Do you have a specific fashion trait/style/piece/etc that your circle of f&f know you for?

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    Is there something specific in the way you dress, or the style of clothes, or even the color or details on your garments that screams “oh that’s definitely (you)” or when you do communal laundry with your family and someone might say “this is definitely (you)rs”? I personally think I have one or two giveaways/characteristic in my clothes that is obviously me (according to f&f) and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not (meaning should I change it up to keep things fresh?). What about you? And how do you feel being kind-of-stereotyped-by-your-clothes (for a lack of a better word)?



    Anything with a flamingo on it because I said I liked flamingos one time in 1995.



    If it looks “Indiana Jones” then my family knows it’s “me.” I’m ok with that.



    pretty much anything pastel pink lol. and i just appreciate that my friends know me well enough to pick out things that i like. i remember being out once and my friend pointing out a watch with a little bird and floral design on the face and just saying “you have to”. i was touched and i adore it.



    I have friends and family say, “oh this is SO YOU”about certain clothing items or if they see a street style photo they’ll point it out as being something I’d wear. But I can’t ever pinpoint what exactly makes it me!



    My color palette. Most of the clothes I wear are black, navy, army green, burgundy, or charcoal. Occasionally I wear something in a different color but that is rare.



    Plaid flannel jackets. I think I have like 20 – 25? All but 2 are hand me downs, so sometimes people recognize me from a distance cause they’re the ones thay gave me that jacket!
    Weather fluctuates so often here that I wear them daily; even in the heat of summer I have one in my car, just in case.



    Lots of black, red, and leopard print. Sometimes I try to branch out into pastels, but it just ends with a few pastel things pushed to the back of the closet and eventually donated.

    In the past, I was known for always wearing sky high heels, but I’ve had to come back down to earth a bit (pun intended) and wear flats sometimes so I won’t be entirely crippled before I’m 40.



    At the risk of being deeply uncool, it’s Crocs. Not the clog style, but the jelly flats, sandals and some of their work-wear range etc. I can’t deal with uncomfy shoes and I find they are cheap, long wearing, easy to keep clean (good for hot climate), can buy multiple colours in same style and dare I say, kinda stylish enough? Friends sometimes joke, but hey, it’s just my thing and I choose not to care. What’s your style?



    Stripes! You can never have enough stripes. My partner even calls me stripes to make fun of me, but I’ve turned them onto stripes as well. Guess I win in the end 🤷🏼‍♀️



    I don’t know if I have a distinct piece of clothing that I wear, but my style is very vintage inspired (but also modern, so I don’t look like I’m wearing a costume), and friends and family will point out some things that remind them of me! For instance, my aunt sent me a picture the other day of Kate Middleton, who was wearing a long plaid skirt, and a button up black shirt/sweater. She said, “I can see you in this for Christmas,” and she was right. I would totally wear that outfit! (Minus the boots). My two best friends always point out different clothing items too, and I always love them, because they’re completely me.

    I actually like it! I don’t mind being “stereotyped” in that way. It took me years to cultivate my style and wardrobe, and it makes me feel good that people recognize that. I don’t feel like I have to switch it up, because there’s a *wide* variety in my style, but just the fact that people can recognize that I do have a set style (after years of not having one) makes me happy!



    Not anymore, but in high school I was the vest girl. I don’t remember why I got so into them, but I had vests in every material, colour and for every occasion



    Weird shaped linen clothes and denim jumper / pinafore dresses. I spend a lot of time poking round eBay for LaBass, Sarah Santos and nineties embroidered denim. A friend of mine once found a sort of asymmetrical sleeveless thing on a market stall in (I think) Juba, South Sudan and posted a picture of it labelled ‘idk what to call this… garment’ and tagged me. It was my proudest moment.

    I know it’s not massively fashion forward, but I like wandering around looking like I’m making an aesthetic statement about parallelograms, or alternatively like I can wrangle a preschool class and tell you how to plumb in a septic tank without breaking my stride.



    Apparently in my office, I’m known for great shoes. Also, designer beachy-wear, like meno-core. Which cracks me up because I am NOT a fashion plate, and my entire wardrobe is from Goodwill. But I guess my f&f see anything Cape Codder or fancy shoes and think me. Makes me feel nice because I don’t think I’ve ever had a definitive style before. 🙂



    My sister thinks of me anytime she finds something silk in the thrift because I am a total fiber snob.

    Vintage Justin lace-up ropers have somehow become my signature shoes.



    Windbreakers, leggings, and basically anything high-waisted! I’m very pear-shaped so high-waisted pants are an absolute essential and leggings are just super comfy lol



    Giant scarves. Lenny Kravitz style in the winter. I had a very stylish dude in my classes once comment “I swear your scarves get bigger every time I see you.”



    Definitely cardigans. I wear a cardigan with almost every outfit for the coziness. Especially long, duster style ones.

    That being said, there’s been a super frustrating trend where someone in my family will gift me something that’s ~almost~ exactly my style. Like a really nice sweater that’s almost perfect, but it has three giant layer of ruffles on the sleeves. Or nice black leather flats but they have straps with chains and spikes all over them. It always just barely misses the mark haha.



    Print mixing and statement necklaces. What can I say, I’m slightly stuck in 2013 and I’m also pretty extra. 💁🏼‍♀️



    For me, it’s anything black, sparkly or spiky.



    Light airy colors usually in a Edwardian kind of style, silks, thin cottons, expensive materials.



    Flowy bottoms, stripes, floral prints! Honourable mention goes to black chokers and simple golden watches.

    It’s nice that I have a template to work with when buying clothes and choosing outfits, but I do definitely digress from this pattern occasionally, when I feel like switching it up. The reaction in my environment usually ranges from “wow you look different” to “you should wear this type of style more often” then, which are both equally interesting.



    PURPLE! Friends get suspicious if I’m not wearing any.



    My family and friends are dead-set on me wearing dark colors in preppy styles. I’ve really been wanting to wear a lot of white bc I like it but they happily tell me white looks like death on me and to do all black instead. On the other hand it’s quite wonderful bc everything I’ve ever gotten as gifts from any of them just looks *fantastic* on me. Thanks for the burgundy tennis skirt stepmom!



    Every time I eye a big, long, chunky cardigan at a store, my boyfriend is entirely unsurprised.

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