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    I’ve been working from home for awhile now and I’m tired of feeling like some kind of unkempt flannel pajama wearing lizard… do you ladies have any tips for cute loungewear while still being comfy?



    Gym clothes! I found it got me to the gym more often!



    When I was working from home, it was a lot of leggings paired with slouchy but still nice tops. Also, maxi skirts—they look fancy, but they’re basically just sweatpants in disguise.



    Athleisure! I try to dress in clothes that are comfy but I wouldn’t be embarrassed to go out in public wearing. I’ve always found Gap to have a nice selection and Banana Republic has cute tees that are comfy but have a little flair to them. If you’re looking for the ultimate comfy sweater, check out Barefoot Dreams. I swear the material is woven from actual clouds. The price tag is a bit steep but I sometimes find their stuff at Nordstrom Rack for a decent price.



    I WFH part time. Usually I wear a bralette or a soft sports bra (not a high impact one, like the cute ones people wear to yoga), a band tee-shirt and leggings, and I usually keep a hoodie in arms reach. I like this bc I try to go for a walk at some point in the day when I’m WFH, so being dressed for moving around makes that easier.



    I don’t work from home, exactly, but I am a stay at home mom. I wear a shitload of shift dresses. It’s a silhouette that really, really works for me and I can wear them alone in the hot part of the year, and layered with tights/leggings and cardigans in the colder months.



    I’ve literally just started, after 6 years of smart casual office with coworkers and shared lunches… Honestly I’m struggling a bit with the feeling of isolation and the mild depression that comes with it. I change to jeans and a flannel or chambray shirt so I’m not in my PJs, but that’s about it.



    I don’t always work from home, but on days I do, I don’t like wearing my PJs because I find that I get too relaxed. However, I’m at home. I’m not doing my makeup and putting on a skirt and tights.

    I usually end up wearing “athleisure” clothing. I’ve got plenty of Puma, Nike, Under Armor, and Adidas workout leggings, and usually just wear a sweater or t-shirt depending on the weather. It’s the same stuff I wear to the gym, and maybe this is crazy, but I feel like it almost tricks my brain into productivity mode.



    I have a stack of cute joggers and straight/baby boot cut leggings for winter, with long sleeved thin tees and polo necks, with comfy oversized sweaters and cardigans to layer. On days when I have to adult extra hard, I even wear a bra. If I leave the house, all I have to do is (put on a bra if I don’t have one one) put on some cute booties or flats and a pair of earrings. Bam, instant ‘done’.



    I don’t work from home, but when I was last on maternity leave (with a really easy unicorn baby), I found that I really liked to change clothes out of my PJs, and also put on a little makeup and “do” my hair (e.g. make sure it was clean and presentable, not like blow dry or curl it, lol). This just made me feel less like I had just rolled out of bed and more like a functioning human. Even though, often times, the clothes I changed in to were really just something I would totally wear to bed. Maybe more structured through the boobs though.

    If I was actually working at home, I’d TRY to dress in real clothes. I’m not sure I’d be successful, but I think it would help me get in the WORK mindset.



    Jeans and some sort of smart top because a) I find that if I dress smart-ish it gets me in a work mindset and b) I often have Skype calls. But yeah, sometimes pyjamas.



    Following f this thread as a student – because I have to stay in and study but don’t want to look / feel icky while doing so



    I work from home part time and usually wear jeans or chinos with a decent but still nice top. It helps to set my mindset that I’m actually supposed to be working, plus I have multiple video conferences!



    Athletic or denim shorts, joggers, sometimes leggings, those Calvin Klein cotton bralettes, and whatever top, usually a plain tee or a loose crop top.

    I feel like the bra really makes a difference for me 😂 without it I feel 10x less productive.



    i’ve been working from home for the last year and a half, and over the last few months i’ve made a real effort to not spend the whole day in leggings. I shower, do my hair, makeup, and fully dress up as if i’m meeting friends for drinks or going into the office. Sitting in my office space like this seems to make me feel more productive. Of course, i don’t do all this until somewhere around 10 or 11 because i have a lot of early meetings and what’s the point of working from home if you can’t roll out of bed and put on leggings for a bit!

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