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    I was wondering it would be interesting to see how everyone goes about deciding what to wear or getting feedback on clothes.
    Like, if you ask anyone for advice or if you use a certain site (Other than this subreddit). Or any frustrations that you have with this process as I sure as hell do have many. Any of your personal stories would be greatly appreciated, thank you.



    My wife. She will let me know if I look like a idiot 100% of the time.



    I have my own style (actually a couple different styles, which rotate between events, seasons, weather, mood, etc) that I feel like I have a good grip on, and understand probably better than others do, so I dont really use input from others.

    BUT, any unexpected positive feedback from friends, family, or strangers always makes me feel like I’ve hit a homerun with whatever I’m wearing.



    I have a personal shopper (Neimans) and set up appointments every season. She picks out random things in my size, unless I specify what I need. For example, I will tell her about a Montcler coat I saw someone wearing and she will put one aside for me.

    I get feedback from girlfriends about certain things but I was groomed in a luxury retail background (I’ve changed careers) so I pretty much know what I’m doing.



    Tbh I wake up out of bed, panic that I don’t have an outfit picked out and have class in 20 minutes and hastily throw stuff on until something sticks and I’m ultimately unsatisfied, but have a “good enough” fit. 🤷



    This is gonna sount flippant, but:

    The mirror.

    Any compliments also serve to boost my opinion of outfits or individual pieces.



    I have a friend with good style that I bounce stuff of of. Sometimes my friends make random comments. That’s really it though.



    I ask my girlfriend mostly but I wish there was a better way. Like a place to get more fashion feedback and ideas



    For work, I just take the rightmost shirt out of the cupboard (clean, ironed ones are hung on the left), and the trousers off the back of the chair

    I only have one pair of shoes, so no complications there

    For weekends the same, except the top t-shirt from the shelf (clean, folded ones are put on the bottom)

    Only real choice is if it’s so cold as to warrant putting on my coat or not

    I have never had any feedback except recently when I found out everything I wear is ‘awful, just awful’ but I don’t know what’s wrong so I don’t know how to fix it

    I’ve never asked for advice until that happened and now that I have I’m worse off than before, because no advice I’ve been given makes any sense to me



    Lurk around here. Follow the links. Look at the inspo albums. Try to form an opinion about what you like and what you don’t. Realistically consider your limitations and how they are going to affect what you want your style to be. Consider your lifestyle, hobbies, job, budged, and let them guide your decisions.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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