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    I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but we’re coming up on family photo season so I wanted to talk outfits!

    What’s your color scheme for this year?

    Do you go for matching or just coordinating?

    Do you follow trends or tend to go for more traditional looks?

    How do you accessorize?



    As a photographer who has taken many fall family photos I say take into consideration where this photo will be.

    Will it be displayed in your house? Then choose a color scheme that will go with your decor. Will it just be online? Then go crazy.

    I also highly encourage coordination instead f matching and suggest 2-4 color scheme and make sure one is a neutral (black, brown, white). I had a family that chose shades of blue with neutral brown. Mom wore a navy dress, dad wore a a multi blue plaid with khakis, son wore a light blue polo and khakis, the daughter wore a solid blue skirt with a brown and blue patterned shirt, it turned out wonderfully.



    I love this idea for a thread.

    I wonder what age you are. Are you the adult daughter in a family photo or are you a mother arranging a photo?

    I have a one year old and really want to have us in matching flannels standing in a pumpkin patch. #pinterest_childhood



    As the mom of a very strong willed 5 year old boy we start with what he wants to wear. He wants to be the flash? Then I’ll usually wear something red. Batman? Black. My husband is happy to follow suit but we’re both just grateful if we get a decent photo. Last year my son insisted we were the pj masks, so he wore blue my husband wore green and I wore red. When he was a baby I would go all out and try do the color coordinated outfits, but he is too old for me to select his outfits anymore.



    Also a photographer! Totally agree with the earlier mention of considering where you’ll place it in your house. If you’re doing this in a studio (my field), I’d highly suggest calling and asking them their advice– when we check in a guest, one of the first things we discuss is what colors they’re wearing + what BG works best. They’ll have good advice!
    If this is gonna be in a different setting, I’d say to style around the environment. Outdoors calls for a totally different mood than studio.



    This is so cute. I have never and probably will never do this, but I really enjoy that this is an important point of discussion for some families!



    Never really have a color scheme, but I can guarantee that my husband will either wear a Bengals jersey, a band shirt, or a plaid flannel shirt. No exactly the king of fashion.. (;

    I’ll coordinate my and our son’s outfit with whatever colors he’s wearing. Usually ends up being black, brown, orange, and sometimes green.



    I’ve been stressing about what to wear since August and my pictures aren’t even until the very end of October!!

    My husband will likely wear a navy collared shirt with a black vest and jeans. My 2 year old will be in a blue/purple pinafore with a white collared shirt. I am going to wear…. well I have no earthly idea!!! I’ve fully embraced the very tired, worn out mom look with a daily rotation of sweats, slightly wrinkled t-shirts, and a bun. Help!



    We aren’t doing ours until early December for our daughter’s first birthday, but I’m already thinking about it!! I’m thinking burgundy or rust for me, deep teal for my husband (he has a beautiful sweater in that color that he never remembers to wear) and I have a fall floral dress from ON for the baby that has all of those colors. Minimal accessories – probably just gold or diamond earrings.

    I definitely want to go more traditional so it doesn’t looks TOO insane in the future and also not too matchy-matchy, which I also think looks silly!



    We did a big extended family photo 2 years ago with my in laws. We set the color palette as navy, burgundy and gray. Which basically meant guys in gray and blue, ladies in burgundy. It looked nice in the group and couple shots but with guys only or girls only it was a little obvious. My husband did a patterned blue and burgundy shirt and I did a blue tank and burgundy cardigan and it looked great. One of my sister-in-laws did a burgundy dress but navy scarf which gave a nice contrast, but her husband’s shirt had too fine of a plaid and ended up looking more purple or pink in the distant shots. But the color scheme as a whole worked, it just could have had some fine tuning.

    Also, really consider accessories. Necklaces, scarves, sweaters are all great. But any shots taken at ground level will probably show off socks and shoes more than you think. Husband and I did cute matching argyle socks as gifts one year and we wore them that day. You can see them in our photos as a couple and it’s kind of adorable to see them peeking out above our oxfords.






    Mom, since when are you on reddit?

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