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    I’ve always had a thing for traditionally “ugly” clothes. One of my favorite pieces is a mid-calf length, open cardigan that’s the exact color of baby poop and has the texture of a bath mat. It’s awesome.

    And now today while trawling ebay on my lunch break, I came across [this]( cardigan and immediately fell in love. The mustard-y camel color, bulky fit, and weird texture on the front…it’s just so perfectly ugly but not in a deliberately “ugly sweater” kind of way. I guess jolie laide or ugly-beautiful might be a better descriptor for what I’m getting at.

    Like I said, it’s something a bit different from ironic, deliberate ugliness/tackiness, and it’s also a bit different from wearing something ugly for practical reasons i.e. Danskos or fanny packs. Although maybe you feel the same way about those things that I do about this cardigan!

    How would you describe it? Do you have any favorite “ugly” pieces? What draws you to them aesthetically?



    Prolly my most ghastly are some support nylons I bought eons ago. They are a pallid brown…sort of like Rustoleum brown colored spray paint primer but somehow less pretty.

    Hanes managed to fully replicate the dainty feel of burlap with them…and they are loud to wear. I cross my legs in public and everyone can hear em zupzupzupzup as my legs brush up against each other.

    I keep em on hand because they have the perfect amount of snap all the way from the ankles to the waist. Also, I am sure they can deflect bullets and are the only pantyhose on the planet that are mil-spec and can be used to mend tank tracks.

    I have to hide them under long skirts and tall socks otherwise people point and laugh. 🙁

    But, the snap is great! Especially in the morning. I can take a single step and they move me from one end of the house to the other like one of them old wind up walking toys.



    A lot of my aesthetic is “That’s horrible. I love it!” Part of that was a pair of truly hideous holographic clogs I saw in a shoe shop once, these huge clunky bubble-toe oxford platforms I wear to all the shows I go to, and those dad sneakers that are trendy right now. I wore socks with my Tevas when I went to camp and I loved it.



    Ugly shoes are my jam! Being a middle aged woman in an office of 20-somethings, I love giving them something to wonder about! Although my shoe preferences are nothing new, I’m told I was like this when I was little too.



    Manrepeller is based on this premise! Check it out if you haven’t already 🙂 Leandra Medine is my queen



    I’ve been loving some unflattering, baggy in the wrong places mom jeans lately. They make my ass look enormous and all in all make me look much bigger than I really am. The thing is, since I’m top heavy with really broad shoulders, they balance me out and make me look more proportional.



    I don’t buy them much because of a lot of reasons but I have a deep and strange love for ugly as sin sneakers. I mean, I am not a streetwear person really but damn, over the top over designed flat out garish sneakers always just call out to me.



    I like things that are *right* on the border of “wow that…a look!” said with a forced smile and lemon sucking eyes

    [Acid Washed boyfriend jeans](

    [Eyepopping vintage tropical jungle scene from Bosch dress]( *yes I’m aware my face is showing, don’t @ me, it’s on purpose because hair and makeup is part of the look 🙂

    [My boyfriend calls these my prison pajamas](

    [No regrets whatsoever on these high water, double knit men’s golf slacks](

    [The other girls at work call this “the nun dress”]( I immediately tried it on and loved it



    I missed out on the ‘ugly’ coat I wanted to buy on Asos last year, a neon orange and utterly luminous long coat, paired with an enormous ultramarine scarf – I do own the scarf, which is wonderfully thick and warm, but sometimes I think about that coat and wish I’d snapped it up, even if I’d be easily visible from 500 yards away.

    But generally I’m a big fan of maximalism, and that can definitely lean on the ‘ugly side’ with ease; Manrepeller is where I get my fix for that seeing that my regular outfits aren’t too ‘delightfully hideous’ (well, apart from my black PVC biker jacket maybe, but PVC is pretty ‘in’ right now)



    I have a cardigan that my great-grandmother knit for my grandfather in the 70s. In true 70s fashion, it is bright orange and brown with Norwegian snowflake colourwork. It zips up and has a hood and is wayyyyyy too big on me.

    But damn, I love it and will rock it with leggings until the end.




    I adore ugly clothes. My favorite are dresses/blazers that look like 70s curtains.



    I love Ebay/Goodwill/thrift stores where I can find and buy kind of ugly button front shirts. They are never blatantly ugly – more like weirdly unexpected prints bordering on matronly? LOL

    I only buy ones in excellent condition in quality fabrics, and I never pay more than $10. And, I like to pair them with an otherwise normal outfit, i.e. skinny jeans, tailored trousers, pencil skirt or layer under a sweater of blazer and that’s my look!



    A few years ago, my mom bought a button up shirt from a thrift store for an ugly sweater/shirt party. As soon as she was finished with it I took it. It’s a coral, light teal, and lime pattern. It’s ridiculous and I love it tucked into high rise black jeans.



    Omg I thought I’m the only one! I’m fascinated with ugly clothes and my family and friends keep making fun of me when I buy one of those really funny looking sweaters or hats.

    Edit: I once bought a strange looking wind jacket from Amazon. The thing has these ethno vibes and is made of many different colored fabric pieces. It also has owls on it.

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