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    Cold Climate Looks, from Casual to Dressy (#menswear)[OC]



    Where can I find the chukka in ‘The Alps’ look? I don’t see them on your website.



    Is there a word for the coat style in 5? I’ve never seen that zipper/button combination before.



    Great album! Good inspiration! I need to get some of these garment haha



    Best inspo albums on the sub by far



    When I become a supervillan I’m going to have my goons kidnap you and then you’ll have to become my personal stylist. This is really great.



    That Drake’s cereal pic had me smiling.

    I really love how you guys include the details for each piece. Answers my questions before I even have them 🙂

    Thank you for your contributions to this sub, as always!



    We’re back with another edition of ‘Curated Looks’ – Fall 2018 Edition.

    This season we went deep into our sleepy town of Oakville to uncover a few gems, from a new co-working space to a delicious restaurant in an unlikely place, and a new dealership to a custom home in a secret location.

    The concept was “Behind the Scenes”, as in we are *your* behind the scenes crew in your life. Kind of cheesy, let me know if it landed or not!

    I hope you can take away some inspiration, but let me know what you think! What do you hate about it? What do you love about it? Where can I improve?

    Lastly, I love engaging with those who want to learn more about the industry or the process. I try to reply to every constructive comment in the threads, but if I miss one, shoot me a PM.

    Obligatory disclaimers:

    * We are a brick and mortar store based in a Toronto suburb, where our falls can be a bit colder, hence the layers. But I’m sure everyone wants to read your comment about how hot it is living in the desert, so we’ll undoubtedly see a few of those poignant comments regardless.

    * In no way am I insinuating that anyone needs to buy expensive clothes to look good! The 2B1L posts are awesome for the community, I encourage anyone to step up to the plate and take a swing at it.

    * To remain within the self-promotion guidelines, I will not disclose the website publicly. If you’d like to see, PM me and I’ll send you the link!

    Thank you for all of the support throughout the years, MFA. You’ve really helped push me to be better in my field, and there is a never-ending amount to learn and improve upon.

    * photography by [David Wile](, for all previous lookbooks, [click here](



    I put the tie in before the cereal…



    >be me

    >no lifer, always at my computer with earphones plugged in

    >one day decide I need to better myself


    >finds MFA

    >finds #menswear

    >buys amazing clothes

    >flash forward to today

    >[so much better](



    Amazing as always.



    That burgundy overcoat is amazing from the first picture



    Step 1: Be rich

    I’d love to build out a beautiful wardrobe like this but it’s hard to do when my budget is $1,000 and not $20,000.



    If I had a 1000+ outfit it would be my only outfit



    Dat F-Type tho



    This is really great, I particularly like the all the blues in the shots.

    I got a question though, could you tell me more about the flannel [here?](

    It just says “Blazer for Men – made in Canada ” and I couldn’t find anything about it after looking it up.



    This is great!



    Thanks for introducing me to LBM and Roberto Collina.



    Yessssss, your albums are the fucking shit. Top quality work as always



    Luigi always make some of the most pleasant to the eyes coats. They look so nice (⌐■_■)



    The Blazer Boys kill it again!!

    1 outfit down, 16 more to go. There’s always Christmas…



    Hey that’s Oakville. I recognized some of the shots from the Blazer for Men catalogue.



    This album is so slick!

    What style of coat is that in no. 2?



    How is the quality/fit of Herno? Been curious about their stuff but seems really expensive so not sure if it is worth it without having experience myself. Alternatives?



    Dam this album makes me want to move to a place with actual winters, so I can justify buying some of these outfits.

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