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    Hey guys

    Do you change your fashion style or outfit when you dye your hair- or otherwise change it- haircut/perm/etc.? Do people perceive you differently? Do you act differently with a different style- or do you incorporate the hair into your existing style. Just thought this would be an interesting topic for discussion.

    Also, on another note- I’m looking to go pink soon with my hair- so any advice/outfit inspo/experience about unusual hair colors would be great too!



    Last year I dyed my hair purple and it was the best accessory ever. I could get away with wearing all black (which I love, but looks kinda bland on me) and I looked like a rock star.



    I have noticed that when my hair is cut to a bob right above my shoulders, I am perceived as more professional and I will then dress a bit more conservatively subconsciously. When I had purple hair, I leaned more toward my minimalist pieces so my hair color was the dominating statement.



    Yeah, I’ve had two major style changes going from natural brown to platinum silver blonde then back to natural brown. Going blonde is such a massive style change and socially it was the kind of look that elevated me from “grumpy woman in her 30s” to “Good Looking Cool Person”. You get away with a lot sartorially when you have cool hair IMO, or at least I seemed to have the confidense to wear anything. When I let the blonde grow out and went back to my normal hair everybody went “why would you do that?” (because that shit costs £120 every 7 weeks and I wanted new shoes) It was harsh, lol. 🙁

    First time when I went blonde it prompted me to do an entire ginormous wardrobe overhaul which was fun but also really bloody expensive (I did do it like over two years though). Lots of ripped jeans and leather. Then when I went back to brown my style toned down from all the pleater leggings and became less edgy and more countryside art teacher.

    I’m going back to blonde in a couple of weeks’ time (I’m cancelling my gym membership to fund it… the hair is better for my self esteem lol) so I guess my style will move to countryside art teacher wearing leather and pointy toed boots.



    I dyed my hair pastel pink and pretty much stopped wearing red because I felt like it clashed. Most of my wardrobe is green/blue/purple/gray/black so my style didn’t change too much.



    I recently chopped my hair to my chin and went blonder. I have found myself wearing different earrings everyday instead of the plain studs I wore when my hair was long. So I would say I have become more intentional with my accessories. I also feel more edgy/sexy so I have been wearing crop tops with skin showing, more low cut shirts, and dresses/skirts. Good luck with your pink hair! I agree with others that you could wear neutrals and look amazing. I had red hair for a year and loved it, but I couldn’t handle the upkeep so I went back to my natural color.



    I have pretty long wavy/curly dark brown hair, and I recently got super bright pink/purple/fuschia balayage style tips. My boyfriend is an awesome hair stylist and i get rocking unicorn hair for free now, so my whole world has been rocked, but he also picked my colors because he knows what my wardrobe looks like.

    BUT. When it was super fresh, it was so bright it was a little overwhelming to wear brightly colored shirts as well. I feel like the color allows me to wear more black and look really cool and put together. I have also found, however, that i feel less put together when i wear my hair messy cuz it just looks silly when i have this awesome, intentional coloring and i ruin it with sloppy hair. Which is lame cuz i work outside a lot and messy hair is basically a given.

    I have been wearing more purple/red/maroon i think, too.



    As the result of being a moody alternative teenager I consider hair and makeup to be vital when you have a particular ‘look/vibe’ you want to achieve. My ginger hair started losing the red as I got older, and at the height of my fourteen year old goth angst™ I dyed my hair a natural black shade and wore a ton of eyeliner to complete the ‘look’ (my chemical romance tees, skinny jeans, a faux leather jacket and Doc Martens).

    But naturally when I gave that look up and went back to the copper coloured curls I’d previously thought were lost forever, it took a bit more work with makeup shades and curious witchy accessories to even hint at dark glamour. Ginger hair is not known for being a darkly sophisticated colour on its own. (Though with rich orange-auburn hair being a very trendy shade on sites like Instagram, there’s an increase in visibility for fringe fashion/witchy fashion loving redheads.)

    I basically use makeup, piercings and a black item as my top or bottoms (or a full black outfit) to compensate for the softness that red curly hair brings to my look.

    Curly hair (especially lighter colours of curly hair) can definitely take some specific cuts/styling to get a suitably dramatic look to suit dark clothing and ‘alternative’ outfits. Beachy waves are far more popular for such looks.
    (My own curly hair is currently cut in a layered bob (though I’m planning to get my current layers cut even shorter to get major volume – here’s one of my [hair inspos]( )
    Everyone in my life has always agreed that curly hair suits me better and my boyfriend, who has only known me with curly hair, has always said that my curls suit my personality (loud and vaguely eccentric.)

    Since my look is very maximalist and borrows very heavily from the 70s, the Edwardian era, the Pre-Raphaelites, my own romantic goth years and fantasy users of magic, having autumn coloured curly hair is a good fit for the drama of my outfits.

