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    I noticed my boss always wears fun patterned ascots that reflect her bold and creative personality, and a classmate wears creased boot cut pants that highlight her poised figure.
    I tend to wear basic skinny jeans and a blouse with black flats, but I’m trying to learn to accessorize and express my style better.



    Leather jackets. You know how Cate Blachett has suits in every color of the rainbow? I want that, but with leather jackets.



    Bold lipstick! Also, I’m an artist, I made and sell jewelry as well. So I love to pair one of my [custom nature-inspired necklaces](https://i.imgur.com/mpX6CwC.jpg) with my outfits!



    Red lipstick.



    Does footwear count? I own a bazillion pairs of cowgirl boots and I’ve yet to meet another short lil’ brown girl wearing them (and if I do meet her, I’m going to insist that we become besties).

    Otherwise, I’d say it’s my handknit legwarmers and mini triangle shawls 🙂 (I live in a city that’s basically two-thirds winter).



    An antique silver shield ring that covers about half of my right index finger.

    “Is that for hitting people?”

    “Yes, Derek, it’s for smashing the patriarchy.”



    My wedding band is a thinner version of [the ring I’m wearing on my middle finger here](https://imgur.com/a/ZCoiGq9), and I don’t think people notice, but I love it and it always makes me a feel a little more put together because no matter what, I’m always wearing a solid, minimalist but interesting piece of jewelry.



    For me it’s my handbag, it’s a bit eccentric, but practical, and I think that’s key. Don’t accessorise pointlessly.



    Obnoxious glasses!



    I think for me it is a small backpack. For years I’ve used one instead of a purse and I like how it makes it seem like I’m always on an adventure. I had a purple canvas one I loved which I got from some random shop in Lake Placid that was burning a lot of incense. I’ve since replaced it but I feel like it’s part of my style now.



    Hats & red lipstick.

    I’m a fiend for the former and own at least six in different styles, for the latter I have two signature reds depending on my mood.

    I also wear boots year round, typically cowboy or lave up ropers (similar to combat but with a vintage vibe).



    The color maroon is my signature “accessory”. I own so much maroon stuff and somehow always have something of that color on me!



    I love jewelery so I always tend to have one statement piece. Usually I gravitate to large earrings(like [gold ones](https://goo.gl/images/3yqqNT) or [colorful fringe ones](https://goo.gl/images/ZESwji) but sometimes it can be a chunky necklace or a bunch of rings.

    I feel naked without some sort of jewelry on, like my outfit isn’t complete. I’ll also be honest and say I get most of my statement pieces from Aliexpress. They have some beautiful jewelry for under $2, perfect for earrings or necklaces.



    All the tubers are wearing Gucci belt. I want one



    [my work bag](https://imgur.com/odKFkty) (i wear it backpack style), my phone case- [current one](https://www.katespade.com/products/cactus-iphone-7%2F8-case/8ARU1944.html), and i have two rings i wear pretty much every day- one in the shaped of a tied bow, and the other a row of three roses.



    On casual days, my hair accessories, and socks in bold colours/patterns, my favourites are a black pair with purple hearts on them, and a gorgeous plaid pair. I get a lot of compliments on them too since most of my friends have shoes-off houses.

    On a more regular workday basis, I wear [a coin like this]( https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRJ9L5YqwwGeWP6GFJOSDH7i4ERFtSf1e2q8fhshG6f9BXe-mprPEt6YU1zeg) as a pendant. It looks pretty great resting against a plain tshirt etc.



    Here are some of mine:

    * Silk neck and head scarves, paired with edgier separates.
    * Chunky menswear-inspired shoes, paired with softer garments.
    * Statement belts with high-rise trousers.
    * Comfy shoes with clean silhouettes in unusual colours and textures.
    * Big horn-rimmed sunglasses with everything.
    * When in doubt, red lipstick.

    I also love statement earrings with simpler everyday outfits, but I can’t wear them because my earlobes are super sensitive.



    My thumb ring!

    Simple thumb ring



    My glasses , I’ve been wearing some variation of the classic style ray bans for the past 8 years and it’s basically a part of me at this point. I actually had to wear contacts one day at work and a client was super shocked cause “I didn’t look like me “ :’)



    Shawls and blanket scarves in the winter, and baseball caps year-round – I am usually wearing a Dodgers cap if I’m dressed casually. (Also a stupid amount of Dodgers apparel in general. Look, I’m superstitious and look great in blue and hats.)



    I wear a solitaire diamond necklace nearly every day. It’s my signature accessory.



    I’m a student, so I always have my backpack ([this](https://herschel.com/shop/backpacks/retreat-backpack?v=10066-00001-OS) Herschel one in black and tan). I always wear a pair of pearl earrings (basically [these](https://www.macys.com/shop/product/cultured-freshwater-pearl-10mm-diamond-1-10-ct.-t.w.-leverback-earrings-in-sterling-silver?ID=2522678&CategoryID=73585&mltPDP=true#fn=sp%3D1%26spc%3D207%26ruleId%3D78%26searchPass%3DmatchNone%26slotId%3D3) but no diamonds). And I have pretty long semi-statement hair, so I like to think of that as an accessory. 🙂



    Something orange! Usually just an accessory, but it cheers me up to have it on me somewhere, no matter the occasion.




    I’m a big fan of a heavy manstyle bracelet because I have a large build and it subtly elevates a t-shirt and neat trackpants.

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