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    Hey, I was just thinking of common phrases that I see that I get tired of seeing quickly and was wondering what you guys thought were some, so we can improve the quality of content in the sub.

    the two that come to my mind are

    1) “This item will fall apart after a wash cycle”

    No, chances are it won’t just unravel in front of your eyes once you was it once. Even cheap h&m clothes should last a decent amount of time before it “falls apart.”

    2) “I have X and get compliments all the time”

    Honestly, I doubt you get THAT many compliments, you make it sound like walking down the street you get 3 before you get down the block. Even if you do, that’s not a measure of quality, construction, fit or even that it looks good, the vast majority of people you come across have no idea about mens fashion.

    I think it’d improve the quality of comments a lot if we avoid these phrases, because it really doesn’t help convey a good message of how those articles actually are. People asking about items and getting responses saying “I get compliments all the time” or “it will fall apart in a wash cycle” are potentially thrown in the wrong direction when considering that item.



    “I’m visiting Europe, what clothes should I wear?”

    It’s a continent!!!



    I’ve ranted about this a few times, to the point where my rant might be getting old, but height and weight are not clothing measurements.

    As another level — your height and weight do *nothing* to tell us what brands you should be shopping with, really. Different brands have different sizes, fits, lengths, dimensions… You might be somewhere in between a small and medium in brand A, and somewhere in between a medium and large in brand B, and in that case… look for a brand where you’re a medium, firm. Or you might be too fat for brand C but too skinny for brand D, in which case, you look for a brand where they have a fit that fits well on you. You’d have to give us *very* thorough measurements for us to give you a recommendation, but if you did, we’d have to spend *days* looking for a good brand in your price range that carried a size that was very close to all of those measurements, and frankly, that’s your fucking job, not ours.



    micro targeted inspo albums that then really stray from their initial description.

    “Green sweater inspo” album then all the photos are black and white.

    Really shitty 2008 Instagram pictures somehow making their way back into menswear inspo albums.

    I’m just starting to hate inspo albums tbh. I remember reading a die workerwear article that explained pretty well that fashion catalogues used to present a lab everyday particular look in a straightforward and well done fashion and now things are disjointed scavenger hunts in search of a unique personal style.



    I agree with your point one. I’ve seen so many people on this sub complaining their item falling apart after washing/wearing them a few times.

    Yes, h&m and Zara are not known for their quality but still they don’t just fall apart after a few wear/wash. Either you’re abusing the clothing (don’t ask me how) or you’re washing them wrong.

    Another phrase people on this sub like to use is how can I wear (insert item) at where I live. Not everyone is the same and you don’t have to complain just because you can’t wear an overcoat in Texas or somewhere.

    Also, made in China doesn’t automatically = shit quality.



    “For (random clothing item), you should be spending (clearly unrealistic figure for 98% of the population) at an absolute minimum.”

    It doesn’t pop up too often, but it’s a really negative message to send to people who just want to look better day-to-day, and it comes across as gatekeeping based on wealth.



    Can’t stand when people describe an item generally as having a “great fit” as if that is in any way objective, like stitching or material quality is. Or similarly, when people ask things like, “what is the best fitting t shirt out there?”



    “Killshot alternative”



    Not a phrase, but I thinking it should be more known that you don’t have to completely scrap your wardrobe every season/year.

    Am I right?



    One thing that’s super overused – always recommend slim fit. Slimmer silhouette tends to look better in a lot of fits, but that doesn’t necessarily mean slim fit. When I first got into fashion I picked the slimmest fitting items because that’s all I saw on mfa, but learning more I realized it just wasn’t meant for me and now I go more relaxed fit items.



    H&M Clothes fall apart.

    I have a jacket from 2015 and two button ups that fit and look great still. Clothes don’t just fall apart. You are probably washing them warm and drying them warmer.

    Clothes for specific area’s. How about you just look up “warm mens style trends for X type of weather” instead?



