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    Like many others I jumped on the opportunity to buy a Meermin product now that they opened their online storefront in the US.

    Long story short I ordered a size 40 belt for my 38 waist and was surprised to see that the buckle-middle hole distance is 38.5 inches which is a couple of inches shorter than any other size 40 belt I or my buddy own, European or American.

    I contacted customer support and asked for a prepaid shipping label and they have been giving me the runaround for the past week or so. Scripted copy-paste responses that belt sizes vary and they suggest I get one that is a size larger than my waist. I did. At least I thought I did. Then they are asking for pictures and comparisons but when I send them they dont even address them in their reply.

    So far terrible customer service, lack of transparency and misleading information.

    Will update when I hear from them but for now be cautious.

    Otherwise the belt is nice…

    [Comparison with AE ](



    You are not the first one. I gave away mine for the same reason, didn’t want to deal with their cs.

    remindme! 1 week “resolved?”



    Well, that belt is awfully short if the numbers are correct.



    Their sizing is horrible for belts! I’ve only bought their belts in store at the SoHo location, but both times I gave the store employee a pretty accurate waist measurement, and wound up having to try on three or four different belts to get one that fit. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the sizing. Sizing up two inches from my pants size yielded a massive belt that could fit two people inside.

    Both times I walked out of the store with a properly fitting belt, but I imagine it would be maddening if buying online.



    I’d understood that Meermin measures the belt length from the center hole to the end of the buckle, while most US manufacturers measure from the center hole to where the leather ends at the buckle end.

    So that should be about a 2” difference.

    Is that what’s going on here? Or are they just inconsistent in their measurements?



    For me, their belts run much shorter than their sizing suggests as well, compared to other belts. I bought one based on their size chart – barely fit into it. Lucky that I don’t have to deal with their CS.

    Quality was pretty good. Nothing special though.



    Holy crap. Was about to order a belt. Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t had any issues with CS in regard to shoes. Ordered boots, too big, submitted return, filled out form, shipped back and supplied them with tracking. They said they’d send a replacement out on Monday or Tuesday.

    Now, getting my boots was slightly different. Took 7 days to ship because they posted them in stock before they even had them in their NJ warehouse. But I told them free next day shipping should make up for that. They sent them next day for free.

    So, all in all I can’t really complain.



    Dude this is so me right now. I bought a 40 as well and I’m a 36 and it is quite a bit shorter than my regular belts. Returning looks like a bitch with them so think I’ll just consider it a loss of $57.



    I have ordered two sizes (4 inches) up from my vanity list size and one size (two inches) up from my true measure and it’s been spot on.



    Thanks for this, I was planning to get one as well.



    When I was in the store, a guy came in to exchange three belts his wife bought for him. He said she ordered the right sizes but they didn’t fit. They let him walk out with proper sizes.

    Unfortunately their only location is NYC so it’s not that easy for everyone.



    They must be measuring from a really strange spot on the belt, if their measurements are consistently causing people problems.



    Damn metric system…

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