Best jet black slim fit stretch jeans which doesn’t fade?

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    Best jet black slim fit stretch jeans which doesn’t fade?



    all jeans fade like life



    I’ve a Acne Studios North stay black that hasn’t fade yet after six months of wear (probably once a week). Great fit



    I’ll give you a LPT.
    Buy your jeans and when they fade get a plastic tub or bucket and buy black dye and dye the shit outta them

    Edit: here’s a [video](



    Acne Max Stay Black

    Acne North Stay Black



    I found a pair of black jeans from the brands mavi and 7 for all mankind a few months ago while thrifting and both pairs have stayed as dark as when they were purchased, with several washes between those two periods.

    They both offer skinny and slim cuts. They’re pricy but I think worth it, bc the material is also thick (but still lightweight feeling) and holds up incredibly well.

    You should in theory wash cold while turning the jeans inside out, and then dry low or no heat to have them retain their color but eh.



    I’ve a pair of Nudie Jeans Everblack (Tight Terry, slimfit ), you can read more about them [here]( They should hold their color for 40 washes or so i’ve been told. I’m gonna rank them from tightest to loosest and they all seem to be stretchy.

    * [Tight Terry]( (tightest)
    * [Tilted For](
    * [Lean Dean](
    * [Dude Dan]( (loosest)



    I’ve had a really good experience with the [Naked & Famous Black Power Stretch]( denim, about 6 mos in.



    I’ve struggled with this.

    Answer appears to be:

    – Buy new ones frequently

    – Learn how to dye well



    Hollister Advanced Stretch No Fade (seriously, not a fan of the brand, but they’re great, inexpensive, and somehow barely fade after dozens of washes – even sister brand Abercrombie’s fade like crazy)



    Everlane Black denim. It was meant to emulate Acne Studios but in the almost year I’ve had it, they don’t fade



    I have Levis 511 line 8 and they have held their colour well.



    Old Navy black flex fit jeans



    Acne Studios Max, true black. They are skinny but not ridiculously skinny, the give a lot better then any other true black jeans Ive tried. Color stays so far.



    All will fade, although I have had pretty good luck with Levi’s.

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