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    I realized that all my underwear is falling apart. Mostly my stuff is from Victoria’s Secret because I got a credit card there when I was a teen, +10years ago. I’ve continued to replace my underwear with more stuff from VS but it’s such bad quality and the lace on the newest panties I bought literally ripped in the washer/dryer after washing for the first time! I’ve stopped putting my underwear in the dryer, but it shouldn’t be so difficult to care for regular everyday panties.

    I know I need to go to a boutique store for good bras, but where can I get cute underwear?

    What are your favorite brands for bras and panties?



    Depending on size and style preference – Aerie is great and SO soft and they usually have some solid sales.



    Use a mesh laundry bag to wash your panties in. and use the washer/dryer at a delicate setting

    That being said I tend to buy cotton panties, they require little care. I shop at La Senza mostly- they are always having a discount. I love Aerie for the bras but my friend said their lace panties don’t hold up well.



    Calvin Klein. Macy’s carries it as does Nordstrom Rack and I some times see it at TJ maxx. Super comfy and soft.



    Cosabella and Hanky Panky (which are always on sale somewhere) are great quality for everyday panties, and Simone Perele t-shirt bras are really comfortable and wash well.



    Hanky panky! (For thongs) I buy them every year during the Nordstrom annual sale and the quality is great. For more coverage, ex officio makes great undies that are wicking and anti-microbial. I use them for backpacking. Good luck!



    Honestly my favorite budget-friendly option is Target, their stuff isn’t lingerie-style but it’s cute enough and holds up well for $5.



    Not the sexiest, but I normally buy bulk from Costco or Walmart. They are comfortable, cheap, and you can get a gallon of ketchup in the same store.



    I swear by Aerie. None of my pairs have fallen apart and I wash them and dry them as normal. I only keep buying more because they’re so cute! Also, the bf likes them too. 😉



    Calvin Klein (the ones with the white bands). I tried a pair, loved them, and stocked up.



    I hope you don’t mind me jumping in with a related question because I’m going through the same thing

    I have the worlds flattest butt. Like there literally isn’t a difference between my thighs and back, I remember my tattoo artist took a picture of my arm and my butt was in the shot….I was horrified at the monstrosity that is my butt. I’ll never make it on Instagram

    This means that ANY underwear I wear is like absorbed into my non existent butt. You can literally see my underwear making an indent in my butt when I’m wearing jeans, making it negative butt.

    Is there an underwear solution other than thongs? Are there underwear out there that sit on top of your butt? Am I dumb? I’m like 110 pounds and buying a large to help with the issue but even those are creating negative butt



    I love soma.



    Target’s Gilligan and O’malley are my go-to for undies- esp the nylon pairs! I find that they last a really long time even with me throwing them in the dryer with the rest of my clothes and they often have 5 for $20 deals



    I actually love Gap underwear! So comfy and affordable 🙂



    Pact organic.

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