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    Can Ralph Lauren Bring Back Prep?



    Is water wet?



    It doesn’t come and go. It’s a lifetime commitment.



    Prep was out? What?



    It will never go out for normal people since no one wants to throw away an entire wardrobe but I definitely feel that it’s been out of style among celebrities. Most people irl is mostly norm-core and some preppy while celebs are street style and norm-core imo.

    But I would definitely be interested in a preppy collection from Polo beyond the basics that they have every season and the one new polo bear sweater for 400 $.



    It never went away.



    I think some people may be missing the point here. Yes, dudes that own a summer home on nantucket are still wearing prep styles. But the question here is will “prep”, in some form, become a mainstream, national style again? I say yes though it may look a little different from the past.

    As the article says, we’ve been seeing things like rugby shirts pop up this past season. I can see a comeback for a lot of these types of things; madras shirts, seersucker , maybe sailing jackets or some shit. Maybe even boat shoes (!!!!) But unlike other posters here, I don’t think we’ll get a modern slim-fit look. Thats already passed.

    I think we’re going to get a nice, baggy, 1980’s prep look making a comeback.



    Prep/Trad/Ivy will always be.

    In vogue cyclically as most garments, but existing silently eternally.



    This works for me since that’s like half of my wardrobe (basically prep/smart casual/business casual). For when I’m not just wearing jeans and henleys/ts or basic bastard kind of stuff.

    That would be convenient if something I already wear normally actually became trendy. Because I sure as hell could never pull off any streetwear fits in a million years. Or any artsy YSL-Dior skinny rocker/aesthete type looks.

    Though it’s kind of funny because the whole reason I like prep/smart casual/’classic menswear’ is because it is classic, and not trendy. As in, as long as you update the fits accordingly (OCBDs and chinos are cut way slimmer now), the pieces themselves and general looks and materials stay the same.

    Because I don’t have the inclination to keep up with trends. And it seems kind of silly to spend a whole bunch of time and money buying entirely new wardrobes every year in an endless circuitous attempt to keep up with whatever new (or retro) style is being hyped.

    I get that people love keeping up with fashion, but to me a lot of it just seems like being told what is the ‘great new style’ you have to buy. Based on runway shows that get passed down into disposable fast fashion simulacra of the original works. And then 3-6 months later, you get told you need to buy the next great new style, because the thing you just bought is no longer cool. And so on and so on, ad infitum. Which means you never ‘finish’ chasing trends. And end up churning through and discarding a shit tonne of material. That just ends up incinerated or in garbage pyramids that impoverished kids have to pick through in the global south.

    Anyway’s, I’m rambling. But I won’t be upset if prep becomes ‘trendy’ again, and starts getting sported by celebs or whatever. Because then for a little bit, my square white boy fits might be ‘cool.’

    But also because after that cycle of trendiness blows over, and people move towards the next hyped look, ‘classic’ preppy looks will still remain as a viable option. As they’ve always been.



    Reminder of [Betteridge’s Law of Headlines](

    “any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word ‘no.’ The reason why journalists use that style of headline is that they know the story is probably bullshit, and don’t actually have the sources and facts to back it up, but still want to run it.”



    Prep never really went away. But just like “streetwear” encompasses a pretty wide variety of looks, prep also is a varied look. The prep look of the 80s like … a pink cotton sweater wrapped around your neck and shoulders by the sleeves while you wear a baby blue polo tshirt with the collar popped up… and short white shorts and brown Sperry Topsider boat shoes… that look is definitely not coming back. But take a clean unstructured white shirt – actually let me just point at what RL is wearing in that photograph of the article referenced in this post – that look is a lot more neutral and timeless – and that’s likely to remain, but subject to the variances of current fashion trends (baggy vs fitted, hem line height, color and finish of the denim, cut of shirts, collar sizes, vents vs no vents of blazers).

    Prep is still here – it has a time and place. I don’t think RL needs to “bring it back” – They just need to make sure it gets routinely updated and tweaked in this fast-fashion cycle to remain current.



    Prep/Trad is a lifestyle not a fashion that comes and goes, anyone that looks at it in terms of a fashion is missing the overall purpose of the style.

    As far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t bet on RL doing wonders for prep.



    *tears off jeans to reveal J.Crew khakis under*



    I’ve probably always hated prep, so hopefully it dies, but I doubt it will.




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