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    I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies had tips for making stylish outfits in the warm-but-not-too-warm period when Autumn is just starting? When it’s too cold for summer outfits and too warm for a jumper?

    In the summer I live in colourful/printed trousers and plain t-shirts or blouses. In winter it’s all big slouchy jumpers and patterned skirts/pinafore dresses. But I don’t seem to have anything that really works for me in between. I don’t really do cardis much, I have a few long sleeve plain tops to go with my skirts/patterned trews but I rotate through those really quickly. Its too warm to wear shirts and jumpers yet but too cold for just a blouse. So I get stuck in the mornings figuring out what to wear – especially on the weekend.

    What’s your go to fashion statements for early fall?



    I have periods every fall and spring where it’s about 60F/15.5C when I leave for work in the morning and pushing 80F/26.6C by lunch. I am a cardigan person so I wear a lot of those, but I also have a denim jacket and an olive green field jacket that I’ll wear on my way to the office (or even in the office with the rest of my outfit). If I take my jacket off during the day, I make sure to put my car keys in the pocket so that I can’t leave without it – I’ll need it the next morning!



    I think I live somewhere colder than you! Slouchy jumpers and pants are my transition autumn clothes!

    But I know what’s you mean by that awkward transition times. I add blazers, big scarfs and cardigans to snuggify outfits. It depends on the way your weather works. If you have consistent temperatures, then maybe stocking up on long sleeve tops, blazers and tights might be the best way to add some warmth to your outfits. If the temperature is unpredictable or fluctuates over the day, then you are best with layers which you can add or remove. I find cardigans and big scarves are best for this. They can be loosened or unbuttoned in the warmer part of the day or wrapped up to keep you warm – and they usually pack down to keep in your bag!



    I’m kinda there right now. It’s 53F in the morning and hits 75F during the day.

    I layer, primarily.

    My base layer is a bra and cotton underwear…nothing fancy.

    Cotton cami goes on next, and then a shirt, and then a sweater of appropriate thickness. I still get kinda chilly sometimes at 75F, but if I get too hot, it’s cinch to put the sweater aside.

    Down below…I am lazy right now, so I don’t like changing tights or anything. Currently wearing standard nylons and tall socks. I am also wearing scrub pants; warm enough, but easy to pull off when it warms up. Same for the socks.

    Basically wear what is good when it is warm augmented by stuff you can easily take off when it starts getting warm. Mostly, tall socks and a good sweater should do it.



    In Ontario, Canada, Im sure we’re sharing similar weather.
    Lately I’ve been wearing my sleeveless cape to work in the morning. It has a big hood, and is long enough to keep my legs warm.
    I also really like ponchos for this time of year. Easy on and off and warm, but really airy. Good luck 🙂



    I’m in Florida so “awkward early fall weather” is all we get since it won’t go below 82 until the end of October if we’re lucky. Floridian fall is still a lot of shorts and short skirts or dresses we just switch to fall colors and wear more lightweight plaid flannel and pair our ankle boots with bare legs. I love the button through a-line skirts in suede and corduroy since they feel very fall but don’t trap heat so I can still wear them without dying in 85 degree weather and 90% humidity.

    Off the shoulder and cold shoulder styles are also great for fall because you can do longer sleeves but still vent enough heat that you don’t pass out when it’s hot. Even just wearing more autumn color tones can help you feel more fall even if you’re still wearing shorts and tank tops.



    Your primary (or base) layer of clothing should be geared for the hottest temperature you will endure during the day. Add layers to your primary clothing for the cooler times. It could be a coat, jacket, shawl, scarf, or a combination depending on the weather.



    Hottest it got here today was 14c and windy, drizzling rain, no sunshine to speak of.

    I wore two thin pairs of tights (got cold in the office, layered up), loafers, a fuzzy wool mini skirt in a straight cut, and a merino menswear jumper. It was actually quite cold first thing this morning so I threw a wool blazer over the top and a beret, and was fairly toasty. My legs were cold though, so I think tomorrow will have to be a skirt and blouse and blazer day. Carry more knitwear incase of actually freezing to my desk.

    Outside weather was fine. Inside weather was tricky, I find it is quite different walking around or being deskbound typing.

    I haven’t needed my coat yet. I love my coat. It is a navy blue wool Paul Costelloe Crombie, just below knee length, very sleek. I wear a silver brooch on the lapel. I love wearing it and am very much looking forward to it being cold enough to do so.



    I’m going to go against the grain here, but I aim for the least amount of layers. I usually wear a thin knit sweater and a coat or blazer, or a sleeveless/thin blouse and thicker cardigan – this way I can avoid wearing a jacket, if possible. I really like this time of year because I don’t need to worry about wearing underlayers or tights/leggings, but there are so many options for pairing different pieces together. This is also peak dress season for me, too – my dresses are mostly thinner fabrics, perfect for summer, so I can throw a cardigan on and take these pieces into another season.



    For work, I’ll do pencil skirts and booties and then a cami/tee/cardigan situation on top. On the weekend, I’m more likely to have on jeans/sandals/tank or tee/hoodie. The hoodie ends up around my waist or shoved through my purse straps if I get too warm.



    I actually really love this weather: I get to break out some fall layers without broiling without worrying about hat hair, giant coats, ice, etc. This morning I wore a flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up over a tee and in the afternoon I tied it around my waist. Other options are long sleeve tee or sweatshirt/[sweater with shorts](https://www.pinterest.com/pin/288230444898218643/), [top with vest and possibly lightweight scarf](https://www.pinterest.com/pin/ATFoJSPjC9ZEzagms01QCZLQfjFuyl-tBDg16Mk6Y357dyo_YsbvuJc/), [fall dress/skirt with boots but no tights](https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AXQDHr5w1WZYTBkLLFUZQyEXJKchnY7oHjN1J248G-rLvacWRZuLQP0/), light jacket or cardigan over long or short sleeve tee.

    Maybe you want a third piece option: [vest](https://www.pinterest.com/pin/373869206541180768/) (sleeveless jacket, not tank top/cami), light jacket, [long cardigan](https://www.pinterest.com/pin/ATL-wV-zeVNkmhuNY4OGYOE5JtjpwtnJreAZ7BiC-m7lA9wx0PUIyJg/) to go over lighter weight tops, lightweight scarf.

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