Do you guys use warranties, and retailer guarantees when something doesn’t hold up? Or just chalk it up to bad luck and eat the loss?

Home Forums Women’s Fashion Tips Do you guys use warranties, and retailer guarantees when something doesn’t hold up? Or just chalk it up to bad luck and eat the loss?

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    I recently had a discussion with a friend that got me thinking about this and I’d like your opinion.

    The convo started because we were talking about shopping, and I mentioned that I have store credits in 2 places and was working on a return.

    The credits are basically from utilizing return policies and guarantees. The first is from Lululemon, from whom I bought a pair of Align pants that not only pilled pretty badly, but also had a loose thread on the seam, within 6 weeks of purchasing. Since they have a quality guarantee, I called them, returned them and they sent me a credit. The second is from Everlane — I purchased a rain jacket 4 months ago, wore it on a vacation, and two of the buttons popped off. I emailed them, simply hoping to return it, but instead they told me to keep the jacket and gave me a full credit to use however I want. I also recently emailed Athleta about a hoodie I purchased within the last 6 months that has a broken zipper. They have a return anytime guarantee, and I think a jacket that was $100 should not have a broken zipper after 6 months.

    My friend thinks I am taking advantage of these retailers, mostly because I have used the Lululemon return policy more than once. But honestly, I probably would not buy anything from them ever again if they weren’t willing to take it back, because quite frankly, their quality has been hit or miss the last few years. It’s expensive, and if I’m going to spend that much on leggings, I expect them to hold up for more than a month. I am not hard on my clothes — I work at home, and sit in my office most of the day, with an occasional walk around the neighborhood.

    I buy clothes from all kinds of companies, but when I buy from someone that stands by the quality of their clothes with a guarantee, I have no problem emailing and saying, “hey, this does not live up to your standards.” I would not try to return clothes to Target or low end mall stores, and I would not return something that has been worn for years, even though I know some companies will still take them back. But my friend thinks this is cheap behavior and if something doesn’t hold up, I should just not buy from the company anymore. I say, give them a chance to make it right. So, what are you thoughts on this? Do you guys use these guarantees?



    I don’t usually return things because lazy.

    But god damn how does one find clothes that are machine washable and don’t pill. My lulalemon leggings are okay but just so tight I don’t even like wearing them. Lol.



    I’ve returned a pair of leggings to Aerie bc they were guaranteed to not be see thru but my butt will not be denied I guess.

    I ordered online and tried them on, but didn’t actually wear them out of the house, so I dunno that it counts tbh



    I have a pair of Rainboots from Brown, and the back has a fun little tassle thing. TOO BAD the one on the right side keeps falling off. They have a hardware guarantee for a full year – and I have to take them back to exchange once it stops being wet and I need them all the time.
    If they guarantee the product and the product fail – and consistently, I don’t think it’s taking advantage. You’re buying a product, giving consideration for the product’s claim of quality, and are entitled to return of a defective product for an equal due consideration.



    I almost feel that it would be wrong NOT to let manufacturers know that there’s something wrong with their product. Some issues are only going to be visible by using the product for a while. If everyone that had issues didn’t communicate with the manufacturer and decided to shop somewhere else, that would be horrible for the company. People that take the time to tell manufacturers what’s wrong and how to make it right are really helpful. A smart company is grateful for the input, not resentful about having to make it right.



    Never in my life would I have thought to do this. It would never have entered my mind to contact a company about an issue with a clothing/accessory type product. I have a Givenchy bag that faded from grey to an ugly brown in about 4 weeks. I hate brown, never thought to take it back. Probably would have been told there was nothing they would have done anyway. Now I just never use it. Good for you for doing this but I just can’t see myself doing so.



    If the store has a guarantee, use it! They clearly expect that their quality is at a level that warrants the guarantee, which means they are also charging you for that quality AND the risk that you’ll use the guarantee. It is yours to use and good on you for using it.



    That’s not taking advantage of a company. Taking advantage is buying used products from the thrift store and trying to get a refund or replacement.



    If the issue is manufacturer defect, I definitely return. I had a pair of Lulus where the seam stitching came completely loose within a month of purchase despite being cared for per manufacturer instructions and I emailed them about it- they offered a refund once I returned them. This was a fair outcome in my opinion and since then I’ve bought 3 more pairs which I would not have done had they been like, ‘too bad’ when I reached out. I also have a pair that has tiny holes in them from my dumb cat’s claws- that’s my bad and I’ll live with it. I would never try to return something to LL Bean I found at a thrift shop, nor would I try to return something that had deteriorated due to normal wear and tear. But I think when you’ve made a pricey purchase and the item doesn’t hold up within reasonable expectations it’s fair to go back to the retailer about it.



    It isn’t “cheap” to spend good money on quality products backed by a guarantee and then expect the guarantee to be honored. I had the buttons pop off of a pair of cashmere mittens from Bloomingdales the first time I wore them. I called customer service, who immediately sent me new mittens and apologized profusely. The next pair of gloves had no issues. I continue to give Bloomingdales my business because they rectified the situation. Cheap or abusive return behavior in my opinion is returning worn shoes or clothing simply because the event you wore them to is over. It’s abusive to return a bra after a year of regular use for stretched elastic.



    It’s pretty hard for a single individual to financially harm a multi million dollar corporation. If they offer a warranty and you use it, you’re patronizing their service. Which is literally what it’s made for. You do you and pshaw to what your friend thinks.



    I’m way more comfortable buying from places that stand by their clothes. I disagree with your friend, because a retailer with a good return policy gets way more of my money than one that doesn’t take returns for items that don’t hold up. Doesn’t sound like you take advantage. I follow washing instructions and am gentle on clothes and expect them to last. I wouldn’t return at a fast fashion or discount retailer, like you said.



    I had something similar happen with a bag I bought from Dagne Dover. No hassle they replaced the bag that had the issue. I’m much more inclined to shop there in the future because they handled it well. Also I’ve told a lot of people about my positive experience and a friend ended up buying my bag in a different color. Customer service matters.

    I’m sure if you do it too much they’ll flag you in their system, like they do when you have too many returns. It honestly sounds like you’re being a smart consumer. Sometimes stuff is just faulty and it doesn’t mean a company’s overall quality is bad.

    Also huge brands like Athleta and Lululemon will be fine, a few replacement items isn’t going to hurt them financially.



    >My friend thinks I am taking advantage of these retailers, mostly because I have used the Lululemon return policy more than once.

    Your friend sounds like she doesn’t understand the value of a dollar honestly.



    I bought some parachute sheets in 2016 for about $300 and this year the fitted. Sheet developed lots of holes and became unusable. It seems like $300 sheets should last longer than 2 years so I contacted them and got replacement sheet and paid extra for some new pillow cases too. Warranties help make the customer experience better and repeat customers (and good reviews!) are essential to growing a business. So it’s not taking advantage at all. Theyd rather you contact them about a problem and try to fix it than lose your business (at least with the good businesses) and it’s included in the markup

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