    V E R S A T I L E











    “Just use/be confident” – useless comment. Someone asking about how to wear something almost invariably is not going to be confident in it. Confidence is not a discrete substance one can slather on themselves. And finally, I’ve seen more than a few people that are supremely confident in their fits – that look like absolute shit.



    “Won’t break the bank” has to be one of the most infuriating phrases I see. It’s not useful and just makes me not want to answer the question.



    Using *timeless* to describe clothes needs to be stopped



    >I live (somewhere hot) and wearing (knitwear/outerwear/any sort of layer) is stupid!!!

    Then don’t.

    >“eWWW CroPpEd PAnts!!!”

    Then don’t.

    I swear, these two sentiments make up half the comments on any album with layers/cropped pants.

    Probably not exactly in line with what you’re asking, OP, but it’s frustrating to read those two things a million times a week.



    “You should just thrift that!” as a response to anybody ever looking to buy anything.

    Thrifting is not repeatable, not scalable and from my experience, not something that yields good results. Buying from Ebay and Grailed are better options.



    *Someone posts an upcoming collection that features looser clothing*


    I see this statement in almost exactly this phrasing in practically every new lookbook thread featuring looser cuts. Sorry to break it to you guy, but “fit properly” is a variable concept. At different points in time, the concept of a “proper” fit is going to change. Being closely tailored to follow the exact lines of your body isn’t inherently “correct” fitting. I’m not saying that you have to *like* loose fits, but don’t try to phrase this as being a matter of right or wrong, correct or incorrect. Keep wearing what you like wearing but be aware that you’re not “correct” you’re a square old man yelling at cool young men.



    “What is the most comfortable most affordable best looking shoe?” This question is constantly asked. Even if it were shortened to just one qualifier, then it would still be nearly impossible to answer. Footwear advice (outside of formality and style choices) is certainly a lot more complex than other clothing advice due to its direct impact on health and the unique shape of your foot. Looking forward to cheaply produced custom orthotics entering the market…

    to put it another way it’s like asking “what’s the cheapest, fastest, most reliable car on the market?”. It depends on where you’re aligned on the value matrix.



    “I really like this *x*, but is it too feminine?” Bonus points if the garment in question has testosterone visibly dripping from it.

    Makes me sad, yo.



    “You do you”

    Most often said as a way to remain close-minded about a topic but still feel good for trying.



    “That’s far too casual for my workplace” or “Well, *I* wouldn’t hire you if you showed up to an interview in that”, whenever there’s even a hint of modernising or dressing down businesswear. I’m not talking about dirty jeans and wifebeaters here, we had someone call an essentials list from Mr. bleedin’ Porter “too urban”.

    We get it Uncle Pennybags, you wear a suit* to work. Stop trying to ruin the fun for the 95% of us who don’t have to, and stop assuming that we’re all looking for jobs in the horrible backwards hells where business formal is the norm.

    ^(*A) *^(proper)* ^(suit, mind. Not these newfangled ones with soft shoulders and bright colours and that horrible Italian) *^(sprezzatura)* ^(attitude, no. It’s old school British despair all the way down. It has to have the look and feel of a freezing rainstorm at quarter to six in a mid November evening, when the bus is late and the shelter was taken down because of council budget cuts and everyone is so cold and they just want to get home but the bus is late and WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT FUCKING BUS IT’S BEEN HALF A FUCKING HOUR. That’s what a proper suit is.)



    “overpriced, i wouldn’t buy at retail” “wait for sales” “they go on sale very often”. It’s not valid for every single brand.
    It’s annoying, because with many brands finding a normal size of a nice looking garment during seasonal sales is impossible. Or the sales on the item you were looking for is only 20%, so you waited months, the discount is very low and you may not even find your size.



    “You know, J. Crew has really gone downhill.”

    I have yet to see a nuanced post, with evidential pictures, that actually proves this point. To me, it’s the worst type of meme: mindlessly repeated.



    Any variation of boy spelled as “boi,” the word “bop” instead of cop, the overuse of “cozy,” and just generally speaking, fewer posts from u/innerpiece.

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