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    So I have an hourglass figure, with normal shoulders, a high and narrow waistline and hips that are only slightly narrower than my shoulders. I am also quite tall (190cm), but in spite of this I have a disproportionately long and somewhat narrow upper body, whereas my legs look short and stocky in comparison. I am not muscular and may be carrying an extra 5kg or so(I weigh 93kg), so skin-tight t-shirts and tops do not usually look very good on me. I also have quite a large arse.


    Now, my go-to solution has been to wear dark and simple trousers or jeans together with well-fitted and relatively short(length-wise) clothing on my upper body in order to create a sense of balance. My go-to outfit(weather permitting) is basically dark chinos or jeans with a lighter and short trucker jacket and a t-shirt or shirt underneath. I find that this tends to beef up my shoulders, minimise my hips, makes my arse look well-proportioned and slim my legs.


    I am kind of getting bored of that look though and have recently become more interested in improving my style. Especially in the hot summer months I am at a bit of a loss as to what kind of weather-appropriate clothing would flatter me. Any suggestions?



    While this advice may belong better in the Fitness thread… Have you tried correcting your posture? A lot of guys have “narrow” looking shoulders because they’re slouched forward, not because their shoulders are legit narrow.

    As well, something like Anterior pelvic tilt can make the hips look bigger than it actually is, which will also contribute.

    Both of these are common issues in people who are sitting and on the computer a lot… So basically everyone.



    Why not try changing up the fit?

    Because you have a narrow waist, it could be interesting to try and go with high waisted pants and tucking in a more straight cut shirt for a vintage-y look. The high waisted pants will lengthen your legs and the straight cut shirt will add bulk to your top.

    Something style-wise like [these](https://streetxsprezza.wordpress.com/2018/07/30/summer-uniform-sport-shirts-alohas-and-the-runaway-collar/)



    Reading this I’m starting to realize this is me as well kinda. My slightly broader than average shoulders mitigate it somewhat, but not completely. Hopefully, someone else with this affliction can chime in.



    For short legs, high waist pants are usually recommended. Try some on, take pictures and ask in the Outfit Feedback thread.

    Now, more exercise could alleviate some of this, but it’s not required. I have a similar figure, and I definitely noticed that my overall frame improved a lot when I was going to a gym.



    Similar problem here, been really bothering me lately. My shoulders are barely larger than my hips (though I’m very skinny, including my waist).

    I also stick to dark on bottom and light up top, and tend towards jackets that make my upper half (particularly my shoulders) look wider.

    For a larger-looking upper half, I wear button ups and button downs exclusively untucked, and unbuttoned if the occasion is casual enough.

    I just go for linen and cotton–linen button ups and button downs for warmer weather. (Rolled up long sleeves rather than short sleeves.)

    That said, I’m still trying to find the best-fitting button ups/downs — especially for occasions where I have to keep them buttoned up and/or tucked in. I think the shirts that “fit” my upper body just make my upper half look too thin for my liking. So far, the best I’ve found is rounding up a size rather than down (I’m halfway between) in j crew slim fit. There’s definitely a bit too much fabric, but I prefer it to “well-fitting” shirts because I like the way it drapes, balancing out the look of my upper body without looking *too* billowy in the waist. I think if they made an extra slim fit (just barely slimmer all around) it would be a perfect fit for me.

    I tried a decent number of charles tyrwhitt’s shirts in varying sizes. Some of their shirts “fit” my body very well, but those made my upper body look too small for my liking. I couldn’t find a shirt from them that had a similar effect as rounding up a size in j crew slim fit: rounding up in CT’s sizing, the fabric in the shoulders and chest did not drape as I’d wanted.

    One potentially major caveat to the draping I’m talking about: the j crew shirts in question are OCBDs, while the CT shirts were all light-weight fabrics. Just ordered more j crew shirts, hoping that the cloth weight was not critical.



    dark colours certainly help; this time of year is especially nice. i’d avoid big bulky jackets (though you will look comfy, they are unflattering for our body shapes)



    I’ve got a sort of similar build, OP. Not super tall (5’10”), but really short legs (~28 inch inseam) and something of a more noticeable hip/waist ratio compared to the average guy. Also kind of small frame (38 inch chest).

    Firstly, make sure pants/jeans aren’t super skinny around the hips/waist, relative to the rest of the leg. Just have to be careful and cognizant of fit around the midsection/waist so as to not accentuate the “hourglass” shape. A quick thought would be a heavier weave wool pant.

    Second, one option is to look for longer t shirts. This has a caveat of certainly being too long and throwing off proportions (especially on long torso/short legged guys), shirts not being super slim fitting at the bottom helps though.

    Lastly: Outwear helps a lot. It’s easier as the weather gets colder, but the most obvious option is increasing visual bulk on top. Heavier fabric shirts (ie flannels), any sort of jacket, all help create visual “tricks” of sorts.



    high waisted pants are your friend, i also like to pair tighter pants (not too tight just fitted) with bigger tops, it slims ya down a bit (not really but it creates an illusion that we are lol!)



    I mean honestly I’d recommend just trying to lose a bit of weight until you’re more comfortable with your body because then you won’t have to worry as much about dressing to cope with such, I’m in the same boat :)))
    As for what to wear while you’re cutting, what you’re doing now seems to work out pretty well, I’d just wait a bit to fix the problem at hand then you can worry about the fun things. Stay hydrated, you don’t have a long way to go!



    Hour glass ? As a male? Go hit the gym and bulk. Check out the gainit subreddit.

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