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    I’m prone to yeast infections and I realized it might be because of 2 things. I wear synthetic underwear and tight pants a lot. I’m ready to start wearing cotton underwear but I don’t know where to buy cotton thongs for a good price. And what can I do about pants? I like wearing nylons, leggings and skinny jeans. I sometimes wear sort of loose sacks but I often layer tights under them to stay warm in the winter, so I’m still wearing tight clothes. Should I maybe buy like…cotton leggings? Will that be warm? Would merino wool be breathable enough? What do you guys wear to keep the yeast at bay? I sleep without any bottoms already.

    Edit: Wow, thank you guys so much for all of the replies and advice! I wasn’t expecting so much helpful info. I’ll try to respond to everyone. 🙂



    You may not want to hear this, but in general thongs are supposedly not great if you’re prone to yeast and other infections. I’ve certainly found that to be true.

    My health has improved since I switched to briefs. (I wear the cotton ones from Marks and Spencer – they do ship to the States now.) If I really want to be comfortable and/or need to avoid lines under tighter bottoms, I actually wear men’s cotton boxer briefs from H&M. They’re comfy and cheap, though not conventionally sexy. For what it’s worth, I still do wear skinny jeans and nylons, and switching underwear styles has pretty much resolved my problem.



    On a slightly different note my sister-in-law noticed that she got them frequently and her doctor told her that she too was more prone to yeast infections because she discovered her front load washer wasn’t airing out enough and kept harboring bacteria behind the barrel. My sister-law-law tried washing with bleach and then leaving the door propped open to air the machine out and she’s found she has them less often.

    More of clothing clothing PSA but it might help someone.



    Thongs, even cotton thongs, [could be part of your problem](https://goaskalice.columbia.edu/answered-questions/thongs-—-do-they-cause-utis-or-yeast-infections). I would think about wearing cotton bikinis, at least with your less fitted skirts and dresses.

    Pact (wearpact.com) are great quality for the price.



    First- sleep with no undies at night! I HATED it but it helped me. Second after a year of medication I was tested that I was immune to it so my doctor gave me boric acid suppositories. It changed my life and my vag. I also stopped wearing thongs and just dealt with panty lines or I work spanks!



    I had chronic yeast infections for most of 2016, so I feeeeel you girl. I ended up needing boric acid suppositories and eating alllll the probiotic yoghurt to tame the beast.

    First, sleeping naked from the waist down is a big way to keep things drier – If it’s chilly, invest in a long night shirt and men’s socks.

    Second – make sure your menstrual products are not making things worse. No tampons during a yeast infection, use only cotton pads. If you have a diva cup or some other menstrual cup, boil it daily.

    Third – cheap cotton panties, expensive cotton panties – just make sure they’re cotton or bamboo. I can’t go without panties, because discharge, but if you can, do it. Unfortunately, wearing thongs is like literally flossing your crotch with moisture. I wear women’s briefs, but everyone’s suggestions of men’s boxers or men’s underwear works too.

    Four – if you want to wear tight pants, change out of them the minute you get home. I wear dresses all the time, and being in Canada, winter necessitates leggings or tights. I just strip them off the minute I get home.



    Stop wearing thongs.



    You can also cut the gussets out of your tights



    I have found that eating too much sugar makes me prone to yeast infections. It’s hard, but cut out or cut down sugar intake and see if that helps? Also commando at night! Body needs to breathe! Good luck!



    First off, I used to have this problem too, it sucks ☹️ To help I stopped wearing thongs as much as possible, and switched to (mostly) cotton bikini style underwear. At first I bought a pack of cheap Fruit of the Loom cotton bikini cuts to see if it would help. To my surprise, it really helped a lot! After that test run I started buying the mostly cotton underwear lines from La Senza and Victoria’s Secret. I also think making sure they’re the right size and not too tight helped as well. I still wear tight pants and tights, but now I change right when I get home and with pants I make sure they’re tight on the legs – not on the hip/waist area. I’m now at the point where I haven’t had a yeast infection in a couple years. Good luck!!



    A friend of mine has herpes, and it has completely changed the way she dresses. The wrong outfit can trigger or worsen a flare up. She can’t wear pants or shorts, of any kind. She can wear leggings, but the fabric can be irritating. Same for tights. Mostly her wardrobe is skirts, with leggings in the winter.

    She only wears cotton underwear, and goes without if she’s wearing tights or leggings, because fewer layers is better.

    Same as you loose/no fabric is best.



    I get near constant UTI’s and thrush and it’s a fucking nightmare. You need to ditch the thongs ASAP, because they make them much worse. A few of my friends are thong only girls and so I know it’ll suck to change it but your vagina will thank you lol. Tights are one of the worst for this, so try to avoid them and switch to like thigh high stockings instead, or cut the gusset out of them. That can be risky though because it might just start ripping.

    Lots of loose clothes, like flowy skirts and also wide leg pants, take advantage of that trend lol. Other than that, good luck my friend. I know how much they suck. Somedays I can’t even leave the house because of it, and my sex life is non existent



    Yeast infections are THE worst. Strategies depend of how prone you are and what your comfortable wearing. Options in descending severity:

    Life’s too short –
    No underwear or tight pants ever! Feel the freedom!

