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    This is my first real post here, I have lurked for months and have enjoyed the sub. I have downsized my bloated wardrobe and refined my pallete somewhat as a result.

    However I rarely see a post from anyone around my age. Are you out there? Could we have a thread where we say our age/lifestyle or career/style goals and maybe even post pics like the youngins have? I am seeking style mentors and discussion from my peers.

    I am almost 51, professional in a casual office environment with basic modesty and tidiness as the only dress code. Australia so inverted seasons. I have posted some pics in the loseit sub if you want to see what I look like.

    I am struggling with discovering my real style after a lot of big life changes. Inside I feel 29 and I have always dressed what someone here described as ‘corporate goth/punk’… But wondering if I am starting to look silly or ‘mutton dressed as lamb’. I guess my style goal is to look on the outside the way I feel on the inside, without becoming the ‘zany older lady’ which is cool but not me.

    Anyway thanks for reading and I hope to meet some new fashion friends!



    Exact same age as you, my friend. I do sometimes worry about the “mutton dressed as lamb” thing when I consider that my 16-year-old and I swap out sneakers all the time. But it’s not like I’m wearing anything outrageous, so I try to relax about it.

    I’m in a work environment that’s on the dressier side of business casual. No jeans, ever, which is a sad change from my previous job. Jeans and a shell and a blazer or nice cardigan was my go-to. Today I’m wearing a black sheath dress, black tights, black ankle boots and a flame orange cardigan. Didn’t even think about the fact that I’m early for hallowe’en until I’d already left the house…

    Thanks for posting this. I feel like a fossil sometimes, but the reality is, I’m more comfortable with myself than I was decades ago, so why not enjoy these years?



    I’m not quite in the age range you’ve noted, but I’m 38 and have often felt on the fringes of the general femalefashionadvice demographics and definitely note and feel excited to see folks around my age posting.

    My work/professional life is something I’m really proud of, but is very much at odds with what I enjoy in my personal life and hobbies. Which is totally OK for me, except when it comes to wardrobe. My office is business casual erring on the more dressy side, and I struggle quite a bit with feeling like “me” in my work-appropriate clothes as I enjoy seeing trends and new styles but I find it challenging to translate these into office wear in a way that feels I’m expressing my personality and not just keeping up with the ‘kids’. Anyways, just wanted to share my struggle!

    Edit: removed double word!



    I’m 42 and mostly lurk…occasionally comment. I’m just starting to take an interest in being put together the last few years. I’m in the trades and have always either worn a uniform or tank tops and cargo shorts /jeans to work. (no a/c on the hangar floor, deep south US). Free time wardrobe varies wildly because we like to do everything from dinner /ballroom dancing night at the local dance school to
    fishing. Lots of random things.

    A touch of the cancer recently both drastically changed my body shape (bye bye,boobs) and gave me a bit of a refocus to a managerial role rather than a wrench turner. Now, I’m in the air conditioning, only occasionally getting greas. No longer have to wear steel toed boots, I can wear jewelry…even do my makeup. It’s taking getting used to, but I do enjoy it.

    The funniest part has been the reaction from my coworkers. I still work with the same people, just in a different role. They are all male and seemed frankly shocked to discover that I am not inclined dress in a masculine way if I don’t have to.

    I’ve enjoyed getting inspiration from this sub, but do sometimes struggle with translating styles that I like into something that works for my age, body shape, and lifestyle. I’m having the most problems with body image right now, truth be told. There’s definitely a wealth of inspiration to be found here for curvy women, which is how I always defined myself. Now, I just don’t know.

    Anyway..sorry for the ramble. Glad to see more older ladies poking their heads in.



    I’m in my early 40s. I used to dress vintage/twee, but that was when I was much younger. No, I no longer want to be “cute,” but professional, and kickass. I do still lean vintage, but my shoes have gotten pointier and hemlines have gotten longer. Colors have gotten more cohesive and complimentary. My closet now is a capsule. Okay. That’s how things usually are. Currently, I’m 6 months pregnant and can’t fit into my regular clothes. What’s in my closet now is whatever I could buy off Poshmark for $5 while remaining professional looking. It’s a mismash of open cardigans and business pants. 🙁 My style sucks right now. I can’t wait to get back into my regular clothes.



    I started my own sub if you wanna hang there too 🙂



    I’m lucky that I work at a uni, not student-facing so I can pretty much wear what I want…. But I don’t know how to be 50. I’m also a healthy BMI for the first time in my life and have no idea what I want to dress like, now that I am not dressing to hide my body. Whenever I google ‘fashion over 50’ I get depressed by the awfulness. More accurately it’s not awful but just…a bit grown up looking for my inner me.

    Being old is hard.

    I choose not to wear jeans to work but dress code doesn’t forbid it. I just simply have no idea how I want to look. I know what I like to wear, kinda? But no idea if I look cool or silly.



