First time trying Jeans since losing 70lbs!. Looking for advice on fit and color.

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    In the past year i’ve gone from the 250’s to 182lbs. While trying on jeans today the manager at American Eagle convinced me to go down to 34 slim fit from the 36 slim straight I was trying. This is my first time wearing slim fit jeans to my actual size, and they feel tight around the calve area. I figure this is due to not being used good fitting pants, and he convinced me you get used to it after a while. I’m also happy because i’m still losing weight, and so I can make size 34’s fit a lot longer than 36’s.

    [Picture of the Jeans fit](

    My concern though is that i’m going to start lifting weights soon, and I don’t want them to become any tighter than they already are from muscle gains. I want to keep losing fat and become lean, so i’m unsure the fat loss over time will balance out the muscle gain. I want to make the purchase online, but i’m stuck on whether I should switch to a slim straight fit which will definitely be a less flattering fit.

    Here’s a picture of my body currently with my goal physique [(NSFW guy in underwear)](


    My second question is more simple and is about color and length. I’m stuck between the color in the original picture above which is [This One]( or the one in [these pictures]( which is [This One](

    I’m also stuck between the length. The jeans in the original picture are 30 inches long, but the manager at American Eagle said that 32 would be a better fit. [Picture of the 32 lengths](

    Keep in mind that I also like to cuff, but the 32’s look obsessively long (although I don’t know much about style)



    Sorry, I can’t help you. I just want to say… W.E.L.L D.O.N.E!

    Enjoy the new size.



    If you’re not comfortable in the slims, get slim straight. I’d say 32 length for sure to cuff but also if you ever wear boots, a 30 length will always get caught on the top of the boot and look like you half tucked it in which is really annoying.

    Deep indigo is always a good pick; classy if you take care of them and goes with anything. I’d move on to a light wash after that and a black if you like that sort of thing.

    Great job, btw.



    They fit well, slim fit is not necessary, straight jeans are becoming more andore popular so don’t limit your thigh space if you are worried.

    Go with dark blue always, raw indigo even better!



    First off, great job dude. Keep it up and hit your physique goals.

    Secondly go with the dark wash 34×30 slim. It fits perfectly, and you can cuff it too.

    Also you won’t gain insane leg muscles that fast that it’ll make it a bad fit, unless you plan on going full body builder. Never go full body builder.



    They look fine!

    But as others said, feeling comfortable in your clothes is important. Slim straight works too.




    The slim jeans look great. That taper on them is perfect — don’t switch to the slim straight. You get used to slim pants really quickly, and if you start lifting, your calves will be the last thing to grow, so I don’t think that will be a problem.

    The shorter jeans look better on you off the rack. If you wash and dry jeans, they will shrink, but as long as you’re careful and hang-dry them, you can keep that from being an issue and stick with the 30s.



    Go with straight fit. Those pants are too tight IMO.



    The first pic you posted looks really good, go for it!

    Also, I wouldn’t worry about the weight lifting making them not fit- look at how lean the physique inspiration pic guy’s waist is. My experience w weight lifting is that you can gain muscle weight without much impact on waist/pants sizing. Shirts definitely feel tighter with more muscles, but a little bit of the fabric hugging to your skin is welcomed if it’s showing off your physique.



    Some comments in bulk.

    – The fit on the 34 jeans is good

    – It may become thight in the thighs if you make a lot of gains, but I wouldn’t worry. I have a body type a lot like yours with perhaps a bit less belly and a bit more ass and thighs but I still wear size 34 so I’d say you are good

    – Congratulation on the weight loss. Don’t obsess on an ideal body. The step you did, you did for your health. Vanity is a strong motivator but you don’t need to be extra lean and muscular to be healthy and happy. Work out because it make you feel good and celebrate the results, so you won’t be disappointed if your body doesn’t evolve the way you want it to

    – Cotton jeans shrink around 2-3% after the first wash. This means around an inch will be lost in lenght. If your inseam is 28-29 inches and you like to cuff, you may be better served by a size 32 in the longer run. My inseam is 30.5 and I buy 34×34 when I know for sure I want to cuff.



    I’m in the exact same boat! Lost about 50 pounds and no one mentioend that I would need a whole new closet to not look I’m wearing my dads clothes. Lol

    I’ve been considering trying some raw denim jeans from Naked and Famous, Nudie, 13sixteen but haven’t pulled the trigger cuz I’m nervous about fit.



    Great job! I would recommend slim fit. You will get use them. Get dark denim first. you can dress them up and down



    first, congrats on the lifestyle change. I’ve been down that road myself. second price range? be warned I’m whole heartedly in the raw denim or nothing category so I would recommend checking r/rawdenim there are daily question threads that would be perfect for what your asking, and the people over there know the subject of denim better than anyone. before you buy anything online with denim, check their measurements. dont buy them unless you know the measurements. also measure your best fitting pair to get a baseline as to what your looking for. as far as recommendations, I’d check out naked and famous denim, either their strong guy cut or weird guy fit. unless you wanna jump straight into the deep end and get pure blue japan xx-005. but yeah head to rawdenim first



    32 length looks good 30 length would be fine if you tend to high top sneakers

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