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    I recently got my roommate into American Horror Story, and decided to rewatch the older seasons with him. We’re currently on Season 3 (Coven), and I can’t get over how extra Myrtle Snow is. Her outfits look right off a Gucci runway with the mismatched patterns and colors and over the top accessorizing. I immediately began making a Pinterest board, and it’s been fun curating! Although I’d never wear everything in these looks at once, I definitely have been inspired by a lot of the individual elements.


    Without further adieu,

    [Don’t be a hater, dear.](



    I want an entire show that is just Coven, THANKS.



    That whole season was bad for my shopping habit, especially Misty’s boho witchy look.




    Literally got into this show with this season and just finished it last night, and her last word was absolutely incredible. A fashionista to the end, and I respected it so much.



    I just watched this a few days ago! I was actually thinking of doing a Misty Day inspo album.



    LOVE this! She is so on point. I’m rewatching Coven now too – best season ever.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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