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    I’m in my thirties and I’ve always been in the “never appropriate to have visible bra straps” camp. But I love the strappy sports bras that are in style now and have a few low-back shirts that I think they could look cute with. Is this okay now, and if so, to what extent? Like, it looks very stylish for yoga, but if I work at a casual jeans and polo shirt/sweater kind of place, could I wear a good condition strappy-back bra with a nice low-back sweater? It could be a tank top for all they know.



    Perfectly fine if you’re somewhere casual/out socially.

    Maybe ok if you work in fashion or some creative field where unconventional dressing is encouraged/tolerated, and are going for lingerie-inspired as a look.

    NEVER ok if you work in any kind of conventional office setting.



    I really don’t think visible undergarments, especially done deliberately, are ever office appropriate. I’d save this look for the weekend.



    I’m still in the camp of no bra straps ever at work (in offices and similar settings; somewhere like a tattoo shop of course has different rules). I love the look you’re describing, but personally only wear it in casual settings outside of work. I’m curious to see what the general opinion is though.



    I live in California and I’ve literally seen lingerie as part of professional attire, not often, but I can attest it’s a trend for some.



    Other countries please correct me if i’m wrong, but: this seems like such an American issue. I live in the Netherlands and there are bra straps to be seen everywhere in the summertime. It also strikes me as weird a bit because Americans aren’t exactly the pinnacle of fashion (no offense, neither are we)



    I’m with the majority. Never at work, totally fine in a casual setting, but put them away again if it’s cocktail or black tie or otherwise “dressy”.

    I’m not personally bothered by them but I recognize that people of older generations or cultures may not be okay with visible undergarments, so at work or events where we care particularly about other people’s comfort, it’s just a considerate thing.



    It still seems too casual for an office, okay for a restaurant or bar or maybe retail.



    if it can be mistaken for a tank top I think it’s fine in the right place.

    Particularly if the top layer are oversize. But I would consider what other women wear at the workplace. At my place no one shows much skin, or wear tight tops, at least not since summer ended.

    Maybe save it for a work-to-party day?



    I work in fashion. Cute bra with nice straps? Totally normal and acceptable. Dingy, old bra straps that are peeking out from under a sleeve? Not unacceptable, but definitely not cool.



    I would probably never wear that type of bra visibly at work. Maybe under something where it’s hidden, but never visibly. I think it’s just a lil bit too much for a job setting.



    I never understood the American fixation with bra straps.

    I’ve read so many stories of girls being told to hide their bra straps or even being asked to leave the classroom because it distracts the boys. When you’re writing it’s normal for the strap to slid down and in twelve years of school I’ve never had a teacher commenting on that and I certainly never eared a boy saying it is to sexy and distracting.

    Anyways, answering the questions. The only setting bra straps should never be visible it’s in office jobs any other setting I think it’s ok.



    I don’t see the problem with bra straps honestly? Can someone explain why it’s such a ‘bad thing’?




    Unless your workplace is very casual (shorts and t-shirts) I would save it for after work/weekends. I think outside the bra showing, having a lot of your upper back showing may be inappropriate



    It depends on where you work. At my office (a startup) it would be perfectly fine.



    I don’t think it’s a faux pas to show black bra straps almost anywhere in my country. My country is super casual though. Some people always say you should wear a strapless bra with even a casual tank top with spaghetti straps but I honestly don’t mind. I don’t like showing colorful and flashy bra straps or some worn out ratty old bras. It’s kinda tacky in formal events but I think I have seen visible bra straps even at my casual work place and nobody cares about it.



    Deliberately visible bra straps are generally an overtly sexy look, even if it is casual rather than as a dressy look. And so personally I think that would only be work-appropriate in a workplace where unconventional dressing is encouraged.

    IMO it’s not the same as wearing a bra with normal straps with a strappy top and the straps being slightly visible.



    Don’t give a fuuuuck, it’s just a bra strap



    I’m in my thirties too.

    For me, casual settings/walking along the beach/hanging out… I’m comfortable showing straps. I’d never do this at work, just as I’d never go braless at work.

    I love my bralettes/yoga bras and like playing with colours to make it seem more deliberate. Like, a green sundress with spaghetti straps paired with a pink racerback bralette.

    If I try this with my everyday molded cup bras, especially my nude/black/white ones, I feel it looks too accidental and I feel a bit exposed / self conscious.



    I file this under, “it would be great if we had a bra that was perfect for each top we own, but bras are expensive.” If a bra strap might peek, I try to have it be one of the ones that matches my skin tone or the color of the shirt depending on how it might peek. I wouldn’t generally wear anything sleeveless in a professional setting unless I had a second layer over it.

    Out of an office setting (or a really fancy place/event), though, you do you.



    Meh I work for the gov and bra straps be popping out all the time. No one cares.



    Wear whatever you want girl. They’re just bra straps, it won’t kill anyone.



    Outside the workplace if you work in a business causal or dressier place, and I think the bra straps definitely have to look on purpose for it to be a *fashion moment -* a cute strappy bra with a low back sweater sounds awesome, but might be too much for the office.



    My choice generally is to embrace the tacky aspect of letting the straps show and run with it.

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