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    Hello! I’ve recently been dabbling in buying mid range designer pieces (think Equipment silk shirts, Frame/AG denim shorts, Theory etc.) and I realized after 2 purchases that while I LOVE the discounts, I’m not 100% sure I’m not getting fakes.

    So, since a TON of you seem to buy on eBay quite successfully, what are your tips for buying on Ebay?

    I bought from one boutique so far that has 5300 positive reviews, but there are a couple 1 star reviews from a year ago that said they got fake clothes items. How do you vet the sellers and buy with confidence? Any tips on determining authenticity after you receive the items?



    Read the return policy

    If there aren’t measurements in the listing message the seller and ask for them!

    also when you search filter it to your *home country only* especially when looking for things that get knocked off a lot. This also saves me on ship times.



    use the saved search and set up alerts! super helpful. i’ll also just search random stores that encompass several brands (anthropologie, nordstrom) to find things in the same aesthetic.

    i try not to filter by size because i can often go up and down in sizes, which is why it’s SO IMPORTANT TO KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS. you can miss out on great deals if you stay within your size range!



    I’ve bought a couple of designer purses on eBay and made sure to run them through thepurseforum first. If you look through their forums, you’ll see dedicated authentication threads for each brand. The community there have successfully identified and saved me from buying knockoffs!



    I look at their other listings. If they’re selling the same shirt in multiple sizes and colors I’m suspicious. If they’re only selling one brand I’m suspicious. If they’re only selling new I’m suspicious. But if they’ve got a variety of new and used stuff from different brands in different styles I assume they’ve done a closet clean out or run an eBay thrift store.



    You can’t buy anything from Ebay with confidence, but their return policy is very much in the buyer’s court …and anyone wishing to make sales on Ebay are good about resolving customer issues.

    There isn’t a buyer’s guide that I can make except that expect lots of fakes, and don’t be timid about returning something you aren’t happy with.

    All the stuff I buy is vintage and niche anyway, but the returns policy is the same.

    I got some vintage pantyhose that weren’t vintage and they were filled with smoke….department store fire at some point, I am sure, and I got all my money back quickly.

    Ebay is willing to err on the buyer’s side and that’s a great thing. I’m always on the shop for vintage hose and nylons and only did a few returns since forever.

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