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    Auralee Fall/Winter 2018



    Pre-emptive PSA: This is simply one seasonal collection from one designer. To newcomers to MFA, this is not MFA saying how you should dress. If you are interested in what to do with runway shows (lookbooks/collections/etc) you can read this [COTW](

    Being exposed to a different corner of the fashion internet is a good thing, even if it seems scary or weird or outside of what you’re comfortable with. The great thing is these are just pictures and so if you don’t want to dress this way or buy these items then you dont have to. No one is forcing you to like these things and it is okay to dislike them. Please bear in mind Comment rules still apply, so play nice.

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    Models’ poses supplied by The New Kids on the Block.

    Not really a fan of the trench coats, but the knitwear is solid. 7 and 8 are the highlights for me. Really dig the shoes.



    Auralee lookbooks are always fire, but this one is has a specific (and a little corny) 90’s mall brand catalog feel. Their AW17 images are the best. Auralee is really compelling overall especially because their brand imagery is so strong for how much of it exists. After recently visiting their store in Tokyo I wasn’t as impressed with the quality of the knits in particular. I do think their dress wools and other suiting fabrics are pretty stellar and align nicely with their domestic pricing.

    It’s also one of those brands that could easily be worked into any style, but really loses the aesthetic impact if mixed into other styles. The other thing to note is that if you have a unique face or hair style, the juxtaposition of their fairly simplistic shapes/colors will be really sick. If you’re a plain jane ass white dude the clothes come across boring and slightly preppy. Combine that with the oversized/generous fits you’ll look like you raided your grandpa’s closet.

    Big fan either way 🙂



    Fit 2 is where it’s at.



    Are they available anywhere in America?



    Big ass 90s pants.

    I like everything else though. Good stuff.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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