Are Canada Goose parkas worth it? And if so, what coat do you recommend?

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    I’ve been looking to get a new winter coat for the first time since I was in middle school and got a 2-in-1 red TNF. Now that I’m working and making money, I’ve been interested in purchasing something high quality. I live in the Chicago suburbs, and I see a lot of folks wearing Canada Goose parkas during this time of year, especially when I’m at my job. I know they’re not unique because they’re everywhere, but I genuinely do like how they look. I recently tried on a [camo Carson parka](,f_auto,q_auto:best,w_1333/product-image/3805M_316.jpg) at CG’s store on Michigan Avenue, and I personally liked the fit and found it extremely comfortable. I am thinking of purchasing a coat after Christmas, before the 2019 NHL Winter Classic at Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. But I do have some questions before pulling any triggers.

    1. Are they worth the high price? They definitely know that I’m gonna be dropping at least $950 on a coat, so I wanna know if it’s a “smart” buy for a coat that’ll last me for many years. I do live in the subrbs of Chicago, and it can get very cold in the winter (especially when you factor in windchill), but is a parka overkill if you aren’t a researcher in Antarctica or like one of those dudes who live in the middle of nowhere in Alaska in those shows on the Discovery Channel? Am I really an idiot if I get a Canada Goose over something like a Patagonia or another North Face?

    2. Are their alternatives as good or better? I also like Moncler coats, but I’ve noticed that Moncler jackets tend to be even _more_ expensive than CG. I’ve also heard of Arc’teryx and Moose Knuckle, but many of these are _also_ more expensive than the Goose. Stone Island is also good. Also I’m not sure if they offer lifetime warranties like Canada Goose, does.

    3. If I go get a Goose, what model do any of you recommend? I initially fell in love with the camo Carson, but the Langford, Chateau, and Emory are all so similar looking that I’m not sure what I like the best. I think they all look great, but I don’t know which are better than another. Also, is camo a good color for such an expensive parka? Or would I be better off getting a more “classy” color, like black, admiral blue or navy?

    Just looking for some advice before potentially making the biggest clothing purchase of my young life. I’ve heard good and bad things about Canada Goose (they’re overplayed, the company is cruel to animals etc). I’m not really worried about them being overplayed, I just like how the coats look.



    CG is generally overkill for Chicago unless, say, your job requires you to be outdoors for extended periods of time. Layers are the way to go, especially if you will be in and out of heated buildings or in the car a lot. You will sweat with a parka that heavy, and then when you go back outside, you will get cold.

    For CG money, you could get a couple sets of Merino wool base layers (Terramar or Icebreaker), a couple of wool or cashmere 1/4 zip sweaters, a Mountain Hardware [Ghost Whisperer](, and a hooded waterproof/windproof shell parka to layer over that. Keeping the wind from blowing down your neck and also up under your coat are key to keeping warm. And then you would *still* have money left over for, say, a nice [Alpha Industries parka]( for events like a football game–where you’ll just be sitting there instead of moving around.



    I have a Carson and I’m going to have it for years and I know it will look good for a very long time. Its made in Canada which is cool and is constructed extremely well in my opinion and anyone that says otherwise is lying to themselves.



    []( if you can go check out an Arcteryx store and look at the stitching and the finish. They are peerless compared to CG, TNF and Patagonia.

    Someone posted a review on a Nobis Yatesy recently that might be a better alternative if you want the CG look.



    I got the Chateau. I love the look of it. Live in Minneapolis. Just does not hold up though. Idk if I got a dud or what but the wind just completely cuts through the shoulders its a joke.. Even if i’m wearing a fleece Patagonia under it, I still feel the cold walking into work. Theres virtually no down filler in the shoulders on my jacket. Would not recommend



    Got my Langford 5 years ago when I moved to Minneapolis, MN for school. Everyone cries about how common and expensive they are, but honestly it’s your money — spend it however you want. Personally I think they’re absolutely worth it, especially when it occasionally drops to below -20F with windchill here. It’s also nice being able to wear literally just a t-shirt underneath when it’s below 30. The one you linked looks awesome and definitely unique, I say go for it.



    my 0.02. I own a CG vest, and a number of Moncler jackets. I’d definitely go for Moncler. CG feels way too utilitarian to me. It’s stiff, and it’s insanely warm, at least in Vancouver. Yes, Moncler is a bit more expensive but at least it feels more luxurious. Fabrics are softer, and materials are generally more luxe like wool panels in some of their jackets.



