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    It’s my boyfriend’s birthday in a couple of weeks and he just started a fancy new job. Figured a good present for him is a new briefcase to carry a latop+ some documents around. He travels a lot (50% of the time) and doesn’t think backpacks are appropriate for his line of business.

    At first I was gonna get him a Tumi ballistic nylon (one of those briefcases) but he mentioned in passing he prefers leather over anything fabric-y (you learn something new about a person every day I guess?)

    Here’s what I was thinking to get him:


    What do you guys think? How does the bag look?

    1. Any feedback on whether B and R is a good brand?
    2. How’s the warranty?
    3. How is the brand perceived in the market? He meets a lot of bosses and senior people so I’m thinking would be good for him to have something nice…
    4. Or am I just better off sticking to a wildly expensive Tumi?

    Thanks for your help.



    No personal experience with the warranty but B&R has a great reputation with the frequent flyer consultant crowd and sounds like this can definitely work for him. There are more formal briefcases out there but it’s hard to say if that matter not knowing his industry.



    I recently got a Lotuff leather briefcase and I love it. Quality is the tops. Obviously you better really like him to buy him this, but it’s a nice option to consider. I have a few bags from them.




    > he mentioned in passing he prefers leather over anything fabric-y

    He has a good taste, he is a keeper!



    I would also consider Linjer for clean looking briefcase in a similar price range. For a bit more, Frank Clegg is always a good choice.



    I’m a big fan of Buffalo Jackson and their leather bags if you want to take a look at them



    I don’t own any of B&R’s leather pieces, but I do own one carry-on sized nylon piece for traveling. I like it a lot and think B&R is a quality, reputable brand. I also own a small Tumi messenger-style bag and think the quality compares very favorably between Tumi and B&R.

    I’ve never had to use the warranty on my bags, but B&R is unconditional guarantee for life. Doesn’t get much better than that.

    It’s a handsome bag and if his laptop will fit in it, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.



    Waterfield has some really cool designs that you may wanna check out.



    I have a Satchel & Page 4 way briefcase which is bigger than expected, I’d recommend the slimmer one. Like B + R, they offer lifetime warranty, and high quality. Recommend checking them out too!

    4-way briefcase:[https://www.satchel-page.com/products/4-way-briefcase](https://www.satchel-page.com/products/4-way-briefcase)

    Slimmer Briefcase: [https://www.satchel-page.com/products/counselor](https://www.satchel-page.com/products/counselor)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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