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    As the title says I don’t carry a bag. If it doesn’t fit in my pants pockets then I won’t carry it.

    Buuut I’m looking to change my ways! And look a bit more adult and pieced together. (Currently I’m looking at some sleek leather daily bags.)

    Tell me about your current bag that you love (or hate!) and show me your holy grail bag that you wish you could parade in front of your worst enemy.



    I was someone throughout high school and the beginning parts of college that was adamantly anti-purse, because of some weird nOt LikE oTheR GiRLz thing where I couldn’t have a purse because that’s for lame people who like fashunnn. If it didn’t fit in my pocket, I didn’t carry it with me.

    Then when I finally got out of that mindset, but wasn’t sure if I was a purse person or not, I started out with an ultra-casual, cheap purse – that way, if I didn’t like it, I’d be out only around $20. Eventually, I realized I’d need something a little more mature, so I got something that was still on the cheap end (sub $60) as I was still figuring out what styles I liked.

    Then earlier this year, after confirming that yes, I am a purse person, I got my first “real” bag, which was a [Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel Tote]( (however, mine is a slate blue color). I like:

    – The size. It’s large enough to hold things such as an umbrella, my phone, sunglasses, wallet, and a few other small things, but isn’t so large as to overwhelm me (I’m pretty short) and also prevents me from using it to carry unnecessary things.

    – It looks nice enough to use for work, but isn’t overtly nice that it looks out of place at more casual places.

    – Quality is good for the price. It’s held up well over the last several months that I’ve had it. I got mine on sale for roughly half off retail, but I’d pay full-price for it if I had to purchase it again.

    The only thing I wish it had would be a central divider to help with organization.



    General style: clean, feminine minimalism with an emphasis on quality materials and ethical production

    After a lonnnnnng period of hemming and hawing about making my own leather bag, I finally gave in and bought [this bag]( I knew this brand has high standards for ethics and, from the shoes I’ve gotten from there, really good quality leather, so though it was a bit spendy it seemed like a good choice!

    It hits every one of my criteria: big enough to carry a 13” laptop, but not so big that I end up dumping everything I own in it; clean look without any extra doodads, no super shiny metal hardware (a pet peeve), minimal visible branding, but still kind of interesting looking; a neutral color that wasn’t the regular black or brown; easily adjustable so it can be a shoulder or a crossbody; can go anywhere from sunday farmers market to partner meeting without issue. I haven’t looked back!`



    Mat and Nat make great vegan leather bags. They are ethically produced and there’s no harm involved! I have the drawstring backpack in the color Ink.



    I am currently saving for a [large white D&G Siciliy]( Frankly, I want to be buried with it.



    For the last few years my go-to bag has been one of the [canvas shopper totes]( you get with Rick jackets. They’re a surprisingly luxe cotton, and the narrow-and-tall shape carries much better than the wide-and-short you find in most totes when you’ve got it loaded up.

    My day-to-day loadout includes:

    * My journal and trusty Pilot G2 (0.38 or bust)
    * Small 3,000 mAh Anker battery and Lightning Cable
    * iPhone SE
    * Kindle Paperwhite
    * ~~Latest~~ six-month old copy of *The New Yorker* I still haven’t gotten through
    * Cardholder
    * House keys
    * Small P&S camera (Sony RX100)
    * Makeup pouch

    It gets a little heavy at times, but if I’m not walking miles and miles and switch shoulders occasionally, it gets the job done. I like that the drop on the handles is long enough to hang a jacket over the top of the bag and not have to worry about it getting squished or wrinkled inside.

    The biggest problems with this setup are not being able to wear the bag crossbody and relieve pressure on my shoulder, and zero separation of the contents. When it’s full, my pen gets knocked off the journal, keys inevitably get lost in some corner (there are only two, how can they be so hard to find!?) and my wallet is sucked into an extradimensional vortex and only reemerges into this plane of existence after I’ve left the Ten Items or Less line in embarrassment.

    FORTUNATELY, my long, dark winter of slight bag discontent is may finally be over. With Phoebe Philo’s departure from Céline and Hedi bulldozing her legacy, I finally broke down and jumped on a used [Belt Bag]( after months deliberating over which colour and size to go with. It’s slightly smaller than my current bag, which should cut down on the excess rummaging, and the back pocket gives me a place to hold my phone that’s easily accessible. The Micro can be worn crossbody, so I am praying that some of the back pain I have ends up being the fault of my Mary Poppins-esque hoarding habit and not old climbing injuries.

    For an evening bag, my current object of lust is the [Danse Lente Johhny Black in Blush]( She’s an up and coming designer that just graduated a few years ago, and I think it’s nice to reward someone starting out and trying new things and not draw the attention of a super noticeable “It” bag like the Puzzle or Boy.



