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    So does anyone have advice for buying for example fall clothing from Australia on sale now because they are now going into spring? Just a thought I had, not sure of with the shipping and what not if it would be even worth it. Just curious to see if anyone does this kind of thing to save money when buying this seasons clothes. Thanks in advance for info you share.



    The exchange rate is in favor of the US dollar. But I know I’ve passed up eBay items because of $20+ shipping.



    I do it all the time (I’m in Australia), but clothes in general are pretty expensive here compared to in the US.



    What are some cute Australian sites?



    I feel like to avoid high shipping costs you need to buy in bulk, and if you buy in bulk you get hit with high customs charges/duties and taxes. So I don’t buy from foreign countries online unless it’s something I desperately want.



    [Gorman]( is having a sale at the moment.



    Australian fashion is pretty fast fashion so good luck finding cheap fall stuff. You might find cheap winter stuff on sale but even then it would be the dregs so odd sizes. Our shipping is pretty expensive too so you probably wouldn’t save much money being on sale as AusPost is known to be expensive and shit.



    I just bought some wool trousers from Caves Collect because they create new collections biannually and I didn’t want to miss out. Free shipping to boot!



    Not specific to buying from Australia/Southern Hemisphere but I have bought from outside of the US. The experience will vary widely depending on how experienced the retailer is with shipping internationally. Some things to keep in mind:

    1. u/MrsValentine mentioned duties already.
    2. Any time that you are buying something from outside of the country, you are considered an importer (see this [helpful page]( from the US Customs and Border Protection). If anything is imported that is not legal in the USA, you could be fined.
    3. The US border patrol does spot inspections. They don’t *usually* charge for the inspection itself, but it’s possible, and they very well could charge for transport/storage fees.
    4. Return shipping is a royal pain in the butt, so if you’re like me and like to buy a hundred items and return anything you don’t like, keep in mind that you will possibly have to pay for (international) return shipping and also figure out the Customs Declaration form by yourself, unless the post office employee is feeling particularly charitable.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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