    46 year-old checking in! I’m mostly a lurker and I work at home so I don’t have the career-wear conundrum that you have. I’m also struggling with my style currently, a problem I never had in my 20s or 30s. I think sometimes I don’t have a full understanding of current trends and/or I can’t figure out a way to wear them that works for me. I’ve also recently let my hair go gray (yay! no more montly dye jobs and hiding my roots!) which I’m finally pretty confident about but I can’t figure out my colors anymore. The lighter gray is almost white and cooler than my previous chestnut hair color – it’s messing with my whole wardrobe. Also Black. I find it hard to wear black around my face anymore (which cuts out more than half my tops). I’m actually thinking of getting my colors done professionally because I just can’t figure it out. Just a few random thoughts but wanted to say that you’re not alone! 🙂






    I wouldn’t say I’m fashionable, but I’m 44 years old, in a more business than casual office, working in Healthcare and at times have to look professional. Our department comprises of all ages, from about 26 to 67. I struggle with fit more than anything, I feel frumpy in full skirts and lumpy in pencils. I have found that dresses seem to flatter me much more than skirts/tops so I’ve been wearing more of those. I also am loving wide legged pants with slim fit or ribbed sweaters.
    Wedges, block heels, loafers and oxfords are my shoe choices.
    I do wear a lot of black which is supposed to be a no no but I’m just not comfortable in light or bright colors and prints. I embrace my Gothic/Rockabilly aesthetic in color and accessories (tiny ruby cherry stud earrings and sterling silver moon/star rings) because it makes me feel good. I’m confident when I feel like myself.
    I’ve used henna for my hair for 10+ years, not sure when I will stop and go gray…maybe when more of my hair turns.
    And the usual…lots of water, lots of veggies, get up and walk, etc.



    I’m here! 48 and recently overhauled my style over the course of a year or so. I’m a lawyer but I work remotely for a California tech company, so have lots of versatility in terms of how I dress. I do have to dress up more when I speak at conferences, but that’s just about once a month or so. The “[Putting Me Together](” blog was so helpful in helping me reexamine my style. I ultimately realized my style is more minimal than that blogger’s, but it helped me a lot. I’m short and really found the “[Alterations Needed](” blog to be helpful in terms of choosing clothes for my build and because her style resonates with me. I also use Echo Look to figure out what looks best on me and really like it. I think the difficulty as we age is that certain things that were fashion faux pas when we were younger are now trendy and as a result it can be difficult to overcome our aversion to certain trends/styles. Also as our bodies change over time, what once worked well on our builds no longer does. That’s why the selfies from Echo Look have helped me so much. For what it’s worth, here are [some recent pics]( of me to show the style I ultimately settled on.



    Here! In the last few years I’ve been going through some big changes that affect my style. First, after years of grad school (and working in publishing in NYC before that, so: twice broke), I’m finally in a tenure-track job and able to buy somewhat nicer clothing. Plus I turned forty, then had a baby so my style is definitely shifting right now. I love a masculine look, but the baby gave me curves and the aging can sometimes make that style look severe on me. So I’m starting to wear dresses and investing in some nice shoes until my new body decides what shape it’s going to be. I loooove style blogs by people in our age range, so if anyone has any suggestions…



    I’m not fashionable, lol. I mostly lurk here, but have been known to occasionally chime in. I just turned 50.

    I have made a big career change, from a more corporate environment to a much more relaxed environment. So that has been a style adaptation. I am also much more into minimalism and sustainability than I used to be, and have spent several years developing my “uniform” to make getting dressed in the morning easier. I am at the point where I want to be comfy, look somewhat stylish and at the same time have a small cohesive wardrobe that is sustainable. What I don’t want is to look like I haven’t evolved my style since the early 90’s but equally I don’t really care about absolutely having to be on trend. Menocore here I come?



    Early to mid 40s. Work for an engineering firm, male dominated, good old boy old school, business casual. I look young, so I can pull off a lot of younger looks (still office appropriate) but the downside is that it causes my input to be discounted in the workplace. And now I’m gaining a bit of weight in the mid-section, so nothing fits. Hair, skin and body is slowly changing and I’m at a loss at how to change routines with it. And any sort of non-natural fibers makes me sweat. I would love to look sleek and age appropriate in tailored, Theory-like looks, but I’m a size 14. I kind of want a capsule wardrobe to make things easier, but I’m always seduced by the thrill of the new.

    So, yeah some issues. On the other hand, I know what suits me and I can afford a lot more!




    [business casual](

    That’s me at the office. I’m 44.



    I’m 32, but have already started drawing a lot of inspiration from “older” bloggers as I just find myself relating to them a big more. I loooooove [the Vivienne Files](, and your post also made me think of this great blog [Not Dressed as Lamb](



    54 and love to have fun with clothes! I think I will always have some punk elements in my style, even if it’s just subdued skull prints here and there.

    I’ll try to remember to post a WAYWT some day when I’m not actually wearing yoga pants (working from home has led me into a comfort-centric way of dressing, except when I’m going somewhere fun).



    I’m about to turn 49 in November and just wanted to say hello also! I am a lurker here but I hang around hoping to glean fashion tips because I have been totally fashion clueless my whole life! I recently got a job that requires business clothes (at a museum) so I have had to up my game as far as business attire goes.



