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    I bought my Achilles Low in August of this year at Nordstrom. They’ve been worn approximately 20 times now and conditioned every 4 wears. Unfortunately, it appears that at the toe box area, the outermost layer of leather is separating (see picture). If you look anywhere else, the leather has aged beautifully and wrinkled appropriately. At $420/pair, I could only surmise CP would use higher quality leather throughout…


    Is there any recourse I can take or someone to contact? Disappointed to say the least here. Do you have any experience getting this fixed/shoe replaced by manufacturer.





    [Toe box leather separating](https://i.redd.it/fxlj76r2ih121.jpg)



    I think you’re overconditioning and it’s causing the layers to separate. It’s just ‘premium’ bonded leather. I honestly just shoe tree mine and wipe them down with a wet rag when they get dirty. No conditioning necessary.



    Loose grain, can happen to any leather-made stuff regardless of how much money you pay



    wrong kind of leather to condition, as others have said. that’s too often for anything that’s not super thick. 100% you not CP’s fault



    If it makes you feel better my 4 months old CPs aged worse than my gustins, which I’ve trashed for 2 years. Paint is falling off at the tongue from lace abrasion, something I didn’t not see in my gustins for a while.

    And yea, listen to the other dudes regarding conditioning.



    I can’t be the only one here that thinks CP looks better when it’s beat up.



    Why are you conditioning so often, nothing should be conditioned that often



    Even if you didn’t over condition them, they would still end up looking like this.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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