As someone who is 5’1, how do I know of my clothes fit? I don’t want to walk around looking silly

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    I’m a 5’1 male. How do I know if my clothes fit? I don’t want to walk around looking very silly



    I’d check out [The Modest Man]( for advice. It’s a men’s style blog focused on shorter men. He’s 5’6”, but his advice applies to anyone shorter than average.



    5’1 & 115lb

    A tailor will be your best friend. I have tailored t-shirts, polos and ALL pants. I stay away from all trendy items as they make me look younger than I am (27) and have zero facial hair. Skinny jeans fit me more like a slim cut on the average guy. I have some “boys” size clothing (hit or miss) and find stores that carry XS slim tops. My go to’s are



    Make sure everything isnt too long or too short. It should be slim fitting to your body but not tight.



    use retailers that specialize in shorter men such as Peter Manning.



    If they fit right, they fit. Just got to learn the definition of right. Google, side bar, wikis, YouTube videos, etc.



    I wear xs, or xxs if it’s available. Go skinny or slim for jeans. Don’t be afraid to shop in the womens’ or kids’ section (serious).



    Slim fit jeans.
    Get all your pants tailored/hemmed.
    Avoid longline and oversized shirts.
    Make sure the shirt length doesn’t go past your crotch.
    Make sure your pants don’t go past your ankle.



    Post pix in outfit feedback and fit check.



    >How do I know of my clothes fit?

    Exact same rules of fit men of average of above average height deal with. Check the sidebar or watch “How ____ should fit” videos on YouTube. You just need to scale the clothes down to your proportions and height.

    Now, *finding* clothes that are scaled to your frame is another, more difficult matter.



    5’1” and skinny? Or built like a fire hydrant? Not all shorter gents are the same shape.

    If you’re svelte (like me), the key is to cut the fat. You want to get rid of excess fabric, especially when it comes to length (pants, sleeves, torso).

    A good tailor will solve most of your major fit problems. I also recommend checking out [specialty brands]( and custom options (especially for formalwear like dress shorts and suits).

    My #1 tip is to try to buy stuff on sale so you have extra cash for tailoring.

    Go for little to no break on your pants (so they just barely hit at your shoe), with a narrow leg opening (probably as small as 6” for you if you’re skinny).




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