get archived to make room for new stuff. 🙂



    i was not emotionally prepared for watching that movie.

    also naming my firstborn child “aaaaAaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHH”



    I loved her outfit they show for one second when she’s getting out of a tour bus with the hat. I need it



    fantastic breakdown! i really loved her pre-pop star style, it was perfectly creative and evocative without, as you say, falling into a coachella/bohemian/punk costume. i was particularly inspired by her look during “shallow.” jeans with a chain-belt detail (which should be so hot topic but somehow worked??) and a rolled up fitted graphic t-shirt–such a simple, modern take on all the above elements.

    and yes, i cried for like the last twenty minutes straight lol.



    I cried a ton too! I think you nailed the look.



    Haven’t seen the movie but I LOVE this. “Rock and Roll Hippie” is the look I’m going for, but I’ve had a tough time keeping it from looking too “granola” on me. There are some great pieces in here.



    Great album! Could use more diverse models tho 🙂

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