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    I just finished my commute from the gym to the office today and I realized my Nike duffel isn’t quite cutting it. What do you guys use for your office/gym duffel? My workplace is business casual with an emphasis on business. I’m looking for something stylish, but not too flashy, within a budget of about $100-150.
    [My coworker owns a Boarding Pass bag, and he swears by it. Seems simple, and a good solution.](https://www.boardingpassnyc.com/collections/duffel-bags/products/grey-work-hard-play-hard-duffel)
    [I personally like this Filson bag, but maybe it’s too nice for a gym bag?](https://www.filson.com/small-tin-cloth-field-duffle-bag.html#sku=11070110-fco-001252099)
    What do you guys recommend?



    I thought you misspelled “duffle” and was ready for a heated coat debate 🙁



    I primarily use my banker bag but I have used the herschel novel before and would recommend it. Having the separate shoe compartment is important to me



    The Boarding Pass bag looks nice



    J.Crew’s [Abingdon](https://www.jcrew.com/p/mens_category/bags/travel_bags/abingdon-weekender-bag/F1471?color_name=khaki&srcCode=affiliate|Bloggers|Dappered|AFFI0001&siteId=CJ_4025845_Dappered&utm_source=Dappered&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_content=Bloggers&utm_campaign=AFFI0001&cjevent=74825ef4d0af11e88364003d0a240613) duffel bag is around your price point, decent option.



    I can highly recommend a black one by the Swedish company Fjällräven. Plain and timeless Design, it will last a lifetime and also is great as a weekend bag.



    Have you looked at ebags? 25% discount if you sign up.



    Filson is great but I think all of their bags are better than that one. More money tho.



    When your budget grows, get a Lotuff Duffle.




    I have had the boarding pass duffle from their original Kickstarter, so one of the first ones ever made (back when the company was called Owen & Fred. I believe they’ve improved it since, but it’s been virtually bombproof over the 5 years I’ve had it. Zero signs of wear and I am tough on it. My only qibble would be that I wish it was 2 inches longer and 2 inches wider.



    I use a Jack Spade tote bag. Key is to ranger roll your gym kit to fit.

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