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    All Of The Olive – MFA Color Series #4



    #**MFA Color Series #4 – Olive Green**

    **What is this?**

    This is an album exploring wearing olive green. Also known as Drab, Military, or Khaki Green. Probably they most mfa_irl color to exist beside indigo.

    This is intended to be an inspo album not a guide.

    *Disclaimer: This is only one aspect of green, I am very much open to doing something more vibrant like forest green in the future*

    **How is olive worn?**

    If we are talking olive green then most likely we will be referring to fatigue pants, and field jackets/safari jackets/ and other military inspired outerwear. I did make an effort to include other things such as hats, sweaters, shirts but certainly pants and outerwear are most emphasized.

    Wears well with a lot, or at least a lot of what a large percentage of MFA wears. Gross over simplification but Greys, whites, indigos, navys, browns.
    Like you could distill most of this album essentially to:

    Olive pants -> white/grey top, blue/brown jacket

    Olive jacket -> white/grey top, blue/brown pants

    Or just wear olive everything.

    **”My favorite Olive inspiration did not make it into the album”**

    Please feel free on posting it below, not everything made it into the album and I may have just missed it. Show people what you like and how you like it!

    **That jacket or those shoes on the dude in picture X are dope, what are they?**

    To quickly find out what an item of clothing is, try using Google image search. It will usually take you to the original listing and most posters will list the items worn and/or you can PM wearer and ask them to tell you what they are wearing.

    **Please let me know what you would like to see in a series about different colors**

    Previous weeks’ –

    [‘I blue myself’ – MFA Color Series #1](

    [‘Red Red Redemption – MFA Color Series #2](

    [Fifty Shades of Brown – MFA Color Series #3](



    Kinda wish new york didnt skip fall now



    **What color should we do next week?**



    Olive me some olive, especially for autumn. Great series! How about burgundy next, another fall favorite.



    Thank you! I have olive trousers and don’t know what to pair them with.



    Honestly can someone help me come around to wearing my Olive chinos more? Like the only things that’ll look good w it are like cream, beige, black, & grey but I think it’s the fact that they’re CHINOS which is why I feel like I can’t be versatile with them. Need some inspos for chinos



    Anyone know of some nice, slim <$100 olive denim pants?



    The real question should be what does olive not go well with?



    Anyone know that jacket in 11? Tried reverse image search, nothing came up.



    Who’s the guy in picture 1.? Seen loads of his pictures but can’t seem to get a name on him.



    Can anyone id [this jacket ]( It’s on the 27th picture down.



    Interesting, this album is very military inspired. Lots of fatigues. Lots of pairing with brown/tan, which has a mil vibe. But it isn’t just a color for stolen valor 😉

    I’ve had a couple pairs of olive/forest green chinos over the years. Might be my favorite color. I love a gray OCBD with green pants and cordovan boots. They really work well with any other neutral color, as well as the pastels, and stronger primaries. Really liked the red and blue plaids in this album. Remember red is going to be the complimentary color for olive green.



    u/urbancitizen I can only hope that someday I find fatigues that fit me as well as yours.



    Anyone know the brand of the sweatshirt in #10

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