    Seems like you’re pretty set on a goose. I have the Langford in olive and am really blown away by the quality and overall feel of the jacket. Idk if you’re like me but I really like the hand warmer pockets and their position on the Langford, much more comfortable when walking than some other CG jackets. I know a lot of people will say other brands make better jackets but if you like it and can afford it then get it, worth the money.



    Hey I just bought Eberly II from Triple F.A.T goose. It’s $650 and looks and feels amazing. Check it out



    Living in Boston proper with no car (rely on public transportation and walking), my Citadel Parka has been a godsend. Got it two winters ago and I’ve felt like it’s worth every penny. It keeps me extremely warm, has a great silhouette, and ample pocket space for all my other winter accessories. I plan on keeping it for as long as I can.

    I will say thought that I get cold pretty easily, so I generally even wear it when it’s around 40 degrees out. It really proves its value when it’s between 0-20 though. I don’t even layer for most of the winter.



    im in chicago, and it’s worth it. i wear it with just a tee shirt on and it keeps me warm at 15-20 degrees F. people who say its overkill are clueless.

    consider it an investment. how often do you buy $300-$400 jackets only to fail you within a couple of years? CG has lifetime warranty and i can’t complain about the quality. you get what you pay for.

    black and navy are boring.. i got the carson in green last year. looks good with dark denim, khakis, and looks killer in black denim/trousers.

    i would ditch the camo. unless youre into that whole streetwear fashion, its just not a good look.



    Good jackets that are very high quality, but only worth it if you can afford it. There are excellent jackets for much cheaper (coming from someone who owns two CG jackets and one vest). Regarding number 2, I also have a Moncler and it’s as warm as my CG jacket, but A LOT more light in terms of weight.

    1) Since it’s clear you can afford it, I’d go for it to be honest. It will last you years and you can always unzip it if you get too hot (which you probably won’t). If Chicago winter is anything like Toronto winter, you’ll be happy you have a good jacket.

    2) Moncler jackets are warm, but honestly, you get less for more. My Moncler feels well built, but more delicate than my Canada Goose jackets. You’re more so paying for the brand and the cool designs than the warmth of the jacket. Arcteryx is really good so I heard. I own some pants from them and they’re good. I know people who buy a light puffer and just use an Arcteryx goretex jacket as a shell which is element-proof (windproof, good for rain, snow etc).I have friends who have Moose Knuckles and they’re a solid choice as well.

    3) I would not recommend the Chilliwack because the waistband can rise and you can get this cold chill up your back during extremely cold windy days depending on which direction the wind is blowing. I’d recommend a parka like a Chateau or anything that doesn’t have a waistband on the bottom, but instead has a straight cut lower than the waist. I would avoid camo, but if that’s your style, go for it!



    Not worth it imo. Not only are they hyper-popular here in Vancouver, they are known for being extremely anti-environmental. Last I heard, they were using Arctic Fox Fur. Now, im not saying thats “bad” fashion, but I try to go the route of least harm.



    From reading the other comments, seems like you are already set on buying CG and you’re just wanting your purchase to be validated. If you’re heart is set on CG, then buy it. It may be expensive but if you can afford it, definitely buy something you love, and by the sounds of it, you seem to really like CG. Are there better jackets out there for a better price? Yes. Does it matter? No. Because if you do buy something else, to you, it won’t seem better,and only CG will do. Don’t hesitate, and buy it and love wearing it! That makes up for any price difference, the fact you’re loving what your wearing.

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