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    I sweat ridiculously easily and it’s uncomfortable and embarrassing. I always thought it was weird when my dad carried a washcloth around with him but now that I’m grown it’s looking more like a necessity for me. Are there fashionable rags? Is there a way to use them without looking sick or weird?



    I was given a pretty handkerchief and it ended up becoming a staple in my purse. Dabbing at your forehead with a pretty handkerchief looks vaguely elegant, like a Victorian-era lady or something. At least, this is what I tell myself. No word on what other people think, lol.



    In Japan, it’s pretty much a necessity to carry handkerchiefs with the humidity and lack of paper towels in restrooms.

    A quick Google search for Japanese handkerchiefs yielded some cute things, but I don’t know how to post Amazon links. Japanese fans would also be a good idea.



    Handkerchief is the word you are looking for.



    Hey there – sweaty lady checking in. I carry these [small yoga towels]( at the gym, I get them at TJ Maxx type stores. They are super absorbent and less wash cloth like. When I am in normal clothes I often carry a handkerchief, you can tuck a pretty one in your back pocket or I’ve even tied them in my hair, otherwise just carry in purse. You can be pretty subtle with them and they look a bit prettier to dab yourself with. I got all my handkerchiefs at thrift stores, you can get super cool ones ([example](



    I don’t carry a “sweat rag” (can’t decide if I love that term or hate it, lol), but I have the oiliest face, so I carry blotting papers as well as absorbent napkins like ones from Starbucks. I also carry wet face wipes that can be used on any part of the body if a need arises. Now that I’m reading this, I’m thinking the handkerfchief might be a good addition too.



    So my husband is a sweaty dude. Like face, arms, neck, back get gross at the drop of a hat.

    We started buying SweatBlock wipes on Amazon, and they are a serious game changer. You wipe it on your face every 5-10 evenings after washing your face (seriously!) and it blocks the sweat without making your skin break out. They are awesome. My husband went from dripping in 80° weather to being completely normal (with the added benefit that he doesn’t feel as hot because evaporative cooling actually helps).

    Otherwise, you can just carry a pretty handkerchief. You can get lots of them at thrift stores, usually prettily embroidered or more simple if that’s what you like. Or get a multipack of bandanas at the store (100% cotton is the best).

    Good luck!



    I know people who always carry a bandana to dry their faces and it doesn’t seem weird to me at all.



    tbh, as a sweaty person who lives in a hot environment, i carry just a hankie in my purse. it’s a pretty hankie, but a hankie anyway. i try to remember to fold it up and stash it in one of my purse bags but i often don’t.



    sure do! I live in a subtropical place so during the hot season it’s a sweat rag, and during the wet season it’s a got-caught-in-the-rain rag. nothing fancy, just a few 10x10in white towels on rotation. I keep one tightly rolled up in my purse, throw it in my pile of white clothes if I’ve used it that day, and replace it with another. I usually just use it in the bathroom so I don’t have to worry about how I might appear to other people, but mostly because I need a mirror to help keep track of whether I’m accidentally wiping makeup off my face.

    if I wanted something more fashionable I’d probably get a patterned hanky, like everyone else has been saying here, but since I see it as such a practical item I don’t really feel a need to “fashion-ize” it. I got them all in white because I find them a lot easier to wash and sterilize, and using a clean rag is more important to me than using a cute one. but like I said, I live in a subtropical place, so hygiene takes precedence for me.

    in the end, I don’t think it matters what other people think about you for dabbing your sweat off with something. I don’t even think that many people would notice you doing it. if they do, I’d hope they just feel inspired to take up the habit. it’s a much more comfortable way to go about your day.



    I’m one of those people who gets a runny nose when I exert myself / when it’s cold out. When I run, I wear a snot rag around my neck in the form of a buff.

    I bought a pack of pretty embroidered handkerchiefs on Amazon and now use those every day. They’re washable and I typically take them out of the wash and give them a quick iron… but they soften up with age.

    Saves a tonne of trees and I’ve even used them to wrap cookies / pieces of fruit in when I’ve not had anything else to use. Paper tissues always have particles flying around and they deteriorate in your pockets / bag quickly.



    No, but I probably should. I was sweating like a pig yesterday.



    I carry a fan.



    When we go out to see DJs or to music festivals, I always have a few folded up paper towels on me to dab my face and not ruin my makeup. I’ve never thought about bringing an actual handkerchief with me, curious to see what is posted!



    I always did whenever I lived in a hot enough climate. In those places, everybody does. I carried one around a few times this summer too. I like to be practical, and that just screams the right kind of practicality 🙂

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