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    A hyper specific look inspired by [my own outfit one day](

    Ballet elements such as nipped waists, black and pink/blush/nude color combos, tulle, leggings/tights, buns or headwraps/turbans combine with the vitality and color of 80s NYC.

    70s Saint Laurent Ballet Russe influence as well. (Paisley, animal print, rich fabrics, turbans, rich fall tones) fur, long a-line skirts, midi skirts, boots, etc.

    Luxe fabrics and a theatrical air of Olde World Fairy Tale Princess combined with hard edged functional ballet pieces make this a unique and fun look.

    [Defector: Imgur album]( make sure to open using app if on mobile

    [Defector: pinterest board](

    Pinterest board will get updated and added to for about six months before going into my archives, Imgur album is pretty much forever.



    Welp. I think that actually sorta describes [this look]( I threw together in a rush(ian) this morning…



    “Defecting Russian Ballerina” is my favorite fashion alter ego, and it definitely describes [Eva Green’s fabulous airport look]( from a few years ago.



    Now I have to go watch White Nights.



    I saw the title and thought of Black Widow immediately haha. I love this album so much! Also thanks for introducing me to the Luziehtan blog, I’m obsessed with her looks now

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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