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    Afternoon Gents,


    Christmas and Turkey season is coming soon and that means a whole lot of dinner parties and snazzy lots to go visit. About me, Im 5″8. Big but proportional, yet fat. My pant shopping is terrible in terms of needing what fits me and what i can go take to tailor.


    At the moment, I got muscle thighs, huge trunk, and Calves made like Football running backs. I wear size 44 at the waist, but problems arise in the butt part for fitment, and then the thigh rub. The Calves are on their own since….. The pants are usually way big to fit the top part of my legs more than accomodate my lower parts of my leg. Im looking for dress pants that I will have to tailor that have the stretch to kinda conceal the butt or just make everything look flushed. Im also looking for jeans that have good stretch and size because every single time I have had jeans on the front lining of my junk is showing through and im trying to have a professional look here.


    Thank you guys.



    Levi 541



    Try Bonobos; they offer different fits and have an extended sizes line.



    Agreed with Bonobos – if you’re willing to spend more money, Outlier has excellent pants as well. You could also try sizing up a little bit to give more room for your thighs and butt!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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