    I gotta ask. Where do you get pants with pockets that fit a smartphone? Or do you not carry one? Edit: maybe I should have thought about it before getting a Galaxy.



    I use [this bag]( almost religiously. By that I mean just like with actual religion, when I need it, lol.

    I don’t really like to carry bags either! But this one is so small and you wear it like a satchel so I don’t even think about it tbh (like, where to have it, or weighing down my forearm area by it hanging there); I sometimes forget it’s there and I’ll buckle my seatbelt with my bag still on me.

    I’d recommend starting with a small crossbody bag, if you really want to try a purse out. It may still not be for you, and that’s okay, they’re not like super essential to be honest. Although the other day my boss pulled out a cookie from her purse….to me, that seems like an essential thing to have on hand, lol. I sometimes have candy in mine :). I have my wallet hooked to my bag on the inside, so that’s another helpful thing! Only really when I’m going to be shopping a while, I don’t really use my bag for quick stops. I also don’t wear much makeup day to day, but I know a purse is handy for having makeup ready too!



    I’m trying to step away from the Giant Tote phase, since everything I own gets lost in the endless abyss of tote bags, so I’ve been wearing a lot of smaller [crossbody bags]( (when I don’t have much to carry) and [chic backpacks]( (for when I need my laptop, mostly).



    Honestly the stupid Senreve Maestra bag is straight up stalking me. I want it so badly. I’m on a wait list on the real real… I really don’t want to pay full price in $USD plus whatever horrific taxes and duties would be on it to ship to Canada.

    But it looks really durable, comes with a laptop case, can be worn THREE WAYS and *it comes in green*! Swoon.

    I also continue to lust after Mulberry’s Alexa bag (from like a decade ago) and it makes me worry that my style hasn’t really evolved… I really loved fashion back then, and am not super keen on a lot of trends these days. Not even a lot of Kate Spade stuff has been catching my eye lately, and I used to be obsessed with Kate Spade.

    Among my collection of Spade bags, this is my favorite, in blue:

    Yes, Spade bags are clichéd starter bags but they remain to be great quality as far as I can tell and the colour schemes stay pretty fun. I own five and none have ever disappointed me.



    My two favorite purses are these:

    [Medium Sized Satchel for when i need extra space](

    [Small crossbody bag for when i need just the basics](

    They are made in a fair trade factory and are amazing quality



    My everyday is an oxblood kanken, but on the weekend I wear my status anxiety plunder in tan. Have been lusting after the ascendants bag in black pebble too. One day when my budget permits it.



    I don’t carry a bag when I run errands after work because I can’t fit a purse in my backpack and I don’t want to carry more than one bag… so I’ve been looking for a small one. I’ve narrowed it down to:

    [Convertible flap bag](

    [Zip Top Convertible](

    [on second thought, what if I need something bigger](

    [fun and simply small but I kind of wish I could get it in white so that it can be the “new year’s bag” and the “I feel like not wearing dark colors” bag](



    I carry around a mini canvas backpack. I dislike purses and I was just like you. If it didn’t fit in my pocket, it didn’t go. I feel like a mini backpack was a good compromise. Although, mine is far from mature looking haha. I’m sure you can get an “adult” looking bag though.



    I use a leather bucket bag backpack from Madewell. I highly recommend fancy leather backpacks. Looks put together but also quite functional because it’s so hands-free.



    From some of your comments, you sound a little like me in that you really just need a bag for daily essentials (keys/wallet/phone) – does that sound right?

    I also got into handbags fairly late in my fashion development. What works for me is this: a lightweight, small crossbody with 2-3 compartments, preferably in a durable and versatile material. I don’t know what your budget is, but I like the handbags from & Other Stories. I’ve found that they’re generally sturdy and designed to organise things in a sensible way. (For me, that’s keys, phone, wallet, chocolate bar, and six or seven forgotten lipsticks…)

    I’ve also had my eye on the small bags by Furla and some of the smaller Cambridge Satchel Company bags – though I wish they had more than one compartment. And Mansur Gavriel makes some gorgeous but exorbitant things that I dream about.



    I absolutely LOVE nylon, small, crossbody bags. They’re easy to clean, often have many zipper pockets, come in a variety of shapes and colors, can be dressed up or down, and are incredibly durable. I currently have three baggalinis (one black, one pink, one brown) one Rossetti ETA (blue) a small red leather over the shoulder talbots purse, and a crossbody bright purple suede urban outfitters purse.



    Current favorite bag is Loewe Puzzle. The leather is great, and the bag holds a ton. It’s a thick bag width-wise but doesn’t look or feel bulky like other similarly shaped/sized bags.

