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    I can’t be the only one who feels like a slob at home or when running errands. I don’t want to “waste” my cute tops, so I usually just wear a colored t-shirt and jean shorts. I love fall because I can wear jeans and a cardigan, and I feel that elevates my look. But this summer I’ve really struggled with putting together a cute look while at home or going into town for groceries.
    What are your tips for fashion or looking put together on casual days? Do you always wear makeup? Always style your hair? The closer I get to 30, the more I feel like I should have all this together by now.



    i do not always do my makeup or hair on errand days. i like giving my skin a break from makeup and hair takes too much effort for a lazy day.

    if I’m running to costco im wearing leggings, no bra, and a sweatshirt that generally hides my lack of bra. im going to get all preachy but whatever, being put together is not the price i need to pay to be a functional member of society.



    Maxi dresses are my go-to. Dresses always look like you’ve made an effort, and I love them for the ease and comfort. For casual errands I would just wear flats and my hair on a bun. In fall I love rugged or chunky boots with them.

    ETA: I always wear tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, curl my lashes and some tinted lip balm. I only wear real makeup to work or if I’m going out.



    When I was in law school I made an effort to fill out my closet with casual everyday stuff that I still felt polished in. For me, that mostly meant figuring out T-shirt cuts that flatter me. Goodbye, fitted-but-somehow-still-baggy Target v-necks, hello Old Navy boyfriend tees. I also picked up some kind of “cute” comfy sweatshirts, got a couple of pairs of jeans with a more relaxed fit (trendy but comfy!), and found an everyday pair of sneakers that I thought looked nice enough but could still take a beating. I still felt put together enough every day, but was also still comfortable and didn’t feel like I’d “wasted” my cute clothes to just cry in the library for 12 hours.

    All of this stuff is my casual day fashion now that I’m finished with school. Figuring out the fits I liked and felt good in was the biggest thing, and the rest felt like it kind of just fell into place from there!



    I’m sure people will chime in with tips about grooming, tailoring, proportion, etc, but I’d add that it can also be a matter of perspective! I spent all summer also wearing a colored t-shirt and denim cutoffs and I felt super cute and fashionable, because my summer was mostly traveling, hiking, and being outdoors. My wardrobe was made of t-shirts and shorts that I genuinely loved and fit my style goals of “1970s road trip.”

    I’d spend some time thinking about how to find a casual version of the style you feel most confident and stylish in, and also consider what type of casual fits your lifestyle! If you’re a pearls-and-ponte-pants type, maybe you’d prefer a trendy jogger and sweater combo instead of denim and ts. Or maybe if you’re feeling frumpy because you’re heading to the gym all the time, fancier gym clothes might work.



    A striped top and mum jeans! I have an awesome hat and sunnies which I wear EVERYWHERE now it’s getting warmer. My hat was a cheap fast fashion pick up. It’s a straw hat with a bow but it has a cut out at the back so it sits beautifully. I had a very fancy lady in a boutique get very excited because she thought it was a fancy designer hat. She was not impressed to be disillusioned. Which I kinda get since it is probably a copy of something.



    I like wearing cigarette trousers (office-like but easy care, I have some from Uniqlo and some from COS) with a plain hoodie or sweatshirt in the same colour and birks or something similar for shoes.

    So the outfit is all black (with black shoes) or all white or all grey (with shoes in different colour) and looks kind of effortless chic …to me anyway. I just paint my eyebrows and lashes with this.



    I like the combination of chelsea boots, skinny jeans and a striped top or a slouchy jumper as the “I can’t be bothered to think about my clothes” outfit. The outfit is comfortable, easy to throw on, not at all dressed up but still what I’d consider a “look” and a level above leggings and a hoodie. Add a neat coat on top and a crossbody bag and you’re good to go.

    I usually don’t wear makeup or do my hair (I sometimes wear a beanie to hide my bed head) for grocery runs on the weekends. I’m 33 if that makes any difference!



    I have like five black casual dresses that I live in in the summer, they’re super breezy and low effort (only one piece of clothing to think about!!), but make me feel put together with simple leather slides or whatever comfortable shoes I feel like. Here’s a few of them: [american apparel]( & [grana](



    I always wear makeup, but my makeup is limited to a quick brow filling with that Benefit brow gel, a swipe of mascara, and some lip balm. Sometimes I dab on a little blush and eye liner, so it doesn’t take very long to do.

    Other than that, I try to accessorize. I’m not very good at it just yet though, lol, but I will wear a statement necklace with my tee and jean shorts. I’ve also bought a few different pairs of comfortable, but cute shoes, like patterned flats, bright Toms, and Converse sneakers. I try to wear those more and my flip flops less.

    Oh, and I don’t always style my hair, but I try to. I recently cut it shorter so it’s easier and quicker to style. I don’t look very good with my hair pulled back.



    Wearing a denim skirt instead of jeans instantly levels up a look. I also feel that cute crew socks add nice detail to otherwise simple outfits. And if you want, put on a lip product. Easy to put on, AND take off when you’re back home!



    I throw on a belt, good sunglasses, and some interesting but comfortable shoes–maybe a silk scarf too if it’s not too hot. Also, a red lip and a good eyebrow will always help!

    Additionally, if there’s something interesting about your basics (like a stripe, a contrasting trim, or just a really good cut), you’ll feel more put-together.



    I’m only 25. but I don’t *ever* consider it a waste to wear something I like (especially because I have to dress much more modestly for my job than what my personal preference is haha) and I have a totally separate wardrobe for my personal time (lots of crop tops and mini skirts tbh). I wear at least a basic face every day (concealer + brows + eyeliner + mascara + lip gloss + blush) and I wear my hair naturally wavy, straighten it (if it’s the weekend this is either leftover from work OR I’m going out later), or put it up. I might skip heels for flats or boots if I’m just running errands. I live in a big city where people tend to look good and I’m likely to run into someone I know.



    I like the comfy but okey looking “B-level” dresses. The ones a little worn but very comfy, a bit of dry shampoo if its needed.

    For colder days, it’s just the ripped pair of jeans with a t-shirt, my favorite worn out bomber jacket and hat to cover the hair.

    I sometimes feel more comfortable in a grunge look, but it’s a matter of location, in a nice department store or the office, not so much 😛



    I always at least do eyeliner and brows if I’m going anywhere (and sunscreen, always sunscreen), but for lazy days I skip foundation/blush/etc. I have a pixie so I literally never worry about my hair on lazy days, I just wash it and air dry. For summer, sundresses are a really good lazy day outfit – they’re one piece so low effort but it still looks like I tried haha. I work from home and now that it’s fall I’ve been doing a lot of black Athleta pants that look like trousers + sweater/blouse/nice tee combos.

    Lately I’ve been trying to get rid of things that I’m only ok with and keep only the things I love wearing, so now I have less clothes that are “second class citizens” so to speak. Since I’ve started working from home I also have way less tolerance for things that are uncomfortable, so even the more “elevated” outfits I have are still comfortable enough to wear around the house sometimes.

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