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    [BBC article](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/45572001)

    I read this today, and as someone who has boycotted the underwire/padded bra in favour of either no bra or bralets, it’s a topic that really interests me! Particularly the idea that bra silhouettes are changing – I definitely agree, at least among my circles I’m seeing way less push up and padded styles, even for friends with bigger breasts. I think it has definitely become more socially acceptable to see the natural shape of your boobs (not really a “faux paus” anymore), but there’s obviously major differences in how a braless woman with small breasts is perceived vs large breasts.

    Just interested in hearing everyone’s perspectives!



    I just think it’s great that there are more options out there, not that there haven’t been before but society has a way of stigmatising some items of women’s attire, like bras and underwear, which are now becoming more socially acceptable, along with the forms they allow. Whether you have big boobs, small boobs or in-between boobs, we should all be free to wear or not wear what we want. I own a couple of bralettes that I love and look super cute but then there are days I quite enjoy being able to wear a padded/push-up/underwire bra as well and it all comes down to the look I’m after and my mood. Yay more more bra options for all the women out there and yay for boobs no matter what shape or size they are.



    You can pry my underwired bras from my cold dead hands. I like being able to move at a reasonable pace, and I prefer the way my clothes fit when I’m wearing a full on scaffolding rig. I wear bralets and sports bras for travel and on weekends when I’m in my pj’s.

    Besides, I like my lightly padded push up bra, it keeps me warm (I don’t feel the cold anywhere except my boobs).

    34F/FF and they need some support.



    Just reminding me of a discussion group I was in a long time ago of divorced gay men (divorced from women). One had a 12 year old daughter and he took her clothes shopping and she wanted padded bras and he said “absolutely no way”. He ranted at length about the battle he had with his daughter and then the first response he got was “padded bras help cover erect nipples”. The next post from the father was that he had marched her right back to the store for padded bras.



    It’s not like the only options are sports bras (and of course, there are many sports bras that are very supportive)/bralettes or super uncomfortable, constrictive push-up bras.

    I just wear regular underwire bras with a somewhat stretchy band in the size that’s comfortable for me–which means not trying to squeeze into the smallest band size possible. Sure, sometimes bras get irritating late in the day and I’m ready to take it off when I get home, but I also just change completely into lounge clothes when I’m home anyway.



    IMO, a well-fitting underwire bra is so much more comfortable than any alternative I’ve tried. Bralettes are adorable, but don’t offer enough support for my needs. I’ll agree that padded bras are weird and generally unnecessary, unless you are hell bent on removing any possibility of nips showing.



    Yes, if you are slender and have perky breasts, it’s acceptable to go braless. It’s still a faux pas for heavier women, and women with larger breasts, to go braless in public. It is beyond a faux pas for women of any size to go braless if they have long, pendulous breasts, which is a natural shape (believe it or not).

    Bralettes aren’t widely available in cup sizes beyond a C, and there are few plus size bralettes even for A, B, and C cups. So that tells you it’s not really a trend that all women, or even most women, can participate in.

    Edit: I am aware that a couple brands make a couple bralettes for plus sizes and DD cups. That doesn’t mean all women can find bralettes that fit in their size.



    i have a larger cup size and a small back size, and i’ve never found a bralette that a) doesn’t look ridiculous b) keeps my tits from bouncing around everywhere, which hurts.

    sooo..yeah, bralettes aren’t feasible for me, i need the underwire to keep my boobs in place. i’ve also never had back pain because my breast are supported by the wire, the band, and the shoulder straps -that’s 3 points of support (like a triangle, the best load-bearing shape) vs essentially none from the bralettes.



    Thanks for sharing! I hope everyone gets to wear whatever bras make them feel good. I know that as I aged, I stopped trying to buy those hugely padded bras (because I couldn’t be attractive if I didn’t have huge boobs, right?) for my A cup range boobs. I still remember trying to wear that one VS bra that added one whole cup size… It did not look right, but I hated my small chest. Didn’t help the high school guys I hung with were total assholes about it. I realize now it was probably negging. Fuck ’em.

    Hopefully this means more options for everyone along the cup size scale.



    If I didn’t wear an underwire bra, my 36DDD’s would be sore/swinging around all day. That underwire allows me to wear tons of cute outfits I’d never be able to wear without it. Wear whatever you want… But don’t impose that boycott crap on me.



    32DD here – I love *the idea* of bralettes, but it’s difficult to find ones that have everything I want for day-to-day wear:

    1. Not just in S/M/L. These end up with me wearing sister sizes almost every time, with too-small cups and too-large bands. Lifting my arms up and having the band come up to my nipples then having the whole thing fold up weird when I put my arms down is not more comfortable.

    2. Adjustable strap and shoulders. Bras stretch over time, and people have different distances between shoulder and boobs. One size fits all doesn’t always work here.

    3. Not being insanely textured. I don’t want bumpy-ass boobs. Fabric doesn’t sit or flow nicely on that.

    3. Just enough nipple coverage without being super padded. I’d love to wear a bralette that fits the above criteria every day, but my (100% male, almost 100% over 40) coworkers don’t need to see my nip piercing.

    Until I can find this unicorn within any reasonable price range, I’m stuck with a t-shirt bra most days. Now that I know my size, it’s actually quite comfortable. When I thought I was a 36C or 34D I couldn’t wait to rip my bra off, but now I barely notice I’m even wearing a bra.



    I am a 30H and I legit have trouble breathing normally without the lift of an underwire. The weight on top of my ribcage forces me to breathe shallowly which is a feeling that, after a while, starts to resemble physical anxiety symptoms. Once I’m “lifted up” again it’s instant relief and easy breathing once more! So for me at least it’s not about aesthetics at all, though I never did like padded bras or push ups in the first place as I try to minimize the appearance of my chest because I feel disproportionate in the first place. Wireless bras and bralettes look very comfy otherwise, but for people like me they’ll sadly never be a possibility.



    Yes! More options!

    I’m personally still a fan of certain underwire bras, but if I could find a bralette that minimizes bounce as much as my current underwire bras do, I’d be on board in an instant.

    My old bras in my true size (30F) were tight and had a bit of a push-up effect. They would leave red marks on my skin everyday, but I figured that’s just how it was. I accidentally found a fix when I went to try out a new bra and could only get a 32F – I figured what the hell, returns are free, I’ll take the chance. Turns out it worked really well. The slightly looser band means a little less support (though it’s not bounce city over here), but no more angry red marks. The fabric is softer, the straps are more comfortable, and there’s no push-up effect, which I really, really appreciate. Overall I’m happy with these wired bras, but I would certainly be on board for bralettes if I could find some that fit well.



    Very interesting article, thank you for sharing. I didn’t really like how they almost make it seem like if you wear underwire it’s only for guys pleasure. I used to have small boobs and would wear bralettes more often than an underwire. Since getting breast aug I’ve been in mostly underwire and push up but that’s probably because I never really had the option of wearing these kinds of bras before. Of course there was push ups in my previous size but there wasn’t much to push up lol.
    I do agree bralettes will probably eventually be more popular than underwire but I don’t think they will totally be gone.



    I hate how there’s a trend of putting down what used to be the norm in the name of a new alternative that’s supposed to be more “freeing” or “natural”. I see this same behavior in the black hair community; now that natural hair is in if you’re a black girl with straightened hair it’s almost looked down upon because you’re not embracing your god given texture.

    There’s nothing wrong with underwire or padding if that’s your preference. Just as we shouldn’t be made to feel that we *need* to wear a push-up bra we also shouldn’t be made to feel like we need to switch to bralettes.

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