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    The other day, I was rewatching The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (certainly didn’t remember it being so depressing!) and I noticed that while they were coming up with rules to go with wearing the jeans, they decided it should NEVER be cuffed and shirts should NEVER be tucked in. This struck me as pretty odd since both of those are so in fashion, and then I remembered the movie dates back to 2000, with lots of early 2000s fashion…

    It got me thinking: which other fashion trends/statements that are in nowadays would actually be seen as horribly faux-pas in earlier decades? What about the future? Which trends are we going to frown upon then?



    I watched 13 going on 30 a couple days ago, which is only 14 years old. When the main character is transported to 2004, it was weird to see the fashion from then again. Very low waisted jeans with thongs showing. I can’t believe I forgot that was a thing. I was still a bit young but I remember seeing teenagers wearing that and very tight cropped tank tops with belly button piercings. I was thinking that nowadays, no one would show their thong like that.

    I also remember my parents taking me shopping for clothes and they had found skinny fit pants. I hated them. All the girls wore wide leg pants or flared ones, not this. I remember feeling like a mother or a grandma wearing this, it was so out of style. I said I didn’t like them and we didn’t buy them. Phew. But now I only wear skinny jeans…



    Ah… Are you old enough to know the 60s? Hot pant suits (including pantyhose!) The jacket went down almost to the hem of the pants, so while walking it looked like a skirt that barely covered your ass.

    I had an orangish-red hot pants suit and wore spike heels with it. Felt sooooo sexy. I was in my early 20s, so I was pretty sexy. Or, rather, foxy. Foxy lady.



    I remember thinking that tucking a shirt in your pants looked super dorky when I was in elementary school in the early 2000s. Also loose sweaters were only worn by nerds. A loose gray sweater was like the stereotypical nerdy wallflower girl outfit. Now it’s considered “classy” and fashionable.



    I remember when straight leg/tapered jeans started going out of style in the late 90’s and it was bootcut, flare, or wide leg until skinny jeans came in and we were all horrified and thought they were hideous and unflattering.

    I’ve watched tucked shirts go in and out. Early 90’s we tucked everything in even t shirts. You never saw a guy in an untucked polo. It was super uncool from the late 90’s until recently.



    If you had asked me 10 years ago if my favorite shoes would be penny loafers I would have laughed in your face. But here we are…



    I remember a relatively short-lived period (early 2000s?) where it was not only *acceptable* but legitimately *trendy* to wear short dresses or mini-skirts over jeans. I can’t imagine trying to pull off that look today.

    [Ashley Tisdale](

    [Anne Hathaway](

    [Britney Spears](



    I’ve been around long enough for two rounds of cuffing pants to be cool and two rounds of tucking shirts be cool.
    I’m relieved it’s cool now to wear your backpack on both shoulders, but I’ll never, NEVER, accept the fanny pack. Never!






    Mixing black and brown was a big faux-pas in the early 2000s. But now the hot thing is black with cognac brown booties or camel jacket.



    Bra straps. ‘‘Twas the mid 90s when it was daring to show your strap (I was a teen) my mom and grandma would never have done such a thing. Yes bra straps had their first moment in the 80s, but my mum is not American and was not that avant-garde.

    Pretty much the same story for pantyhose and the faux pas of bare legs in formal wear. Look at red carpet photos from the 80s vs 90s vs late 90s britney era. Everyone younger than Britney Spears has never bought pantyhose unless they’re a lawyer or the squarest of squares.



    the bedazzle-ALL-OF-THE-THINGS phase of the early to mid 2000s’. super light wash jeans with layered pink/blue/white abercrombie shirts in the mid 00’s. the platform white sneakers circa 2000. scene kids with long side swept bangs in this-is-clearly-dyed black hair with the heavy eyeliner and gauged ears. jelly bracelets halfway up your fucking forearm (that apparently a bunch of adults thought was some kind of sex game?), chain wallets, trip pants, hot topic corsets, and chain-and-lock industrial goth kid necklaces.



    I think other people have talked about this, but tight tops with oversized bottoms, specifically oversized cargo pants! And I was trying to google pictures, and it looks like Urban Outfitters is selling them again!!



    I was in high school in the early 2000s and wearing sneakers with jeans was a huge faux-pas. Running shoes in general were super uncool unless you were doing an actual physical activity. It was a weird time right before athleisure wear was a thing. This did not apply to skater shoes, though.

    I am so happy that has changed.



    When I was in school in the 80’s, wearing anything that actually kept you warm was incredibly uncool. I think it was because the silhouettes for tops at the time were extremely tight and short, so bulky sweaters and coats weren’t going to cut it.

    Plus we all spent 30 minutes on our bangs every morning, so you weren’t going to throw a toque on.

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