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    Any other girls out there who are diabetic with an insulin pump? What the heck do you do with it when wearing various clothing items? If I’m at home it’s just in my pocket but tight jeans or dresses provide unique challenges out in public. Any tips?



    I’m not diabetic but you should look up Michelle Lord on YouTube! She has an insulin pump and has done a few videos on fashion with tips on how to conceal your pump.



    I have an insulin pump! Most days I just stuff it in my bra, kind of at the side of my boob, which works great at concealing it most of the time. Sometimes if I’m wearing a bra with thin material you can see the shape of it through my shirt but it doesn’t bother me. I have some underwear from Anna PS (swedish brand) that have a pocket for the pump which works great if I’m wearing a dress without a bra, or something strapless. Also great for sleeping in if you don’t like having it loose. Anna PS also have all other kinds of clothing including swinwear with pockets for a pump, I don’t know about international shipping though…



    I’m not diabetic but one of my best friends is. When she wears a dress she puts her pump in her cleavage but I know that only hides it if you’re particularly well endowed (not that you should necessarily care if others can see it, but that can be a concern got some). For jeans etc she always clips it to her waistband on her hip!



    I have a t:slim. I chose this pump because its so easy to hide due to its very low profile.

    I wear it without the case under my arm, tucked into my bra band (i’ve always worn my pumps this way since the days of my old MiniMed, which was significantly larger/thicker). I’ve literally never had anyone notice it here, or ask about it. In fact, a few weeks ago, one of my coworkers who’s known me for a decade asked me what it was when she saw me bolusing. She’s seen me in everything from pajamas to black tie gowns.



    Dresses with pockets, pants/shorts with pockets, and hip bags(aka festival purses or fanny packs). I can’t clip mine on the outside of my clothes, I always catch it on doorknobs (or anything else that can grab the tube) if I do.

    I’m not chesty enough to stuff mine in my bra, but I know that works for other people. For my wedding I bought a garter belt off Etsy that had a little pouch sewn in for a pump.



    pump user here! i use the Hid-In straps, where you can put them around your leg if you’re wearing a dress or skirt, or around your waist/stomach for when you’re wearing tops! but most of the time i do the same where it’s either in my pocket or clipped onto my bra.



    There was a Miss America contestant a few years ago who used a pump. I’ll try to figure out who she was, she probably has social media and might talk about it. She openly wore her pump in the swimwear portion.



    I wear dresses 40 percent of the time and usually either snake it to a hole in a pocket or wear a Garter belt or clip it to my underwear if the dress I’m wearing is flared out enough there for it not to be noticeable (I have small boobs so bra isn’t much of an option unless I’m wearing something with a very loose top and can stick it on my bra band under my arm)

    The other 60 percent of the time I’m usually wearing a skirt and then it’s either pocket or straight to the waist band



    Me! I clip it to the gore of my bra when I want to hide it under dresses and jumpsuits (my boobs are big enough that this works) or I just clip it to the strap of my top/dress and hope I don’t get any assholes asking questions. I also clip it pump-in onto the waistband of skirts and pants.



    I have an Animas Ping but I’m trying to switch to the Omnipod. I’ve had the ping for 9 years, and I generally just put it in my pockets and deal with the lump. Removing the clip makes it have a slimmer profile. In dresses or skirts I usually clip it to the front my underwear with the clip against my skin and then wear biker shorts over it. The pump is situated where my inner thigh meets my crotch. I’ve also had some luck with using garters created for pumps because then I can have the pump close to my inner thigh or the back of my leg. The garter needs to be tight enough though- best to try it out before going somewhere in case it’s too weak.

    Sometimes I’ll also clip it to the gore of my bra, but this only works for me if the neckline is high enough. Although, it doesn’t really work when I wear properly fitting bras because the gore is flush against my skin with those. Also, I don’t like getting sweaty if my pump is on my bra or underwear. Very uncomfortable. I only wear it exposed on the waistline of jeans, pants, etc. if I’m at home.

    I’m excited to switch to the pod because I feel like I’ll have more freedom with clothes since it’ll just stick to my skin. One of the big reasons I don’t wear skirts, dresses, and thin loose pants is because my current pump gets in the way of fit sometimes. Once I wore a pair of thin shorts with a drawstring and the pump was literally pulling them down. lol

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