    All-time favorite bag is the PS1. It has lots of useful compartments and is designed in a way that makes it easy to quickly find what you’re looking for.

    Dream bag is a Celine Box, but I can’t justify the price for such a simple design and leather that scratches so easily.



    My go-to bags are [this classic Prada saffiano]( with gold hardware and [this YSL over the shoulder bag]( with silver hardware, depending on what jewelry I’m wearing (I hate mixing metals). I like the look of the YSL one more, but the Prada has lots of space (enough to carry a book everywhere, very important) and I wear more gold jewelry than silver so I’ve been using it more recently. I also have [this white Prada saffiano]( that I love but I don’t wear as often. I have a few cheaper, more trendy purses as well that I wear sometimes.



    Hey there! I also do not usually carry a bag. I like the freedom and the I’ve found that when I do carry a bag daily, random crap tends find its way in there until my bag weighs a ton and I get fed up and ditch it again. It is important to know that I do not have a car and my I have to walk EVERYWHERE, including a 2 mile walk to work. I sometimes have to lug a 13″ laptop back and forth, but not daily. So when I do buy a bag, here are the things I look for:

    Convertible – A crossbody that can also be a clutch, or a fanny pack. Removable adjustable straps (or ability to buy additional sized straps). Cross body straps often are too short for me. I honestly think the perfect crossbody/clutch might be my bag white whale. I’ve been eyeing the Waverly from Lo & Sons, as I think its very versatile. This could be the one.

    Durable – a bag better last me forever if I’m going to actually buy one. I don’t want cheap plasticky leather that flakes off after two excursions.

    Lightweight – Leather is great! But leather is heavy. When I buy online especially, I tend to give it a good testing at home. Because I know myself, and I can tell when a bag is going to end up causing shoulder pain after 1.5 miles. If its too heavy with just a water bottle and my phone, its going to be returned.

    Realistically, I have three bags I cycle through. A low profile black leather backpack I got on Etsy (weekend bag, music festivals, traveling). A vegan leather reversible tote (brown and white), used exclusively for work (my lunch and laptop), and a black clutch for events and weekends out. I also have a canvas, weather proof bag, for those blustery rainy days.



    I’m currently carrying the Flame bag from Calvin Klein Collection. (Sorry, I don’t know how to link a picture.) I first saw Lupita Nyongo carrying it and fell in love with its sleekness and polish without any obvious branding. I checked it out at the boutique but couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. I kept thinking about it during my honeymoon, so my husband encouraged me to pull the trigger. When I went back, it was on sale! So I took that as a sign and bought it.

    Bonus: Hillary Clinton carries this bag too!

    My next holy grail: I used to lust after the Loewe Flamenco for its ultra soft nappa but post baby I need more space so my new holy grail is the Hermes Garden Party.



    One of the things I think about when purchasing a bag is “will it fit my phone, wallet, camera and some makeup?” and will it fit most of my wardrobe? Small shoulderbags tend to be my go-to and I like the Madewell kind of tote bags but I have never bought one. Not within my budget just yet and I wasn’t particularly fussed on material or ethics or sustainability.

    However, as life has it, I found a gorgeous Matt & Nat Schlepp bag in perfect condition in a charity shop! It is now my work bag. Shortly after, I found another Matt & Nat bag this time the Triple bag for 70% off in summer sales. This is my day bag.

    I recently bought the Olympus Black Like My Dress camera bag as well. I just really like simple design.



    I have the Pixie Mood convertible backpack. Comes in a bunch of cute colours, is faux leather. I always go for backpacks as my everyday purse because I have shoulder issues. The convertible means it can switch to a shoulder bag if you want which is nice when it’s really hot and you don’t want something on your back making you sweat more. It’s very light too, lighter than the Mat and Nat bags of the same size.



    I’m a long time Radley fan.

    Fits everything, has little pockets for organising, hands free.

    I have a larger non-crossbody one for when i need more space, it’s gorgeous. DOn’t use it very often though as i like not being encumbered



    Current bag: bought to fit a laptop + lunch –

    It’s very soft, and can be worn crossbody. It fits a lot which was the purpose of this since I was carrying the stuff above. It’s not structured/shapeless which is both a positive and a negative – on a positive – I can squish it flat when I don’t have much in it. But I also don’t like the look of the loose straps when there is not much in it. It’s a nice bag, it’s holding out really well.

    Since then, I got myself a backpack again to carry work stuff, which overloads my shoulders less.

    But THIS is my holy grail bag –

    stiff, structured and elegant. Love the look of it. But since my current bag is holding out really well it’s going to be years before I decide to change a bag.

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