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    Do any of you have a style “mentor” in your career/personal life? Not necessarily a formal style ~coach~, but someone in your life whose style you admire and (un)consciously try to emulate?

    I was thinking about this the other day as I was talking to a cousin of mine, who is about a decade ahead of me in the same field and totally crushing it – I’d say my work style has been super influenced by her, like I’ll consider her input when choosing an outfit for an important presentation, and what her thoughts on a piece would be wander into my mind when I’m shopping for new blazers or work heels.

    I definitely admire some of the other high-powered women in my office, who wear full suits and Theory dresses and have plush designer bags, but my cousin is someone who is both career goals and dresses in a similar, but more polished style than I do, so I have found myself trying to channel her outfits at work. I’d chalk at least part of it up to professional jealousy/aspiration, but some of the advice she’s given me over the years has definitely changed my work presence for the better.



    My manager is always styling. I work at a museum and she walks this line of Japanese minimalism and sophisticated artist. I have no idea how old she is. She could be 40 or 55, no clue. Her age has no bearing on what she wears. Maybe it’s a shapeless sack dress. Maybe it’s a leather mini skirt with a giant David Bowie shirt. She has these huge basketball shorts that she wears with a button up and margiela boots and looks so cool. All while scaling ladders and balancing boxes on her head.

    She is so cool. I don’t want to copy her outright but she’s so solid in her aesthetic but doesn’t let that stop her from trying new things occasionally. And that is what’s inspiring. Well and her clothes are amazing. Maybe I do want to copy SOME of her looks outright haha



    in real life? no one. i care so much about what i wear, and whenever i dress nice and put some makeup , done my hair etc my friends always say ” who do you trying to look good for? ” damn ofc for myself.



    I work with my aunt, who worked in the fashion industry for almost 20 years before moving back home and joining the family business. You wouldn’t really know it to look at her now (late 60s, wears mostly cotton tops and cotton gauchos) but she used to be very stylish, and she still has a good eye for fit, quality, etc. I don’t try to dress like her (it would look weird if I did, since I’m 35 years younger and half a foot taller!), but I do pay attention to when she compliments me on something that I wear.



    Definitely my mother, she makes an effort to dress and look nice, no matter what she’s doing.

    She’s very classy and i find myself being inspired by the stuff she wears!



    YES! One of my childhood best friends is absolutely my style guru.

    She is one of three sisters with a hip, stylish mom and even when we were 14 and most of us did not have it going on, they all did. Now that we’re in our 30s her style has only gotten more refined. It’s like a polished-slightly-dressy-casual vibe where even if she’s in jeans and a t, it’s so stylish!

    I actually just spent like 20 min scrolling through her IG the other day for inspiration before i did some online shopping.



    There’s one woman at work who looks so good for her age and always dresses nicely, on top of being great at her job. I definitely try to emulate her style, even though its still fairly casual. Should definitely ask her more about her skin care, but we’re not super close so I want to appraoch that gently.



    A Russian lady , a customer at the thrift store taught me a lot about jewelry.

    Everything that I learned about fashion I learned on my own without any help.



    My aunt! She has the best eye for things and somehow manages to put the weirdest things together into a cohesive outfit. As I’ve developed my own style I’ve discovered I usually lean a little more understated, but she inspires me to try things out of my comfort zone and to feel comfortable wearing things I love even if I feel like other people find it weird. I hate that I live in the other side of the world from her – I miss her a lot and always wish I could get her opinion when I’m shopping.



    Not really a mentor, but my boyfriend’s little sister’s style has always been an inspiration to me since the first time I met her when I was 18 and she was 14. She always dressed kind of alternative/punk, but her bubbly personality made it so cool. Even for years before I got together with her brother, I low-key tried to be like her.



    Not In my personal life but I adore Olivia Palermo’s and Dakota Johnson’s style.



    This doesnt answer your question exactly but I’m 23 and am slowly starting to ditch the leggings and hoodies for a more adult and professional look and I find myself admiring how Meghan Markle puts herself together. Obviously I dont have the means to dress like royalty but her choice in coat or shoe style for example is something I pay attention to. She always looks so elegant and stylish.



    No one I know personally, but I do love Kate Middleton’s style, especially her casual outfits. Simple, elegant, and classic.



    I learned from an ex colleague that solid dresses and monochromatic outfits always look better.



    Susanna Lau of Style Bubble. Also the ladies from Kingdom of Style.

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