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    Hey there, MFA buds. I could really use your collective swag-wisdom right about now.

    So, a bit about myself, yeah? I spent most of my life in poverty, so fashion was never really a concern of mine. I just turned 31 on the 1st, and my wardrobe primarily consists of band tees and basketball shorts. I’d like to rectify this, as I’m finally reaching a point of stability and have some expendable cash. I’d love to actually look presentable for once in my life. Problem is that I have absolutely no idea where to start.

    I’m about 5’9” and approx. 280 lbs. (Just recently started working on weight loss, but I’d like to look decent in the mean time.) I’m all torso with really broad shoulders. An ongoing issue is that, proportionately, I appear to have chicken legs. I think it’s mostly due to my legs not having much fat from tons of walking, from my stint as a hobo. Any time I wear pants that fit my waist, they cascade over my legs and fall under my shoes, and look super baggy and awkward, while also making my midsection look huge.

    I need help, literally from head to toe. 🙁 Thanks in advance, guys.

    Edit: There’s also the fact that I’m kind of an “alt” looking dude. Tattoos and piercings and all. Dunno if that matters or has any relevance.



    Well straight cut pants is going to help you out as it will balance you out. If you wear any sort of taper it could make you look a bit top heavy.

    For shirts don’t get too baggy. Most make the mistake of trying to wear gigantic clothing to hide your larger physique. Follow the same rules for shirt length.

    If you are losing weight don’t spend too much money on new stuff now. Just get what you need to get by until you reach your goal weight. Try thrifting or budget stores in the mean time and save for a splurge once the weight stabilizes.

    Also, don’t be too hard on yourself. You are making changes in your life for the better.



    I’m not in the same category as you, but I do have trouble getting clothes to fit. One thing I’ve learned over the years, buy “good” clothes and get them tailored. Doesnt mean you have to spend a ton, but get some things that last (Levi’s chinos vs Target brand) and get them cut to suit.

    When you buy your 2 or 3 x shirt they will take in the arms, fit it to your waist and still leave you room to breathe. They can pull in the jeans around you calves a little and shorten them to the right length. None of this is as expensive as it sounds. Maybe 12-20 for a shirt or a pair of Jean’s depending on where you go of course.

    If you’re a bigger guy, a sturdy pair of well cushioned boots will be your friend. I love my Timberland Ortholites.

    The other bros on this thread are much better at style advice than I am, so I will have to defer, but I thought all that was worth mentioning.



    It’d be foolish to spend any solid chunk of money on a wardrobe while still losing weight. Buy only very cheap pieces in the meantime and don’t overthink it. You’ll already start looking a ton better from losing weight without having better clothes on top of it.

    Honestly, even then. You might want to hold off for about 6 months after losing the weight to invest into a wardrobe. Often ppl that lose a lot of weight regain a good bit of it in the 6 months after. Youre gonna have to be patient.



    There’s a real mixture of advice in here. I would not listen to the guy telling you to go baggy. An overweight dude is already at risk of looking sloppy, and baggy clothes just make that much worse. Plus, as you lose weight, those clothes are going to make you look worse.

    In general, people with unusual bodies look best in clothes that just fit them well — close-fitting without being tight. When clothes look like they fit perfectly, your body looks more normal. It’s a trick of the eye, sort of. A tailor is a great option for that, as a lot of people have mentioned, but you can also experiment with different brands and see if any fit you well off the rack. For pants, Levi’s has a dozen different fits, so go into a store and try them until you find one that works well. The tapered fits are popular right now, and work well for a guy with a big waist and smaller legs.

    Having an alt look makes it easier to look cool, but harder to look professional, so it kind of depends what you’re going for. If you just wear black jeans and a tee that fit you well, you’re going to look like a cool, interesting guy, even if you’re a little bit overweight.



    As a 300lb guy, Levi’s 502s are a godsend. They actually fit me in the waist and still give me a slim looking leg. Another option would be Lucky brand jeans. A bit pricier but they last.
    Also, stick with some of your band shirts man. Pair them with some flannels and Converse (get extra comfy insoles) and you’re rocking a……rocking…..look.



    [This is your first stop](

    Tattoos and piercings are part of your look. I don’t suggest that you try to go all out looking like you attend an ivy school look. You probably like the color black, prefer boots and sneakers over dress shoes, and don’t care for a tie. That’s fine.

    Looking better doesn’t mean looking like somebody else. Snoop around the internet and fetch a couple of pictures of people who you think look badass, and you’d see yourself wearing what they wear.



    what i think is an easy way to get into fashion is to save pictures of people wearing outfits you like, then buying the clothes or similar clothes in the picture. eventually if you do this with a 5-6 outfits you can mix and match the pieces and then voila you have a wardrobe



    Get tapered pants, and maybe even get them tapered at a tailor, preferably in a dark color to make your legs look longer (indigo or black jeans, plus some olive chinos). While I don’t have that problem in particular and can’t speak from experience, I hear American Eagle’s jeans fit that build pretty well.

    Keep the band tees you like best (preferably ones with simple or geometric designs), and either donate, throw out, or pajamatize the rest. While most of MFA shits on graphic tees I think they have their place in casual outfits. Grab some plain tees, a navy OCBD, a couple of sweaters (I usually say a navy crewneck and gray v-neck), and some nice outerwear of your choice, depending on the weather where you live.

    When you’re starting out, you want as many pieces that fit *together* as possible, because you want to assemble a lot of put-together looks from a small wardrobe. Just keep that in mind, follow the advice laid out here and sprinkle in your own style, and you’ll do fine.



    as a fellow chubby alt guy, i highly recommend getting a well-fitting denim jacket (levi’s? thrift store? don’t bother with anything expensive) and you’ll never have to fret about outerwear for like 75% of the year.



    As you lose weight, I highly recommend to keep buying new shirts that fit. It’ll make you look and feel a hell of a lot better. On that front, go cheaper. Uniqlo has some solid t’s I hear.

    Best of luck 🙂



    I’m sure it’s been mentioned but dark colours are a massive help. They’ll slim you down and they’re eternally in style. Also, try to find a balance between fits, you don’t want it too tight, but too baggy won’t work either.



    I think you should make continue with baggy until the weight comes off. And when it does you’ll feel better and be a brand new man.

    Baggy – like stylish grey sweats from Champion/Todd Snyder or just champion.

    Fresh, clean kicks, Nikes that are clean and that you keep clean. You can literally wear pyjamas and fresh kicks and that’ll be your style.

    T shirts are fine, but no graphics needed. You could do a black t shirt top with grey sweats and white fresh kicks and bam. Dope.

    Black is helpfully slimming as you probably know, it also frames your face and puts the attention there.

    Embrace the tats and piercings.



    Well, I don’t have much experience here, but I think oversized clothing is a really good trend right now, maybe an oversized hoodie could work. Don’t be too hard on yourself, splurge a tiny bit and be free of your past constraints. Wear simple clothes that can fit you. Go to any department store and try things on before you buy them, i’m sure you’ll find something meant for you!

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