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    Is there a specific item you’re looking for and can’t find? Want to help fellow FFAers in their search for x? This is the thread to do it in!

    If you’re asking for help, please also try and answer others’ requests! This only works if we all help out.



    I’ve been looking for a burgundy/merlot wool peacoat, fitted, double-breasted, and skirted, under $200. I’ve found plenty of pea coats, but they tend to meet only one of the above criteria. If you’ve seen anything along these lines, please link a website or store!

    Edit: hunter green or navy may work as well, but I don’t want another grey or black coat.



    I saw a girl wearing a sheer shirt my last day in Taipei, the color/vibe is kind of like [so](, but it was purposefully wrinkly/ruffled for an effect like [this]( It seemed really familiar, like I’ve seen runway or editorial looks like that before? It was my first time seeing someone wearing it casually and I can’t stop thinking about it. Anyone has examples of the same for inspo pics, or even know of where to buy something like that?



    Anyone know where I can get a knee-ish (maybe a bit shorter) gray wool pleated skirt, uniform style? It’s surprisingly hard to find one in adult sizes. I’m using it to go as Hermione for Halloween.



    I’m looking for a burnt orange circle/cocoon cardigan that is cotton or mostly natural fibers since I have sensitive skin.



    I’ve gone to every! store! in the mall! and still can’t find the jeans I want! Looking for:

    – 11 inch minimum rise, preferably 12-13
    – Low-stretch denim
    – Straight (not skinny!) leg
    – Medium to dark wash
    – No distressing or hip-area whiskers

    I’ve looked and struck out at Madewell, Gap, Lucky Brand, Zara, Nordstrom, and Barney’s (was getting desperate on that last one, hah).

    I’m willing to spend up to $200 for the right pair since apparently I’m too picky for this world. Highly prefer something I can try on IRL (I’m in Boston), but also open to ordering online from somewhere with a good return policy. I’m looking at the ASOS Farleigh but usually ASOS stuff is cut a little too slim in the belly area for me, so hoping there are alternatives. Thanks if you can help!



    Looking for black ankle boots under $70. Preferably not suede if possible because I live where it snows a lot and the salt can wear them down.



    my holy grail fall skirt

    * wool (does anyone make these anymore?!)
    * full or pleated
    * above or to the knee
    * zippered, not elastic waist
    * solid color (ideally gray, forest green, or burgundy), not plaid
    * budget is ideally under $100, but honestly I’d go up to $200 for something that hit all the marks



    Hey guys, I’m looking for a classic white sneaker that goes with everything. I like how these look and if anyone knows what they are please let me know! [white sneakers](

    I also love how common projects look, any dupes??

    If anyone can speak about their experience with:

    * superga
    * Frye Ivy Sneakers
    * Kenneth Cole New York Kam sneakers




    Please help me find these dreamy pants (or something just like them). They were sold by H&M as part of either the Trend or Studio lines, and I was too late! Looking for a size 36.

    Pics in this album:


    Thanks for helping!



    I’m looking for a lightweight brown v-neck sweater, somewhere between chestnut to chocolate in shade. Closer to I’ve looked in all of the usual places, J.Crew, Loft, BR, Gap, Nordstrom, Old Navy, and can’t find anything, even in the men’s section. Maybe Merino or soft cotton without much/any acrylic or cashmere is what I’m looking for, and a regular knit without ribbing. I feel like this is a unicorn, despite it seeming pretty basic. At this point, anything around $100 will be fine.



    Tall girls: where do you shop? I’m talking genuinelly tall. I’m 5’11. I know about Long Tall Sally and Target, but where else can I look?



    Another crazy shoe request from me!

    OTK boot, preferably *not* suede, with pointy toe and 1.5-2 inch heel. Average calf width, narrow may be a little too small, but I don’t need wide. Comfortable is a must, because I’ll be walking a lot. I’d love any suggestions, price isn’t too much of a concern. I’m more interested in personal experiences with boots you may have owned and fit this bill! Thanks so much!!!



    Kick flair jeans

    Was really excited to order the everlane kick flare crop jeans but they sold out in my size today.

    Anyone had luck with something similar?



    Something like this [linen dress]( but in a thicker linen? What I like is the contrast buttons, belt, v-neck, and that it has sleeves, but not fussed on sleeve length & style. I feel like I’ve seen similar from a designer brand but can’t remember where.

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