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    Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to burn though my Target sweaters in one season so I can buy more every winter, but I am ready to invest in some high quality knits. I’m looking for something well fitting with quality craftsmanship. What brands do you love that stand the test of time with out sagging and fraying?



    Uniqlo Merino holds up like nothing else for the price point, IMHO. I have three winter old sweaters and new ones and can’t tell the difference.



    Brora, Malo, Agnona, Pringle of Scotland, Johnston of Elgin.

    Brora is probably the most affordable of these, especially on sale (and they have a wide sale selection)! The rest are quite expensive but all are very high quality and last for many years, even decades. If you’re going to spend more than $100 on merino or $200 on cashmere, skip the high-end department store brands and go for these on sale. There are even better ones – Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli come to mind, but I’m thinking none of us are the thousand-dollar 20 plus year sweater crowd.

    If those are far too off the deep end, try Naadam – they sell a $75 basic cashmere that will do you better than all the other “cashmere under $200 retail” offerings.



    The absolute best knitwear I have ever purchased is from Max Mara. It’s freaking expensive, but if you can snag one on sale, I guarantee it is actually worth it. I have sweaters that are hand-me-downs that I also have worn for 5+ years and look good as new with a little care, not to mention that they are some of the warmest items of clothing I own.

    For a less expensive option, if you have access to a Neiman Marcus, they ALWAYS have a great after-christmas sale, where their in-house cashmere line is often discounted to around $100 per sweater. Their outlet shop “Lastcall” is also a good place to find this, but I do recommend you try on in store if possible because some of their sweaters are better than others.



    These are UK/European brands but most deliver internationally ando/or have stores all over. I love knitwear and it’s one of my favourite things to shop for so I’ve gathered a few jumpers over the years.

    £50+ – Uniqlo, Arket

    £100+ – Maison Cashmere, People Tree, TOAST

    £200+ – Acne Studios, Me and Em

    £300+ – Margaret Howell, Alexachung

    I have knits from most of these brands and all have held up great for a couple of years now, regardless of the price bracket. My Margaret Howell jumpers are 3-5 years old, bought secondhand and they look wonderful. Acne Studios is, IMO, pretty great for the price/quality too. If you happen to be going to Sweden or Denmark for a holiday, shop there because it’ll be a lot cheaper than UK or US. Uniqlo and Arket are my favourites for fast fashion knits, especially Arket since you can machine wash them no problem. They really need to start shipping to US.

    I listed Me and Em and Alexachung there because I have knits from them, but I think Me and Em’s knits pill ridiculously fast compared to my other knits. Alexachung does fun designs but uses synthetics blended with natual fabrics for the style elements. Would recommend Alexachung only if you are like, a serious knitwear fan and want weird stuff to your collection. It’s also incredibly overpriced for what it is, sadly. People Tree does similar fun designs way way cheaper and more ethically.

    Oh and if you have $600 to spare you can have a British grandma handknit you an honest authentic gansey fisherman jumper at [Flamborough Marine](http://www.flamboroughmarine.co.uk/). [Die Workwear](http://dieworkwear.com/post/178922806354/the-other-fisherman-sweater) did a pretty cool article about them recently.



    Vince is my favorite, but theory is decent as well. If I’m feeling fancy, Eric Bompard all the way



    Echoing Vince, and also throwing in a J. Jill Merino and Lafayette 148. Bought all on eBay because I like $300-$500 sweaters for $20-$30.



    My perspective on this is a little different because I’m a knitter! I’ve made lopapeysas (traditional Icelandic sweaters), fairisle sweaters, several cosy cabled sweaters, and it’s kind of ruined store bought knits for me. It’s not as difficult as you might think to knit a sweater! If that’s really not your thing, you can look for handknits on Etsy. As for brands, I’ve been impressed by the value of Uniqlo merino — simple styles and easy to wash. But I can’t bring myself to buy high end knitwear if I can make things I like better myself.



    WoolOvers! I’d consider their prices low to mid-range, but the quality is excellent for the price. Their pure wool items are surprisingly sturdy and thick and I’ve had basically zero pilling with them so far. The cashmere/merino blends are really nice and cozy imo, but might be a little scratchy to someone with sensitive skin. I’ve had some pilling / fuzzing on my cashmere/merino items, but nothing too frustrating (and it’s not that noticeable). Their cashmere is on the thinner side, but still very soft.

    They don’t usually carry very modern cuts or styles, but they’re my go-to if I need a basic piece or something for work.



    Vintage cashmere is awesome – you can find plenty in near mint condition for reasonable prices and the quality is near unbeatable by modern items. If you do buy knitwear new, my favorite brands are Doen, Morph Knitwear, Inhabit (especially on sale), or if on deeper sale, Elder Statesman and Chloe.



    Thank you all so much for the suggestions. I can’t wait to spend the day looking through all the different styles and brands!!



    I like Aritzia’s 100% merino cardigans and sweaters. They’ve held up really well for me over the last couple of years. Be sure to check the materials, not all of their knits are 100% merino. I’m not a fan of their acrylic blends. Wilfred Free tends to be my favorite brand. Still pricey (for me), but not quite as high a price point as Brora or Dale of Noways.



    My banana republic and j crew have held up wonderfully. I like thin knit merino



    Uniqlo is my absolute favorite for knits, usually $40-$100 – they can get a little pricey but everything I’ve purchased from Uniqlo has been of great quality. ASOS also has a lot of good stuff, (ASOS Design, Only, Pull&Bear, Brave Soul) around the $30-$80 range.



    I’m over wool, cashmere, et al. because they require more maintenance than just washing. I’ve been wearing cotton sweaters mostly. My favorite brand to get cotton sweaters from is Petit Bateau (I have 3) and I’ve been getting men’s cotton sweaters second hand (various brands).

    Idk if cotton sweaters are less ~put together/polished~ looking than wool or cashmere. I’m just tired of holes, piling, material getting thin and cheap-looking (cough, uniqlo and BR) and i don’t want to pay for dry cleaning.

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