    Let’s get serious –
    Bloomers, tap pants and thigh high stockings. Wide leg trousers.

    Sensible Sally –
    Tight pants and jeans but only cotton underwear. Merino and cotton tights. Don’t overdress on warm days

    Yeast town baby –
    Synthetic underwear and tights. Tights under pants. G-string and nylon lace sexy pants. Douching.



    Not Fashion Advice:If you’re not already, wash your underwear in hot water and use natural/unscented detergent. That was one of the things that helped me (getting off the pill was the other).



    The cotton thongs I bought from Gap Body are holding up a lot better than the last ones I bought from Victoria’s Secret. I wore VS cotton for years but I’ve not been impressed with their quality lately.



    I didn’t read all the comments, so I’m sorry if this is a repeat, but taking probiotic supplements can really help with yeast overgrowth. I like Florajen, which is non-prescription but you have to ask the pharmacist for it at Walgreens. (If you live in the US). I asked the doc if I could just eat yogurt since probiotics are really expensive ($30 a bottle) and she told me the florajen stuff is equivalent to eating like 20 yogurts a day or something. I think you might only need to take them for a month or two to “repopulate” your good bacteria.



    Food for thought…pricy cotton undies may cost you less than cheap undies + yeast treatments.



    Seconding Gap Body. I don’t buy their thongs, but their other cotton undies hold up really well.

    Athleta has a great pair of [cotton leggings](https://athleta.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1023331&pcid=1006482&vid=1&pid=213782022). I find merino wool base layers warm and breathable, but I don’t know if they’re a good choice or not if you’re prone to yeast infections.



    Not fashion advice, but have you tried boric acid suppositories? Complete game changer for me. The people at r/healthyhooha can fill you in with more info.



    Merino tights should be breathable enough.

    If you wear loose sacks, briefs won’t give you VPL. On days when you want to wear something a bit more bodycon, you can wear shapers that go from under bust/high waist to hip and don’t have any pant – like a girdle. They’ll smooth you right out.



    If you’re going to keep up with your current thongs, you need to sterilize them. You could be reinfecting yourself.

    Look up treatments for breastfeeding thrush, and try those on your underwear. From what I remember, it’s boiling the shit out of things (like if you use a menstrual cup) and then washing your underwear with vinegar to remove the yeast.

    It would probably be best to use pads or pantiliners with regular briefs for a few weeks until you’re completely sure you’re clear, and then go back to your sterilized thongs. Otherwise, buy new ones entirely.



    Hey love! First off, I’m sorry you’re prone to infections. They’re the worst.

    I had a bad bought with both thrush and bacterial vaginosis (pretty common to have treatment for one cause the other) for like three years on and off. Completely stopped wearing thongs, but if you want no panty lines definitely go for cheeky/hipster cut panties, lace trimmed is even better. H&M has a good selection of cotton underwear, just make sure the whole thing is cotton and not just the gusset. Also had good luck at Target.

    Honestly, just doing this and taking the proper vitamins has cut out most of my problems. I found vitamin D supplements have gotten rid of all BV symptoms, and with yeast infections I use the drugstore medicine.
    Garlic is also awesome to take for your immune system in general and I take a de-odourized garlic supplement every day. You can get these in the vitamin section.

    Not a doctor! But a fellow sufferer, and this really cured it for me. Good luck.



    I remember hearing that if you’re wearing leggings, skipping underwear can be good so that you don’t have too many layers down there, and that sleeping sans pants or underwear helps a lot too. Also, definitely make sure that whatever underwear (or anything touching that area) you do wear has at least a cotton gusset, if not full cotton (full-cottons are ideal, but may not be something you’re willing to commit to). Some of the other clothing-specific guidelines to help: change your underwear every day; sun-dry or iron the gusset after washing and drying; and make sure your underwear is loose.

    If I can be bold enough to go beyond clothes……

    [This article](https://www.healthline.com/health/yogurt-for-yeast-infection#seek-help) is definitely something also to check out… something I’d never heard of before. I have to admit it still sounds crazy.

    [Here is the 2012 study… they give a lot of detail as to how they suggested their patients receive treatment](http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/gjhs/article/view/43971), specifically the first paragraph of page 4 of the PDF, 111 of the journal.



    So, I had the exact same problem, and I actually just stopped wearing underwear, and almost exclusively wear dresses and skirts.

    It’s really life changing. After wearing underwear for 20 something years I’m done and I’ll never go back. I’m so comfortable. I’ll never wear skinny jeans again. In the winter, I have good luck with cotton blend leggings. I also wear thigh high stockings under my dresses for warmth.

    If that’s a little extreme for you, let me make a final suggestion: boric acid suppositories. I have had amazing luck with them. They regulate the PH balance of your vagina and the yeast can not survive. You can even buy them on amazon.



    I haven’t had any yeast issues, but I own both cotton and wool leggings. They are lovely, comfortable, and very breathable! I think my cotton ones came from Amazon and the wool pair is SmartWool that I got on sale from Sierra Trading Post. Wool is warmer but the cotton is fine most of the year. 🙂

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