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    It’s a long story about why, but I am a 25 year old woman with urinary incontinence, and need to wear protective underwear. I can dress in a way that hides my pull-up, but I’m struggling with not being able to dress exactly how I want. For example, I attached a picture of whats when I wear tight, low rise jeans, the waistband pokes above my pants and you can kind of see the bulk between my legs. Does anyone have any advice about how I can still dress feminine and sexy?


    Thanks everyone! There are a lot of great tips here that I’ll definitely try. Also good to know that my fears of having a “diaper butt” are unfounded lol. Love you all!





    Not sure if it’s your style but what about high waisted jeans? Personally they make me feel super sexy with a bodysuit



    Nice booty! I don’t see the bulk between your legs, but I can see the waistband. Either don’t wear low rise jeans or don’t worry about it. I understand why you might be self-conscious, but since no one know about your incontinence issue you may be overly concerned.



    I don’t see any bulk either but I totally get where you’re coming from because I wear pads and I’m hyper aware of it whenever I wear stretchy jeans even though logically I know no one else will notice it. Have you considered slip like shorts or even shape wear shorts like spanx? Spanx wouldn’t be comfortable for me personally everyday but I have some thinner shorts I wear under dresses. They’re higher waisted (so a skin tone color would hide the waist band) and they provide some smoothing. I also think they’d be more versatile than wearing a bodysuit/cami all the time under tops or whatever. Spanx would probably provide more compression for the bulk you feel. I’m sure there’s gotta be a happy medium between those two but I’m not sure about which brands would be good.



    I can’t see anything weird going on in the butt. I just see a butt. I’m with everyone else recommending high-rise jeans/pants! No chance of your shirt riding up and exposing the waistband. Also they’re super feminine and pretty sexay. Skirts are also an option especially if you’re concerned about the outline! Not pencil skirts but skater/circle skirts are cute, feminine, and not tight around the hips.

    Also consider pants that aren’t so close to the skin! [Cononymous’s fantastic crotch-concealing inspo album](https://www.reddit.com/r/femalefashionadvice/comments/82b21i/crotchconcealing_trousery_inspiration_album/) is full of beautiful inspiration for…yeah, not highlighting and emphasising the crotch, which is the area of concern for you.



    Would trimming the top band or folding it down be an option?

    Or maybe a bodysuit/leotard with snaps you could wear so if your shirt rode up it wouldn’t be noticeable? It wouldn’t work with every top, but could be a good option. They seem to be popular right now.

    I second highwaisted jeans as well.



    What about dresses? They hide everything and you can get A line dresses or skater dresses that won’t cling to your hips and show the “bulk.”



    I wear a thin cotton camisole under everything and tuck it into my pants. My back gets really cold all the time.



    I can’t see the bulk tbh! Looks normal to me.

    High waisted jeans would be your best bet to prevent the underwear from peeking out. Then I’d check out crop tops to pair with them, they sell a lot of cute styles that look great with a higher waist pant.

    Another option would be flow-y dresses or skirts.

    Edit: I did a search, and Always seems to offer a low rise underwear. Called “Discreet lower rise” So if you haven’t tried those maybe they’d work with low rise jeans?



    What if you wore control panties/shapewear panties over the protective underwear? It would smooth it out and hold it in, and you could size up to fit over them so it wouldn’t be tight or restrictive. Any bulkiness would just look like booty, and since it’s over your protective underwear, you could only get a few pairs and rewear them a lot, so it wouldn’t be that expensive.



    What about a high waisted short skirt? A full skater style skirt would minimise any bulk – though I don’t see any – and then you could show off some leg! You could wear bike shorts under it too if your concerned about accidental flashing; I know I am always super self conscious in short skirts!



    I definitely think high waisted jeans or skirts/dresses with tights might be the way to go.
    The period pants seem to be a good option. You can also get thinner pads that soak up urine well so that you’re not wearing adult diapers everyday.

    Slightly off topic, but I assume this is due to an underlying untreatable medical condition, right? Just asking because so many women seem to think urinary incontinence (especially after having kids) is a normal thing that they just have to live with.



    I wear Depends, and have been able to cut down the waistband without the underpants falling apart.



    Depending on how severe your incontinence is, you should try those period panties! I’ve heard.of knix and a couple other brands. They are much cuter and come in more cuts than these things you are fighting with. Also more eco friendly!



    Have you tried wearing light shapewear over top? It could help smooth out the bulk, and mid-rise jeans instead of low would hide the waistband.

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