    37 here, and in the weird spot of finally having enough disposable income to buy more expensive clothing but also feeling the crushing guilt of “being a responsible adult” whenever I spend Real Money on something. I looked like crap in my 20s because I was broke as fuck …and it was the early ’00s, so we all looked like crap. I want to make up for lost time and I buy mostly secondhand, but I’m at the point in my career where I have to look more professional and it seems so expensive. When I read about FFA posters here who drop thousands on a YSL bag, I turn into both an old harpy yelling about mortgages, college funds and IRAs and a squeeing fangirl who wants to do the same but can’t because daycare and life insurance.

    TL;DR: I haz money now but shouldn’t spend on fashion and I haz a sad.



    40 here! I have noticed that I have started to get the general comments of softening my beauty/fashion choices or “at your age….”. Apparently all black and heavy eyeliner is not allowed after 35? Who knows but they will have to claw my black eyeliner and shadow from my cold, dead hands. I do struggle with much the same things you mentioned with looking how you feel. I admit to being terrified of being seen as sad or pathetic rather than funky and carefree. But it does seem like a thin line between “what are you doing wearing that at your age” and “carefree and fierce as fuck”!

    I run my own business and work from home, so my work wardrobe is slim. I’m an antiques dealer so most of my work is digging in boxes in dusty attics and moldy basements looking for treasures. Those clothes need to be able to withstand dirty, so I tend to have jeans and outdoor brands for those clothes. For myself, fun clothes tend to be an unintentional small palette. I just cleared out my closet and noticed all my clothing is either grey, black, dark denim, chambray, or deep maroon / purple. So I figured if that was what I was naturally drawn too, I would roll with it. A more monochromatic look feels to me less frantic and more adapted to a maturing look anyway.

    I do love funky t-shirts but I have started to weed those out. It does feel like it really dresses down my efforts. So I have been more focused on tops that may have pattern, but no more writing or funky graphic t-shirts. And a pair of jeans, no matter if they are distressed or dark denim, gets paired with a very high quality shirt, to help balance out the idea that I rolled out in just a t-shirt. Dresses rarely fit my body well as either the top or bottom fits, but rarely both. So I am a big proponent of separates, and I love skirts with tights. Someone here the other day commented that they liked to wear patterned tights over opaque tights so that the designs were more toned down. I really like that idea and as soon as it isn’t too hot where I am, I am going to try that.



    I’m older than you…and i understand the struggle. I know people say to wear whatever you want to (and often, I do), but the reality is that some clothes I’m drawn to just don’t seem right for me anymore. I think that’s what has gotten me interested more in fashion, and following this subreddit. I’ve learned a lot here and I’m having fun trying different brands and styles.



    I’m almost 32 and live in South Louisiana. I love looking at all the styles around here, but I struggle with relating to most of those younger or even my age. I feel that way in real life too. I got married and had kids at a young age. I have a preteen and a teen. I’m very happy and satisfied with my life, but I feel like I’m in a different place than most my age.

    I too struggle with retaining my gothiness. Sometimes I’ll be in the mood to dress edgy, but then I look in the mirror and see my teenage rebellious self and I just can’t get past it. I don’t mind being the “zany older lady”, but I do like to be polished and not draw attention from my looks. It’s nice to blend in sometimes. My daughter and I tend to share clothes too.

    My husband and I have our own business, which keeps me quite casual for work as it’s a trade. I also work part time as an office manager for a screen printing company, so that is also pretty casual. I miss being able to dress up a little for work.




    Almost 52 here. I work in a non-profit which is not only very casual, but the average age of other people who work there is probably 28. I feel like I have a lot of clothes but not so much cohesive style. Doesn’t help that I am about 40 lb overweight, and at 5’3″ I’m right at the border of regular women’s sizes and petites. Long torso + short legs, overall curvy makes for fun times.

    My go-tos include ponte pants, uniqlo legging pants and tunics. I also wear lots of dresses because they are easy and mindless- less stuff to coordinate. In recent years I’ve become a huge fan of thrifting and occasionally find amazing quality pieces like Eileen Fisher. I spend the big bucks on footwear (wide-calf boots, hello) and good bras (because my 38dds can’t deal with anything cheap) and underwear. I find that the right footwear especially can really pull a bunch of otherwise pretty simple pieces into a cohesive look.

    The other thing I find tricky is fabrics. I can’t wear many synthetics on my top half because I am constantly hot. I need good quality natural fibres so I look for interesting fabrics. I love interesting blends like wool/silk, or linen/cotton. They’re hard to find – especially at an easy price point- but they do exist.



    I hear you! My office was dressy and moved to office casual. All the guys get away with chinos and a different colored polo shirt (company logo shirt, provided by the company). I’m having trouble finding a style that’s me. I loved wearing heels and dresses or skirts and now I just look overdressed and not quite with it. I’m 30 years older than some of the youngest women and I just don’t feel comfortable duplicating their look.

    On top of that, I garden and spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking, riding bikes, walking my dog, etc., so my casual wardrobe is too casual for work. I need to find a happy medium without having to buy a lot of trendy clothes every season. I like a fairly tailored, classic look but I think those days are gone.




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