    I have found it easier to wear earthy, dark or jewel toned colours now I’ve gone back to having deep ginger hair. Dark teal, a colour I previously despised actually looks really nice with my hair, as do earthier warm greens (though I still dislike cool forest green with an undying intensity). I’ve also found that vastly contrasting colours look good, like ultramarine blue (I have an enormous luminous blue scarf that I pull out for winter – and had I not missed out I would have probably bought the orange coat Asos styled with it on their website.)

    My suggestions with unnatural/dark hair colours is always that darker or edgy looks will definitely be easier to pull off (like white leather jackets vs pink hair, and the usual ripped jeans and combat boots) but are also not unwearable with neutrals (warm or cool neutrals) either. It’s also easy to play with fun textures (scale textures, pleather leggings, velvet, fluffy knits) and perhaps even fun glasses if you wear them. My own frames are completely round Harry Potter worthy frames but my previous pairs were a clear plastic framed pair and half plastic, half metal frames.



    I went pink in around June this year and it totally changed how I *perceived* my wardrobe, but it didn’t super change my look, if that makes sense? Of all the styles I liked the most though, it mixed the best with my more rock star-leather + boots + black jeans and white tee type of look. It didn’t suit my professorial elbow patch blazers at all, unless I braided my hair around my head and then I looked a lil bit more..idk manic pixie nerd girl? Not bad tbh.

    My hair has gotten too long and because it’s a mid-toned rose-gold, it’s gotten too mermaidy to match the aesthetic I want right now (it felt like I looked really good in boho stuff too but I don’t really like that stuff). As someone who grew up wearing all black in different textures, I liked that my fallback comfort outfit looked extra glam with my hair, but I’ve been trying to (and succeeding in!) incorporating bright colors and stuff to my wardrobe, so it did also clash somewhat.

    My blues and dark greens are still awesome though.



    My color palette for clothing adjusts to my hair color. I love warm tones, especially reds and pinks, but when I dyed my hair from brown to red, I didn’t feel as good in those colors. Now I’m going gradually from brown to blonde, and I am excited to see what colors I will switch around.



    Not exactly clothing related, but I got bangs in January.
    My eyes are somewhat smallish for my face, so I’ve never been able to get away with heavy/black eye makeup, but since framing the majority of my face w my hair, I’ve been getting away with smoky eyes on the regular.
    Another thing is, bangs make me look a bit younger, so I get away with clothing that’s more “adult (?)” looking (I’m in university for reference).

    I do steer clear of anything that reminds me of Zooey Deschanel though.



    I noticed that I wear my hair color as a neutral, no matter what it is. Currently it’s rose gold/dusty pink & I’m having a lot of fun using dusty pink as a neutral!



    YES. I’m usually some shade of blonde and when i dye my hair dark i feel like i can’t wear like, 80% of my clothes or they look weird because they don’t match my hair color.
    I also find i tend to wear more makeup when i dye my hair.



    I’ve had my hair just about every colour under the sun and I found that when I went a more creative colour like pink, purple, red, blue or whatnot I pushed myself to put better outfits together. Not necessarily a certain style… I didn’t dress any more “girly” with pink hair and I didn’t dress anymore punk with purple but I there was just more thought into putting a look together on the regular rather than just throwing whatever on. I found that with creative coloured hair, when it looks good, it REALLY looks good but when you’re having a sloppy day, it REALLY looks sloppy in comparison to just when I just to a brown/blonde/natural red.



    Huge difference!!

    I tend to color my hair pink, and so many color clashes horribly.

    Wine red are out. Everything that color goes into the box for when it’s faded to blond again. I also tend to wear more preppy stuff to compensate for the “dress down” a fashion color can give.

    Pink hair really is great with grey and silver clothes.

    [This is the look I’m going for.](



    I went from platinum blonde to dishwater/dirty blonde. I really miss it, but it is totally expensive…

    my wardrobe has gotten a lot less bright and my makeup has become more natural. I still dress like a clown, but at least I no longer look like a barbie that’s been left outside for a few days.



    I’ve started wearing darker, moodier colours since I’ve dyed my hair lighter for fall. There’s something about the contrast that feels more natural, for some reason… balance maybe? But I’ve found that with darker hair, I could be a little more *brave* with my colour choices, because dark hair – on me – is by default a neutral.



    Omg, yes! When I dyed my hair blue and it faded to a less than desirable seaweed green, I suddenly didn’t feel confidant wearing more than half of my wardrobe. I see people with bright hair colors all the time rocking clothes that don’t directly “go” with their hair color and they still look fantastic, but I just didn’t feel like I personally could pull it off. I’ll never regret the blue hair (it rocked), but that green…**shudder**

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