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    When puting my face on this morning I found myself trying to find a lipstic to match the jumper I was wearing. As someone who doesnt normally wear more than just concealer and eyebrows, I wonder what other people prefer to do?

    I use to wear this beautiful paisley orange and black blouse to work which I would always have orange eyeshadow and black eyeliner with, and now I wear a white uniform I dont have the freedom to do that (mix of looking professional and terrified of getting coloured eyeshadow on my white top)

    If you do match, do you match your whole look? or just your eyes/lips? Do you ever match with your jewellery?



    I’m minimalist where makeup is concerned so I just have 3 shades of lip gloss of roughly the same neutral color: light, medium, dark. I pick the appropriate shade based on the circumstances: bright daylight events get light, indoor or night events get medium or dark. I do have one lipstick that is only for sexy nights out.

    I guess that means I match the makeup to the outfit but the outfit is mostly determined by environment so it’s pretty easy.



    I normally try and match to the same general colours so it all meshes together e.g. cool with cool tones. But it’s more about where I’m going that’ll affect what I put on my face since I do the same sort of look every day, it just depends how much eyeliner/ highlighter is involved.



    I do my makeup the same everyday. Minimal and natural. They only time I dramatize it is if I’m going out. Then I’ll put on some eye shadow and lipstick. And it always works for my face and not necessarily the outfit. I don’t wear any weird colors for lipstick or shadow so it doesn’t really apply to me. Classic red goes with basically everything. And eyeshadow that works for my skin and eyes will look good with any outfit.



    I’m a big makeup girl and always change mine up. I would say I wear my makeup to compliment my outfit, not to match it.



    Oh yes. Aside from color matching, I’ll amp up the amount of makeup to match what I’m wearing too. Long skirt teacher kinda outfit = mascara + brows only, or leather pants = full face plus winged eyeliner etc.



    I must add that sometimes theres an eye look I really want to try out, or a new lipstick I want to wear, in which case I’ll do my makeup first and then try and pick out items that match, or at least dont clash with what I’ve done



    Sort of – I only do simple 1 or 2 color looks now, and I have a custom 6-shade palette (one base color, one eyeliner color and 4 neutrals ranging from champagne to medium brown) and I use that every day. Some days I might go lighter or darker but the look is basically the same. Same for lipstick.

    My wardrobe is a pretty set palette also (black, grey, white, true red, rust, hunter green, navy/white stripe and leopard) so my makeup looks good with all of that.

    I do have a couple statement makeup colors (purple shadow, red lipstick) that I might bust out for a special occasion but not every day usually.



    I worked security for the first half of my 20’s; my uniform was white shirt, grey pants, black boots, and occasionally a navy blue sweater or windbreaker. I was really creative with my makeup back then and did all kind of colorful eye shadow, bright lipstick, full face every day.

    I’m in my mid 30s now, and most days I just do black eyeliner and mascara and comb my brows. If my skin is acting up I’ll add some tinted moisturizer or foundation, in the winter I’ll add a little bit of light peachy blush just so that I don’t look like a corpse. I wear lipstick a couple times a week – usually in some shade of red, but occasionally I’ll do a pink or nude. I do try to make sure that my lipstick doesn’t clash with what I’m wearing.



    i don’t try to match the colour exactly, but i do vary whether i’m using a cool or warm highlighter, and a light/nude or deep lipstick, depending on what i’m wearing. e.g. a mustard sweater and brown/beige plaid pants would lead me to using a warm coppery coloured highlighter and a deep lipstick. a white shirt and blue jeans would lead me to using a more silvery/pink highlighter and nude lipstick



    I try to think of what I’m wearing when I do my make up to make sure it will mesh well. When I want to wear a specific make up look I make sure I have something to wear that will go well with it. If I’m not sure what I’m wearing yet I choose something very neutral for make up.



    I have some outfits that feel like they need specific makeup, I just picked up a cute sweater dress that I always feel the need to wear lipstick with for instance. Usually I just do brows/eyeliner/mascara/powder/chapstick though, and it goes with everything I wear.



    I go to a lot of concerts, so most of the time I pick an outfit first. I need to decide if I’m wearing a band tshirt or other top, skirt or skinny jeans, boots or converse, if it’s cold enough to wear a jacket, and so on. This will then dictate if I will wear jewelry and what I will do with my hair and makeup. If it’s hot out, I’m not doing a smoky eye because it will melt off. If it’s raining, I don’t put extra effort into my hair on top of what I normally do because it won’t last anyway. If I’m wearing a lower cut top, I may wear a different foundation to match my neck better. Also the color of my clothing will dictate what color lipstick I wear.

    If it’s just every day makeup and clothes… lately I’ve been lazy so I plan my clothes for the week but only do makeup in the morning if I have time and depending on where I go that day.



    If I have dark hair or a more darker outfit I feel like I’ve got to add more makeup to the look, tbh.



    I think it depends what I was doing first, did I pick a particular outfit or did I want to do something specific with my makeup and do one to compliment the other. I do pretty dramatic, often very editorial looks on the daily and either my outfits decide the style and colour or I pick outfits that I like with the makeup. Sometimes I let my jewellery influence it too, but not often as I don’t mind if something crashes (orange eyeshadow but a moonstone necklace)

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