Boy’s Market II: more of that really happy Japanese dude’s fits

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    Boy’s Market II: more of that really happy Japanese dude’s fits



    Looks like a Japanese version of Jeff Goldblum



    the main inspiration here isn’t his clothes, it’s his clear happiness with life



    The first pic, with him in a wetsuit, laughing and smoking a cigarette, that’s some Most Interesting Man in the World shit right there.

    And his dog looks as happy as he does.



    ([Part 1 was here](

    We’re back once again with Tsubo Yoshihiro, proprietor of Boy’s Market, and his dog Goro.

    * [Store page](
    * [Blog]( ([just the images](

    If you’re looking to ID a specific piece, take a look at the store, as all these fits are to showcase the clothes he’s selling.

    As he shows best, staying fit and putting a big smile on does wonders for your look. Enjoy!



    This just goes to prove that the greatest and most versatile of all accessories is a very good boye. Take note mfa.



    He really doesn’t like socks.



    Are wetsuits “in” again? Nice.



    First I thought.. I want that man’s complete wardrobe.

    Then I realised I have the complete opposite body type to him.



    This guy has a lot of jackets



    I hate when people say “goals” when referring to someone else but…this guy’s wardrobe and happiness are big time goals



    I spent more time than I want to admit trying to some of his items but many of them are custom made or just not in stock anymore. Can the power of reddit help me find this coat? [Harris](



    this guy is living my ideal life

    loved all his fits



    This is really cool and his fits are great. But, I have to say that it seems counterintuitive to have your ankles exposed on a day that’s cold enough to warrant a coat, gloves, and a scarf.



    1. That dog is too cute
    2. Is anyone familiar with brands that have a larger/decent collection of carrot seamed pants/pants with the seam kind of spiraling from the side to the ankle vs cleanly sewn straight at the sides? Love that tapered look but haven’t done any deep investigating to find them myself.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)

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