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    So I searched for this before posting, but what’s the difference between a blouse and a shirt? I just got a promotion, but I work in a warehouse. So it’s not like an office setting. There’s a LOT of walking and I need to be able to move around. The dress code leaves me with two options: polo shirt or blouse. I’m not a huge fan of polo shirts and I don’t really want to wear the same thing everyday (like different colored polo shirts) but I also need to be able to wear casual pants/ jeans/khakis with walking shoes. Any suggestions?



    I think blouse is an older/dated term describing a non-casual shirt.

    Search “women’s tops” (or for younger ladies, “misses tops”) and you usually can pick between casual and business styles



    I doubt your workplace has a formal definition in mind. It seems to me that since the dress code is tied to a promotion, they basically mean “dress a cut above the average worker”. Basically this means that the most casual options are now off the table, but since they specifically allow polos (barely a cut above t-shirts and plenty casual imo) then just figure out what makes you look like a supervisor and not an ordinary worker drone.

    Polos are not the most stylish options but most everything else will likely be some combination of too formal or impractical, unless you find some button-downs in a durable fabric. Duluth or carhartt probably have some options. [Example](

    Edit: another commonality between polos and blouses is that they historically had collars. Collared shirts are probably more of a requirement for men but if anything you wear to work has a collar, you can’t go far wrong



    I was stumped by your question because to me they were close to the same thing.

    This answer came up

    “a woman’s loose upper garment resembling a shirt, typically with a collar, buttons, and sleeves.”

    And so did this

    I think any over your head type shirt in a woven fabric would be fine.



    Like others, I think blouse is an older term of dress shirts for women. I remember my grandmother calling a purse, a pocketbook.



    I would not be in love with having a physically active job and have to worry about a blouse. They shift, they become untucked, they show too much cleavage, they can be transparent…. I’d just suck it up and make myself a “uniform” of nice polo shirts. Make sure they’re made of a material you find soft and comfortable.



    Ok thanks! I just didn’t want to show up on my first day and then tell me I’m wearing a “shirt” not a “blouse” lol



    A blouse is basically a floaty and feminine shirt. Blouses and shirts are both made of woven fabric but blouses are more “flowy”. They can have buttons or no buttons, and can be short or long sleeved.

    To be honest it’s more of a scale rather than a binary thing – you can definitely have garments which could be considered either a blouse or a shirt.

    Edit: you could wear a blouse or a shirt with jeans, but I’d only wear a shirt with khakis or other casual pants and walking shoes.



    In my opinion, any shirt that isn’t a t-shirt, cotton tank, polo or a sweater is a blouse. So: button downs, shells, generally anything you’d call a “top”.

    Basically, go to [banana republic ]( and look at their “blouses” section. All of those things fit the definition.

    My go – to work tops are [these babies.](…%24255%247361789~xcm_pos~zPos2~xcm_srcCatID~z255) Professional, but also super comfortable and not formal! They come in a huge variety of colors, too. I’ve got like six of them!



    I think the difference between the two is a little more complicated in the fashion world than in the dresscode world– everywhere that I’ve worked, blouse in a dress code meant “not a t-shirt.” You’ll probably be fine wearing a button-down or any other nice-looking top (even a nicer structured jersey top would probably count as a blouse).



    A shirt has a stiff collar like a mans shirt would. A blouse doesn’t. That’s my definition.



    Thank you all! I feel better about my options now 🙂



    Wow not a single Prince reference in this post.



    A blouse is a shirt that “blouses” at the bottom and doesn’t sit flush against your body; it’s about fit, not about fabric, etc- although some fabrics blouse easier than others.

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