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    Hey everyone,

    I’ve always hated carrying around purses! It’s difficult though when I have my phone, keys, and other wallet things. I’ve actually gotten a phone case with credit card holder attached and that’s helped a bit, but I’ve still had to carry around a purse most days. With that said, what are your alternatives besides backpacks? Or are purses really unavoidable?



    Small crossbody bags. I used to only wear big bags on my shoulder or around my elbow. Until one day I decided that having a big bag doesn’t always compliment my figure, plus it made me accumulate a crazy amount of unnecessary stuff just because it fit. And it was heavy as hell.

    Now I only wear small crossbody bags and I carry a flat wallet. I barely feel its weight, my hands are free and everything is secure. I find that it looks more delicate as well, at least for me. You can wear them across your body or just hanging on your shoulder, which I find more elegant if you’re going out somewhere you need to dress up for.



    Backpack crew stand up!



    In fall/winter especially, I will usually skip a purse and just use my big jacket pockets instead. If I’m just running errands for the day I will udually just bring phone, wallet, keys. I can sometimes skip the purse if I’m wearing jeans with big pockets. Purses are unavoidable if I’m wearing a dress/skirt though. The few dresses/skirts I have with pockets aren’t secure enough to hold my stuff.



    If I have my toddlers with me, I use a backpack because I need more stuff for them. I have always disliked diaper bags, so I try not to use one if I can help it.

    If it is just me, I use a small crossbody bag. I find most of mine at goodwill, and tend to buy smaller diameter leather ones, with maybe one pocket inside. That will carry my wallet, keys, phone, and chapstick. That is all the space I generally need. It has been a really long time since I carried a more traditional purse that I couldn’t sling over my shoulder. Last time I tried to, I just found it a nuisance to have to fuss with it and constantly adjust the straps, etc. Ain’t nobody got time for that.



    Maybe a belt bag or fanny pack? They’ve become a lot more fashionable than they used to be.

    Here are some fancy ones for inspiration:



    I avoid a purse when I can. I pare down to phone, ID, debit card, car fob, and a key to my residence. No need to pack for every emergency in an oversized, overpriced handbag. Pockets are my purse most times.

    Eventually all data should be accessible through a smart phone as tap options (currently with credit cards), or at least I hope Apple is going in that direction with automakers and door lock companies.

    Until then another option is to have the person you’re going out with carry an item or two if they have deeper pockets or a purse.



    I’ve started adding bigger pockets to my skirts and pants. Also, man pants. I have one pair of wide leg trousers with pockets I can smuggle a book in!



    I’m with you! Also for me if I carry a purse, I accumulate things in it so it’s heavier and heavier each day. I’ll just carry a small wristlet or clutch when possible, so less space to fill inside it



    I just refuse to buy pants and jacket/blazers without decent pockets these days. I have a very slim tyvek wallet, carry minimal cards, and have put my keys on a mini-dual carabiner so I can swap out my motorcycle and car keys. My phone, an iphone x, fits in my pocket.

    It takes some time to get accustomed to not having everything in your purse, but I prefer it. I love being able to just leave my house without carrying anything.

    I have two pairs of stretch uniqlo men’s slacks that I adore because I can fit my phone in the front pocket! I have a pair of eddie bauer travel pants that have very large pockets, and multiple pairs of lee’s straight chinos, which all amaze me with having large pockets on women’s pants.

    If a blazer doesn’t have pockets, I add them or return it. If a coat/jacket doesn’t have pockets, then it’s worthless to me. I do the same for my motorcycle and running gear.



    I’m a monster about pockets. I usually just have my phone, wallet, and keys, so I try to fit all of that into pockets. I go for slim, thin wallets (which are for some reason really hard to find…) and still have one of the smaller smartphones, so it hasn’t been a problem yet. I won’t buy a jacket unless it has good pockets, and I try to only buy casual cardigans with pockets as well. Thank goodness people started making leggings with pockets finally!

    If I’m wearing a dress or for whatever reason need to be carrying something other than the bare minimum, I go with a small crossbody.



    No bags here. Just pockets.

    I do have a crossbody and a backpack for certain things, though.



    I’ve realized I hate purses. I use a backpack to and from work as I take public transport and in my off time, I just use a teeny crossbody bag if I absolutely need to. Otherwise I just carry my phone and wallet in my hand.



    I tend to stuff things in my pockets or carry a small backpack, but I’ve been super into belt bags lately! Work either as a belt or crossbody. [This]( one is my fav ([here’s]( a pic of it on, too)



    *sewes pockets into literally everything

    Because womens clothing is designed wit little to no pockets because otherwise the sales in purses would decrease. (same goes for short sleeved clothing/dresses that require cardigans/boleros)

    New jeans/skirts: enlarge the pockets.
    Dresses or coats: add pockets with blind or fashionable zippers if you can.

    Downside: check all pockets before you do laundry.

    Upside: my phone always fits
    No worries about bag/purse robbers
    Feel like inspector gadget with all my things on me.

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